Thursday 10 February 2011

Kevin Nash: Was He Under Contract To TNA Prior To His WWE Return?

There is a lot of talk on the Internet about Kevin Nash at the moment, yes he returned to the WWE at the Royal Rumble but the bigger story concerning Nash is the fact that apparently he was actually under contract to TNA wrestling just prior to his WWE return. Now, people are debating a few things, one, why would TNA president Dixie Carter release one of their bigger names just in time for one of the biggest PPV's of their competition. The word on the street so to speak is that Nash's newest contract was paying him less than his previous ones but yet,  he did sign it. Somehow WWE made contact with Nash to return there in time for the Rumble PPV and of course, would this be classed as tampering with a contracted performer from another company? The answer of course is yes. For me, this may be the case but still TNA released Nash from his contract allowing him to go to the WWE so I'd be surprised if TNA tried to make a legal issue out of this.
Where the whole story becomes interesting is according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Kevin Nash went to Dixie Carter, asked for his release and was turned down. Now if the story of Meltzer is to be believed, apparently Nash all but blackmailed Carter saying if he wasn't given his release he would dish some dirt on either Carter herself, TNA or both. We all would love to know what this dirt is if it there is any at all. It's pointless to speculate because it really could be anything. Hopefully one day if there is a story to tell, we will find out.
Before I finish, back in the 90's when WCW was ripping the then WWF a new one in the ratings, Vince McMahon would often accuse WCW of 'tapping' up his talent to go to WCW. How the worm turns huh?

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