Tuesday 1 February 2011

WWE Tease The Fans on RAW, But WHO is Coming?

Yes, on WWE RAW last night (31/01/11) there was a video aired teasing someone either coming into the WWE or returning. We all know the wrestler known to most of us as Awesome Kong has signed with the company, is it her? Christian has been out injured, is this video about his return? We all know, Wrestle Mania is around the corner and WM is The Undertaker's show so is this the build up to his return and if so, who will he face in Atlanta, GA? This brings me onto the fourth possibility, the internet buzz is saying it's former WCW mainstay and last seen in TNA - Sting. Sting apparently hasn't re-signed with TNA and with WM and the Hall of Fame being in 'WCW land' many thing the 'Stinger' could be heading to WWE to top off his great career and be inducted into the HOF and at WM itself, face The Undertaker and either end the streak or become another victim.

Now apparently, in the arena where the video was aired, the words The Return of The Undertaker were visable this, along with a RAW advert saying the return of The Undertaker airing basically clears it up, the video causing all the speculation is about The Undertaker......or is it?

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