Sunday 20 February 2011

This week in TNA With Olly Peters

Airing 10/2/11 in the US and 15/2/11 in the UK

Well well Immortal kicked off IMPACT and as they walked down to the ring I had to laugh as I thought I saw a smurf! But no, it was Jeff Hardy. The only thing I can say about this long in-ring promo is how much I laughed when Eric Bishoff was going on about his track record of building companies and Stars! Could someone remind us what happened to WCW?? And look at the vast talent he and Hulk Hogan have brought to the company, the Nasty Boys, Sean Waltman and Scott Hall… didn't they do well! Not to forget Sean Morley!

Eric then goes on to say how much respect he has for Jeff Jarrett as the founder of TNA. Strange, as I remember when Eric first came into TNA about a year ago he said Jarrett's stake in the company that he built meant nothing, cue weeks of quality storylines involving Eric and Jeff and oh how we laughed. Yes, I am being sarcastic!
Just as I was nodding off, Fortune make their entrance. If anybody reading this can get hold of James Storm's Hat (the one with the green skull and spikes) I would be eternally grateful! I smegging love that hat!!!! It’s nice to see AJ as a face again, and I don't think i've heard the crowds this loud in quite some time as they chant AJ's name. Over the past two weeks of Impact a lot of home truths seem to have surfaced in the promos, with AJ last week and Robert Roodes this week, pointing out that they helped make the company and could have jumped ship for the money but they stayed loyal to TNA. He also states the company includes washed up has-beens, which unsurprisingly results in a brawl during which Kurt, Crimson and Steiner run to the ring. Well I say run, but Steiner couldn't run and was puffed out as Immortal leave the ring.

We then go back stage to a screaming match between Velvet Sky and Winter, with Angelina as mediator, which I couldn't really understand as it was all mostly screaming, so I’ll move on!

Next is a match, no wait it’s Eric Bishoff again, this time in his office with Super Mex Hernandez… yawn! So after getting kicked in the head and having a trip to Mexico he's gone heel. Great, I've been on the edge of my seat in anticipation of his return!! Man I wish there was an emoticon for sarcasm. After about 20 minutes we finally get a match. It’s a six man table tag with Bully Ray, The Pope and Matt Hardy teaming up against RVD, Samoa Joe and Devon. Before the match gets started Pope and Joe run off backstage and are seen no more, as Ray and Devon battle on the outside. With RVD (Mr spot monkey) and Matt in the ring RVD does all the same moves and then they disappear to let Ray and Devon in the ring. They have a couple of minutes until Ray goes outside for a table and sets it up outside of the ring, now here you feel that something is going to happen otherwise he would have set it up inside the ring. Ray then turns to Devon's two kids who are sat, conveniently, at ringside and mouths off at them, before turning around and climbing onto the ring apron. Devon's kids jump the barrier and grab Ray's legs, Devon pushes Ray through the table and the match is over.

Now after all that ‘excitement’ it moves on to Jeff and Karen Jarrett in the ring, yarda yarda, a long story later they invite Kurt Angle out and Jeff tells of the stipulations for their upcoming match at Against All Odds. If Jeff wins Kurt has to walk Karen down the aisle at their ceremony to renew their wedding vows on 3rd March 3! Well, there’s something to look forward to! If Kurt wins he gets sole custody of the kids! Seriously, who writes these story lines?!

Next is the knockouts eight woman tag match, oh the joy! We have Serita, debuting Rosita, Madison and Tara (who looks like something from the Blue Oyster Bar in Police Academy!), verses Mickie, who has lost her pockets! She must have read what I wrote last week. She is teaming with the beautiful people, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love, also with Winter. Sorry, I really wasn't concentrating on this match but I think Rosita moonsaulted Velvet for the win. I was distracted by my girlfriend cleaning out her three mice which was more entertaining. Then we had another screaming match this time between Mickie and Madison leading up to their match at Against All Odds.

Next we had a back stage promo from under a ladder with Smurf Hardy, I couldn't tell you what he said as I wasn’t really paying any attention. We then move on to Kurt walking into AJ and Roode’s dressing room and after wishing them good luck in their match Kurt asks if they would rough up Jeff for him which leads to Roode giving up his place in the tag match to Kurt. What a guy!

The next match is the TNA World Heavy Weight Title match, not at the end as the main event but in the middle of the card! MRRRRRR Anderson Anderson verses Matt Morgan. I missed Jeff coming to the ring as I went to get me a coffee to wake myself up, but I returned to see Jeff 'smurf' Hardy sat on top of a ladder watching the match. I thought this was quite a good addition to this match as we have seen these two wrestle a few times in the past few months so was a different twist to the match. The match wasn't that bad but what was bad was the ref bump! And while the ref is down we get Super Mex in a run in on Morgan, rolls him in the ring and Anderson gets the pin. Well at least we got a finish to the match! I laughed as Anderson won and Jeff was sat on the ladder doing a half hearted clap.

We then go backstage to a promo with Bully Ray under a towel offering out Devon and his kids at Against All Odds! Another one to look forward to!
The next match is a three way match between Jedi Master Brian Kendrick, Robbie E and a returning Christo… I mean Suicide, with the winner to face Gen Me at Against All Odds. This match wasn't bad but could have done without Robbie E, I really don't care about this character or his Cookie, who distracts the ref and Robbie wins.
Backstage again and we get Ink Ink bragging about their win over Gunner and Murphy, really! Really! If anyone cares please send me your thoughts!!
Backstage and Devon accepts the challenge from Bully Ray but in a longer drawn out way.

Then finally we get the main event, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle verses Jeff Jarrett and Jeff 'smurf' Hardy. Now I did enjoy this match, and I really liked the heel antics of Jarrett. Not wanting to tag in when Kurt was in the ring and stepping away when Hardy wanted to tag. Like an old school type tag match. AJ gets the Styles Clash on Jarrett and wins cleanly which I really liked, but then comes a beat down with Steiner eventually getting to the ring with RVD and Anderson and the rest of Fortune join the brawl to end out the show.

Ok so this week I give it a 3 out of 5. We still only got five matches and three of them were ok. I enjoyed the Robert Roode promo and the main event but there was too much Knockouts screaming. Disappointingly there was no Eric Young, I would have liked him to come out still saying that he knows who "they" are to Tazz and Tenay not realizing that actually everyone knows.

Well till next time!

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  1. impact has been terrible lately in my view. The show after this one being the worse show i have seen in a while.I always support the underdog and would like nothing more than to get behind tna but the way its going my alternative to wwe will be roh,chikara and pwg