Thursday 3 February 2011

Wrestle Mania...The Road Begins

The road to Wrestle Mania has officially begun, we have just had the Royal Rumble and we have the Elimination Chamber upcoming but all the 'dirtsheets' and news sites are looking towards WM and what matches we will have. As of writing this, we have WWE champion The Miz, World champion Edge and Alberto Del Rio as the 40 man Royal Rumble winner and number 1 contender to the title of his choice at the 'Grand daddy of them all' Wrestle Mania, Del Rio has since said he was face Edge at Mania.
On this blog page and many more the main talk has been about The Undertaker and his WM opponent. Of course I am talking about the rampant rumours of Sting finally making his bow into the world of the WWE. On WWE RAW on January 31st they aired a promo which was very mysterious and it was a guessing game for us all, I'd like to think it was Sting myself but we'll see. 
Everyone knows I am a fan of wrestling podcasts and this week listening to the Still Real To Us show co-host Eric G has put a dampner on the whole spectacle that could be Undertaker vs. Sting as both guys are pretty much broken down, which isn't too far from the truth, I mean Undertaker has been out for a while injured, Sting hasn't wrestled in ages and so, that along with the two guys being no spring chickens the match doesn't look like it's going to be a five star classic BUT, I think this match if it takes place will be all about the spectacle as I mentioned above. Sting in a WWE ring is a big deal, even though he's not the worker he once was and his time in TNA did nothing to enhance his legacy, Sting is one superstar in wrestling that has not ventured to New York to work for the almighty Vince McMahon so in closing, The Undertaker vs Sting at Wrestle Mania is a big deal and WILL generate more buy rates than WM usually does.
Again, Kevin Nash will take up column inches on my blog page, I was a bit disappointed he didn't stay in the Rumble longer than he did and even more disappointed/surprised that he didn't appear on the following nights RAW. I hope there is a future for Nash in the WWE and this includes a WM match, the way it looks, it could be a match with Big Show which wasn't very good back in the WCW days so I don't want to see it again, let alone at WM. A man I would like to see Nash against on the show would be Wade Barrett. As pointed out on the STRU
show, Nash hadn't been too kind about Barrett and the overall youth movement in the WWE and their lack of 'drawing power'. When Nash made it to the ring at the Rumble he was greeted by none other than Barrett and within minutes eliminated by him. If Nash believes the push of the younger talent is going nowhere maybe by involving himself with them as he did with the X Division guys back in TNA he can help elevate them to the next level where they can 'draw'.

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