Sunday 13 February 2011

Discovered A New Podcast - I Want Wrestling

There are many wrestling podcasts around, some good, some not so. Followers of myself and this blog will know I prefer shows that cover all aspects of wrestling but they are very few and far between. Due to the 'demand' most podcasts cover the WWE and TNA. Despite my personal tastes, there are podcasts that do it well like DKR and TWS (links on right of the page). Recently there has been a lot of trending on twitter for #iwantwrestling and this is a site and podcast with a difference. Most wrestling podcasts are done by fans, some say they are journalists and there are some actually done by wrestlers themselves like Colt Cabana and Hurricane Shane Helms. I want wrestling is different because it is run/hosted by former WWE creative writer Dave Lagana. After he was fired by WWE he went on to work on the ROH TV show HDNet. There have been two shows as of typing this and Dave has on like himself former WWE creative writers. Check out his site and search/subscribe on iTunes

Also, if you haven't yet, please download The Still Real To Us show over at or again on iTunes. I have been a guest co-host on there before and you never know, could be again

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