Friday 11 February 2011

Who Should Make The Jump To The Big Two in 2011?

Over the past few years the WWE and TNA have signed wrestlers that were big names on the independent scene (CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuiness, Colt Cabana, Tyler Black, Low Ki, Samoa Joe) and a few have had relative success. I think in 2011 they should continue this trend and pick up a few of these wrestlers:

Prince Devitt (Pictured)- To me this is a no-brainer. Fantastic moveset. A real student of the game. Popular in Japan so it is easy to capitalise with the Japanese fan base if he had a decent mid-card push.

Rocky Romero- Another guy who is big in Mexico, he’d fit right in the X-Division. He is good on the mic and he has the best flying arm-bar in the world

Brodie Lee- Physically Intimidating. Works well in the bodyguard role. A great wrestler for his size.

Claudio Castagnoli- World travelled. Good moveset. Can entertain the crowd easily.

Chris Hero- See Claudio Castagnoli

Pac- Another perfect fit for the X-Division. Fantastic High flyer. Easily over with any crowd.

Kevin Steen- Capable of doing 450 splashes and moonsaults that can put the best of high-flyers to shame. Very good on the mic. Can take a massive beating.

Having any of these guys on the roster will definitely increase the amount of actual talent and may force others to step up their game. I hope WWE or TNA does the right thing and take these guys.

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