Friday 25 February 2011

TNA - And They Wonder Why (Spoilers For Next Week's IMPACT!)

TNA get ripped a new one all over the place, the way the company is run, the people they sign up, the people they let have power blh blah blah, these are just a few of the things that get TNA 'heat' by fans and 'journalists' alike.

Anyone that has been paying attention, WWE had the build up to 2.21.11 and that for me was a letdown as I was hoping and somewhat expecting Sting would finally make that move, as old as he is into the WWE. In the weeks leading up to that date, there was plenty of speculation of who was coming in, people studying the promo videos, myself included' tried to make out who was in the video and then, a couple of weeks ago, the local advertising for the area where the 2.21.11 RAW took place clearly stated that The Undertaker would be returning. So when the day came, to no surprise, we got The Undertaker back aswell as one Triple H, maybe heading towards a Wrestle Mania match.

Now you're probably wondering why I am talking about WWE when it's supposed to be an article directed towards TNA, well...WWE didn't get Sting but TNA went out and did get Sting. They were building towards 3.3.11 and a 'big surprise' but the title say 'And They Wonder Why' they, pardon the pun are of course the aforementioned fans and journalists. TNA really need to get the fans in, they need to build up storylines to make the fans want to come to the TNA fold but what have they gone and done, they have already recorded the 3.3.11 show where Sting returned and faced off against TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy. This to me is a MASSIVE mistake, the internet is full of people that will spoil things, I have been guilty of that myself and I'll admit, I have said to people, if you don't want things in wrestling especially spoiled then stay off social network sites such as facebook and twitter but this article will be linked on both of those site so I have put spoilers in the title. Back to the point of TNA dropping the ball, yes, they should of made sure the show with Sting coming back should of been a live show. Below I have posted the preview of next weeks TNA IMPACT! video that aired at the end of 2.24.11's show, please watch and pay attention to the bit at the end - 3.3.11 - I try to defend them, but I just can't

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