Monday 28 February 2011

A Look At Power Slam's Top 100 Matches in The PS Years

Picked up issue 200 of Power Slam and in there Mo Chatra compiled a list of the top 100 matches in the Power slam years (June 1994 - Feb 2011). I won't re print the whole list here but I want to comment on various things. 

First off, I think Mo has done a stellar job with this list, really amazing. Mo is basically the person who introduced me to  (Japanese) wrestling and the list is overwhelmed with puro matches in fact 9 of the top 10 matches are Japanese matches, 8 of them took place in Japan and one under the ROH banner featuring guys from Dragon Gate that took place in the U.S.

Over the years u have had in my possession pretty much all 100 of the matches not sure I have watched them all, more specific some of the AJW (All  Japan Women).  

As stated, only one non puro match makes the top 10 and that is at number 7 and is The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels from Wrestle Mania XXV. I thought the match was great too for the drama and everything that went with it but the top 10 shows that wrestling itself still plays a big part in Mo's choices. Undertaker vs Michaels matches crop up again at number 12 the Wrestle Mania XXVII 'career vs streak' match and at number 14, the 'Hell in A Cell' match from Badd Blood in 97 well remembered for Michaels' ghastly blade job and the debut of Kane. Michaels features once more in the top 20, his great bout with Kurt Angle at Wrestle Mania 21. 

The highest placed ROH match other than the Dragon Gate one in the top 10 is at number 19 but again features Japanese talent as it was Japanese legend Kenta Kobashi against Samoa Joe from October of 2005. The highest placed TNA match was no shock as it was AJ Styles vs Chris Daniels vs Samoa Joe (from the Unbreakable PPV) at number 26. WCW's best placed match is at  number 31 and was the amazing match between Rey Mysterio Jr. and the late great Eddie Guerrero. WCW only had 2 matches in the list the other being at number 100 it was Rey Mysterio Jr. again against Psicosis  from Bash At The Beach 1996 the show famous for Hulk Hogan turning heel and going on to form the nWo. Eddie Guerrero also got spot at 15 from his days in AAA where at the When Worlds Collide PPV where he teamed with Art Barr to face El Hijo Del Santo & Octagon. The only ECW match was at number 47 and featured that man Mysterio Jr. against his long time rival Juventud Guerrera from The Big Ass Extreme Bash show in March 1996. I absolutely loved this match at the time in fact it makes me want to watch it again as soon as I can.

Overall, the list features matches from the WWF/WWE, WCW, ECW, NJPW, AJPW, NOAH, AJW, ROH, DGUSA, AAA and one match from Ultimo Dragon's Toryumon promotion that was the forerunner to Dragon Gate.

In closing, Mo had at number 1 & 2 Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Kenta Kobashi, 2 being for NOAH in March 2003 and 1 being for AJPW in January of 1997. Both amazing matches with the NOAH one being a long time favourite of mine.

Please check out the magazine, it's the 200th issue of Power Slam and see as many of these matches as you can.

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  1. The AJW women's match most likely listed was the DreamSlam II show tag match, easily in my opinion the greatest match of all time.

  2. There was a few AJW matches listed Allan, the one that made it in at number 8 was Toyota vs. Hokuto from AJW Destiny 2/9/95

  3. No matches from either AJW Dreamslam shows would make the list as they took place in April 1993 and the list covers matches from June 1994 onwards. Saying that Toyota vs Kyoko (May 1995)should have sailed easily into the top ten matches.