Friday 29 April 2011

DVD Review - PWG Cyanide : A Loving Tribute to Poison 11/12/2010 By Shaun Nichols

This was the final PWG show of 2010, a year that as been very successful for the promotion with a number of excellent shows including the superb PWG Seven event. However the last show PWG Secrets of Guerrila Island earned mixed reviews, the Cyanide show would hopef.ully turn things back around. The show opened with Willie Mack making his PWG debut, he got over huge with the fans with his crowd pleasing offence. Avalon plays the inept comedic heel who loses every time out, here he actually got a fair amount of offence which surprised me. What Avalon is good at is taking bumps and he deserves credit for helping Mack get over with the PWG crowd. Match was exactly what you would want from a seven minute opener.
The next match I have to be honest, I expected more from. Roderick Strong as always had good matches in PWG and Chuck Taylor continues to evolve and enjoy his breakthrough year. They were given a fair amount of time but never came close to breaking out into a really good match. Roderick took the win with a Tiger Driver but the match although adequate wasn't very memorable.
PWG have some really good tag teams, one of which are the Cutler Brothers who got over great with the fans in a number of matches against the Young Bucks in 2009 and early 2010 where they were chasing tag team gold. Here though they seem to be fitted into the role of midcard tag team that put on good matches. RockNes Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma) were teaming for the first team though they seem to be a regular team in 2011. Full of big moves and entertaining double teams it was the Cutlers who ended the year on a deserved high.
Joey Ryan is still trying getting over the fact that the PWG fans were not thrilled with him winning the 2010 BOLA tournament, here he went back old school as he said he was now a 'Technical Wizard' though that as now morphed into the 'Hollywood Submission Machine'. Ryan is clearly a key player in PWG but over the last couple of years he's slid down the card doing a lot of comedy and mixed tags so it'll probably take a while for him to become a main eventer again. Gatson who looked like he could be moving up the PWG card by getting to the semi final of BOLA he seems to be failing to connect with the fans although he's a decent worker. Ryan not surprisingly won by submission with a bodylock kimura.
Continuing to brag about being in TNA, the Young Bucks are still enjoying winding up the fans. Their very entertaining double moves do mean that they can struggle to remain as hated heels depending on who they are wrestling. The Fighting Taylor Boys are perfectly fine wrestlers but aren't that over that the fans will support them over the Bucks. The Bucks got back to winning ways with the great 'More Bang for Your Buck'.
Match of the night featured the welcome return of Kevin Steen and yet another memorable performance from Dragon Gate's Tozawa. Though this wasn't quite as good as Tozawa's MOTY candidate against Chris Hero at BOLA night 2. First move was Tozawa hitting a running tope on Steen on the floor and from there it didn't let it up. Tozawa later tried a second tope but Steen caught him and nailed him with a nasty powerbomb on the ring apron. Steen finally prevailed after hittiing three package piledrivers, after the match Steen deservedly put Tozawa over and they have now formed a tag team for a few shows in 2011, check out DDT4 2011 to see their run to the finals.
The shows main event eventually became a tag team title defence for Generico & London but only after they convinced Castognoli to give them a shot at the PWG World title if they were able to successfully retain. London actually concentrated more on his wrestling than he normally does and the story of the champions battling against their larger challengers was very well told. Champions were successful to send the fans home happy. As Generico got the win with a roll up he got the opportunity to challenge Claudio at the next show, after the show we had a series of interviews Paul London rambled on forever, Chris Hero teased that he would face Claudio for the World title sometime in 2011.
Overall PWG shows are usually very entertaining and Cyanide was no different, it's not the best PWG show of the year but you'd be hard pressed to find many better independent shows that took place last year. PWG as also started 2011 in a similair vein their first three shows of this year have all been very well received and I would encourage all fans to check out PWG if they haven't all ready.

Willie Mack vs 'Pretty' Peter Avalon *3/4
Roderick Strong vs Chuck Taylor **1/2
Cutler Brothers vs RockNes Monsters ***1/2
Joey Ryan vs Brandon Gatson **3/4
Young Bucks vs Fighting Taylor Boys ***3/4
Kevin Steen vs Akira Tozawa ****1/4
Peligro Abejas vs Kings of Wrestling ****

For Sale: NOAH Show May 14th Ticket And Meet & Greet Ticket

Wrestling fans, I have a £35 ticket for the NOAH show in Wolverhampton on May 14th and a £10 ticket for the meet and greet. Looking for face value only and postage. Get in touch if interested

Some of the matches announced:

KENTA vs. Zack Sabre Jnr
Ricky Marvin vs. 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm
Shiozaki & Tanniguchi vs. Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castignoli)

WLH PPV Prediction League - Prizes To Be Won

Every WWE & TNA PPV anyone who enters the prediction league has to predict the result for each match on the PPV, if you get the result right, it's 2 points for you in the league the first counting of points will be after the WWE Summer Slam show in August and then after the final PPV of the year. The winner of the league will have a choice of a DVD of their choice from a list to be determined. I must say, don't want to annoy any American readers but this is for UK readers only for a DVD, any American readers that take part will get a PAYPAL payment instead.

Obviously, you don't have to predict for every PPV but the more PPV's you do, the better chance you have of getting more points.

Email ALL predictions to

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio (Ladder Match)
The Miz vs. John Cena vs. John Morrison (Triple Threat Cage Match)
Randy Orton vs. CM Punk (Last Man Standing)
Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes (Falls Count Anywhere)
Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross vs. Michael Cole & Jack Swagger (Country Whipping Match)
Michelle McCool vs. Layla (Loser Leaves Smack Down)

Wednesday 27 April 2011

WWE Draft 2011 Aftermath By Trey Dent

Every year the WWE draft offers some surprises and twists no one saw coming. This year could be the exception. Most of us knew that one of the main stars on Raw had to move to Smackdown. With Edge retiring, it left a void at the top of the brand that only John Cena or Randy Orton could fill. During the course of the draft, both men at one point were on Smackdown, leaving many watchers scratching their head. Of course the big shocker was that Cena ended up being drafted back to Raw, ending the show with many kids and teens happy. With the main draft and supplemental draft over, we are left to wonder how things will shake out. Which superstars will rise to the top and which will end up being future endeavored?
This year some interesting moves were made in hopes of elevating some young talent and perhaps also saving the careers of some older talent who haven't broken through. Here are some of those guys who could get a huge push due to the changes.

#1- Daniel Bryan-- Bryan's move to Smackdown may be the best thing for him. Smackdown is know as the "wrestling" show compared to the other brand. Bryan will now have a chance to shine on this brand and show off his considerable technical skill in the ring. Being on Smackdown will give him a chance to shine as just the pure wrestling talent he is and also give him a chance to steadily improve on his mic work. Think Chris Benoit in the early 2000's when he just went on tv and hurt people and made them tap without saying a whole lot.

#2- Kofi Kingston-- Kofi coming back to Raw will now give him the chance to shine as potentially the number 2 babyface on the brand. WWE has been trying to give that spot to John Morrison for a while but his lack of charisma has really hurt him. Kofi has that fresh face and charm that fans gravitate towards and being on Raw right behind John Cena will give him a chance to shine. It doesn't hurt that he has kept growing in the ring and on the mic and now has a chance to showcase those skills back on the big stage.

#3- Sheamus-- Sheamus over the last year has been on a roller coaster ride. He captured the world title for the second time earlier in the year then fell into a horrible slump. He rebounded to win King of the Ring then fell into a horrible slump again. Once again he rebounded to win the US Title then became an afterthought so to speak beating some of the lower tier babyfaces that had beaten him during his slump. With Del Rio drafted to Raw, Smackdown now has a void at the top of their heel roster which Sheamus has a chance to fill. Once again Sheamus has the brass ring right in front of him. All he has to do is reach out and take it and re-establish himself as the young dominant stud everyone projected him to be.

#4- William Regal-- One thing about Regal is he knows how to wrestle. Don't let his age fool you, the guy can still compete with the best of him and being on Smackdown will hopefully give him another chance to shine. It wasn't that long ago that he was poised to have a World title push, only to lose it because of his violation of the Wellness Policy. A nice long feud with Bryan would be classic and re-energize the man from Blackpool.

#5- Tyler Reks-- One thing about Vince McMahon; he loves big monsters. Ever since he took over the WWE back in 1982, Vince has always seemed to be fascinated with big monster guys who his babyfaces had to vanquish. From Big John Studd to King King Bundy to The Undertaker, the man knows how to make a big guy look evil. Tyler Reks has the look to become the next big monster. We all thought he was headed that way when he was on the Smackdown team for bragging rights, then nothing. Just faded away into Superstar obscurity. Now he has that chance to re-invent himself on raw and become the next big monster. The only thing holding him back is the fact that Raw is full of strong heels right now with the Miz, Del Rio ,R-Truth and CM Punk all standing in his way.

#6- JTG-- Call me crazy but I have always been a fan of JTG. The kid has a strong motor and always competes. His in-ring work may not always be the best but he has energy and charisma. What I see for him is a pairing with R-Truth. JTG and R-Truth could become what Cryme Tyme should have been. Just a down right dirty physical African American tandem. Everyone knows Vince likes to book his top heel with a sidekick and JTG could be that sidekick. Then, given the chance to shine, could eventually break away from that group and really stand out.

Those are the six guys I think could really benefit from the draft. Here are a couple of other interesting things that emerged after the draft. All the members of Legacy are now back on the same brand. With Ted DiBiase's move to Smackdown, could we see him and Cody Rhodes reunite? Another option instead of reuniting Legacy would be to move Tyson Kidd into that spot and have the three of them compete together with Cody being the focal point of the group. With Curt Hawkins moving to Raw, could actual tag team wrestling be coming back? A lot of us internet fans have been clamoring for the return of it to the WWE for years. We marvel at the tag team division ROH has and even respect the tag team work that TNA has. Could the WWE finally be taking notice. We have both Uso brothers headed to Smackdown, Hawkins and Ryder both on Raw and no one from Nexxus and The Corre switching sides. Now WWE finally has some teams on the same rosters that have cohesion and experience to make for some great tag team matches if given the chance to shine. Finally, the Diva division has some really great potential matches lined up now. With Beth Phoenix back on Raw, could she finally square off against Kharma (aka Awesome Kong) in a match that quite a few women's wrestling fans have long looked forward too. And look for Kelly Kelly to really get a chance to shine on Raw. She has the look and has improved in the ring tremendously to really become that breakout diva the WWE hasn't had since Trish retired.

Be sure to follow me on twitter @Thecaptaino or you can check out my own wrestling show I do at Any comments or questions are appreciated and welcomed.

The Captain Obvious Trey Dent

Sunday 24 April 2011

WWE Raw House Show in Birmingham, England by AH Walker

The WWE always makes two trips to the UK a year once in April and once in November and they never disappoint. As usual I along with two friends had attended and I am proud to say that this was my favourite of all of the shows I have attended.
The show started off with a 6 man tag between Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov and Evan Bourne against The Usos and Tyson Kidd. The Usos are shit. That needed to be said. Tyson Kidd got some major heat which is surprising seeing as he is barely on TV and as expected Santino was way over. The faces won after a Cobra/ Shooting Star Press.
The second match saw Percy Watson vs Primo. When Percy was announced he got no pop as no-one knew who he was. Primo attacked him before he got in the ring. Primo attacked him in the ring but Percy made a turn around and defeated Primo out of nowhere with a Complete Shot.
The third match was a divas title rematch between Eve Torres and Brie Bella. Standard Raw diva match. Switcharoo in the match as expected. Brie Bella won.
The fourth match was Sin Cara vs Alex Riley. Sin Cara did not botch his entrance. It was a-mazing. This match was great, Sin Cara is adapting to WWE’s style well and Alex Riley is definitely improving in the ring. Sin Cara won after a powerbomb reversal into a Code Red.
The next match was definitely the highlight of the match. CM Punk vs Randy Orton in a special stipulation match. The stipulations were a Street Fight or a 2 out of 3 falls match. You can probably guess which in the crowd wanted. CM Punk grabbed the microphone and imitated Justin Roberts’ voice which made me howl with laughter. The match spilled to the outside and into the crowd which I couldn’t see. Eventually Punk got the microphone and said ‘You should have chosen 2 out of 3 falls, Birmingham’ before slamming the microphone in Orton’s back. Orton eventually won this match following an RKO.
Next R-Truth and Melina then hosted a dance contest. It should be pointed out that Melina didn’t say anything. At all. Long story short, some 8 year old won.
The first match after Intermission was Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison. This match started of slow but then it got going. Both wrestlers were over but then Ziggler got some heat. John Morrison won after Starship Pain.
The seventh match was Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus for the US Title. This match was great. Sheamus had showed dominance throughout and Daniel Bryan had short bursts of offence. Sheamus won after two Brogue Kicks.
The main event was The Miz vs John Cena for the WWE Title. The Miz cut a good promo as expected. Both played to the crowd really well. The finish was Alex Riley smashing Cena in the back of the head with the briefcase causing a DQ.
Here is when it gets interesting
Miz and Riley then beatdown Cena until Sin Cara made the save. The anonymous general manager made an impromptu tag match. Sin Cara did a pretty awesome lionsault when Cena hit the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena then finished of A-Ri with the AA to close the show.

James Malloy's Wrestle Mania Diary

James had some issues so was only just able to get this blog to me, enjoy guys.

Friday:In the morning I checked in to the lovely Mariott Marquis and met up with a fellow I met on the message boards when planning my trip. When we went to get something to eat we met Titus O'Neill coming out of the fast food joint we went into. (To be fair I didn't recognise him as Nxt never improved after the moustache promo in my opinion)

On the way back to the hotel we noticed 5/6 people standing opposite a back entrance to the hyatt Atlanta. We noticed this was because this was the WWE's private entrance and we saw HHH, Orton and HBK enter the hotel. HHH and HBK acknowledged the crowd by waving, Orton seemed all business

That evening I attended the Wrestlemania party with Kevin Nash. This took place in a night club and was a good buy. The crowd was very hardcore wrestling and one of the guys beside me entering was showing off the tatoo he'd got earlier in that day of the Wrestlemania 27 symbol. Met Nash, Sean Waltman, Road Dogg and Raven. Asked Raven to sign an autograph for a friend of mine and he recognised the name as been from Northern Ireland. He made a slightly off colour joke about the IRA which I thought was funny but his wife beside reprimanded him for it

On returning to the hotel I took a tripr to a bar across the road(look I'm Irish drink's gonna play a big part for me) and in the bar was Husky Harris, Michael McGillicudy, an Uso(not sure which one) and Jerry Brisco. Was drinking with a wrestling fan from Vegas, this is one thing you'll notice if you go to any wrestling show people are just so damn friendly and mania's no different,When he left I was finishing up a pint when I noticed I was standing next to a very drunk McGillicudy. I plucked up the courage to shake his hand and say I hoped he was on TV soon.He recognised the accent, asked who I was drinking with and when I said no one he invited me into his group and bought me a whiskey. The only decent this was to buy one back. Husky was gone at this point as he was too drunk but I got to talk to Jerry Brisco (who was also very drunk) and thank him for everything he did for the business.

The next thing I remember really is waking up Saturday in time for the morning madness included in the Mania Package. For gold package holders like myself this meant meeting the Miz. AWESOME. Had forgot my vinyl aggression figure so he signed a photo of his in WWE magazine and made a joke about how they didn't photoshop him well. Anyone I met who went to this signing was very complimentary about the Miz.

Went straight over to the Axxess sessions straight after this and in my first axxess visit got to meet the Bella's,JR and The King. Told the King I liked his book and it was a brilliant read. He said shame it wasn't a brilliant write. One thing you'll notice if you do Axxess is queues are long but Saturday morning was very easy to see the museum type things at axxess like the Undertakers graveyard and the temporary museum which would be packed later in the day.

The Saturday afternoon Axxess I met Kaitlyn who was very friendly and oh my god she's even hotter in person and Daniel Bryan.Queues were ridiculous on the Saturday and getting Bryan for example took 50 minutes out of a 4 hour session. Axxess still remains totally worth doing but I'd recommend doing early sessions or if possible the Friday or Thursday night as anyone who went to them got more signings.

Saturday evening was the Hall of Fame. Personally I though Bullet Bob gave the best speech,Triple H was funny as hell during the induction and LOD's speech was the most emotional but obviously HBK's meant the most to all present. The WWE had a sign up asking for no catcalling and people unfortunately paid no heed and it did noticeably unsettle Shawns speech

Sunday was hectic. Visited Axxess again in the morning and met Eve Torres,Uso's and R-truth (shortest queues ok, wanted to meet Christian but his queue was easily an hour and a half and they change every two hours so there was no guarantee I'd get him). Also had to leave at 11 in order to be at Wrestlereunion for the 11am start time. Leaving axxess was disapppointed to see the new merchandise stall outside the Georgia dome as it had the new red cena shirt. I really was hoping for a Cena heel turn at Mania

Wrestlereunion was as busy as I thought it was going to be with my VIP ticket met Winter, Christy Hemme, Tommy Dreamer, Scott Steiner,Tatanka, Iron Sheikh, Nikolai Volkoff, Bruno Sammartino,Lita, Carlito, Bob Orton and my all time favourite diva/knockout/whatever you call her she's amazing Mickie James. Bought her album as well and it's actually pretty good

Went to a luncheon after the signing and sat at the same table as the lovely Christy Hemme. She was nice but some smark kept on asking about the bikini football league. Tommy Dreamer was at table opposite and he was a funny guy.Bruno Sammartino gave a very good address

When we went downstairs and I was waiting at the bar with Dan from London waiting for two more of our part to get back from their hotel up the road before heading to the Georgia Dome. When the rest of our party arrived Lita and Carlito came into the bar just after. Aussie Dan bought them a drink after they agreed and London Dan convince me and another lad Derek it was ok to go over drink with Carlito. In interesting stuff Carlito said he doesn't like the PG direction but he thinks TNA pushes it too far, he prefers doing shows to signings, he doesn't really watch the product and he doesn't think TNA know how to use talent right. This was an interesting thing to say as Mickie James was behind him but she was too busy chatting with Lita. Yes this scene was as surreal as it sounds.Lita gave us free cd's of her group and signed them, still haven't listened to that.

There's countless websites you can read a Mania review on so I won't bore you with that. All I'll say is it was loud as hell in there.Taker HHH was easily match of the night but thought Rhodes v Mysterio gave it a run.

After Mania Aussie Dan, London Dan, Derek and myself made it to a bar in Atlanta. We bumped into Tommy Dreamer here and he was cool also

Monday night I did some Atlanta touring CNN centre and Coca Cola. Good attractions nice city. Quick trip to Hooters pre raw with Derek (London Dan had gone home couldn't find Aussie Dan at his hotel). Was ringside for Raw best seats I ever had for for a wrestling show. Got numerous messages from people back home saying the could see. I was steps adjacent wearing a Miz shirt. AWESOME. Left the arena and went into a horrible thunder storm. When me and Derek went back to the hotel bar we noticed that the tough enough crew were in a adjoining private room. In random notes on that Michelle seemed especially hammered, Afro seemed a bit uptight and the blond one was hyperactive.

Thats it my Mania story and it was damn fun. Cost the guts of $3,000 from start to finish really but so worth it. Thanks and join me next year won't you?

WWE Draft 2011 - My Thoughts

The 2011 draft is on the horizon and the internet is full of speculation of who is going where and just what will happen?

The 'word' is, this draft has been brought forward because Edge has retired and Smack Down is in need of a 'main eventer' as The Undertaker works less than a part-time schedule. From RAW who can go to SD as a main eventer, the good money is on Randy Orton, as not only do they need a main eventer they need a baby face and I can't see it being John Cena moving over so I think Orton is a given. With Del Rio as champion on SD and Orton chasing him for the belt I think will garner interest from fans of the show and up the ratings and maybe even PPV buyrates.

I'd like to see Daniel Bryan leave RAW and go to Smack Down in the hope he can have more wrestling matches even though WWE don't do 'wrestling' anymore. Alex Riley could do with leaving RAW to get himself away from The Miz but in saying that, unless they are taking the strap off Miz, he propably needs Riley as he will act the cowardly heel who needs outside interference to hold onto the belt.

Sin Cara is apprently getting heat backstage at RAW for general attitude and 'botching' spots. Could he be moved on already or if Vince wants to punish him is that the answer, changing his brand or should he just ship off to FCW? A lot was made of Cara not having to go to FCW beforehand to learn the 'WWE' style, maybe they regret that now.

I can't think of too much that could happen in this draft to surprise me really. WWE is not really my thing and now they have taken wrestling out so I just think WWE programming, moreso RAW because it's live and on Monday nights, is going to become more of a skit based show rather than actual matches hence the use of all these hollywood writers over the years, I mean the guy who is all over the internet at the moment Dave Lagana ( was a writer on the TV show Friends before he got his job with WWE and that is the general jist of WWE which it has been for years and the writers get all the heat when the product isn't the best, but is it really their fault? Vince says what goes.

Post any comment please.

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Monday 18 April 2011

WWE The Canada Effect

Recently I watched the WWE's Classic on Demand roundtable discussion about
Canada and it's links with Canada be that wrestlers from there or WWE shows that
have taken place there. The show was hosted by Gene Okerland and on the panel
were Jim Ross, Michael 'PS' Hayes and Canadian WWE Hall of Famers Pat Patterson
& Bret 'Hitman' Hart. As you can guess all were asked about memories of working
in Canada and about workers from there and Bret said the best worker he had seen
come out of Canada was Archie Gouldie who was more famously known as The
Mongolian Stomper. Patterson was bemused by Bret's choice and just wouldn't let
it lie. Patterson actually said his choice is Bret himself but still kept on
going on about Bret's choice. Hayes had to just tell him it was his choice
simple as.

Not many of the current Canadian stars got a mention like Edge, Christian and
Jericho which brings me to the topic at hand, Canada has had some tremendous
workers so I wanted to take a look back at some of them.

Starting with the Hart family, all the brothers plus Stu dabbled in the in ring
stuff but only two of them really made a name for themselves and they of course
were Bret & Owen. We all know Bret has been one of the most consistent
performers over the last 25 years or so and was one of my all-time favourites.
Owen, although a different type of wrestler was in his own right excellent.

Another that came out of Canada and excelled was Chris Benoit. Of course after
what Benoit did some years ago people just seemed to dismiss his wrestling
career but even though I also believe what he did was totally unacceptable he
should be remembered as one of Canada's greatest wrestlers.

Another wrestler who got a little mention on the WWE program was Roddy Piper, I
don't think it's that well known the 'Rowdy Scot' is actually from Canada.

Current WWE stars Edge (who of course has just retired) and Christian didn't
really get a mention.

Events from Canada that were talked about were of course the two Wrestle Mania's
VI & X8. Both events were notable for one Hulk Hogan despite there being a
twelve year gap between the two events. Hogan's match with The Ultimate Warrior
has been a long time favourite of mine even though I go on about being a fan of
the technical style of wrestling. 1990 the year this took place was the year I
really got hooked on pro-wrestling and this match was a catalyst towards this.
Anyone who has seen WM X8 will recall how awesome the crowd were during the match, especially in the staredown before the match between Hogan & The Rock began. The match itself was good with the fans booing Rock in parts and cheering the then evil nWo Hogan.

Please leave comments on what your memories of Canada and their wrestlers are.

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Sunday 17 April 2011

Top Ten Wrestle Mania Matches By Shaun Nichols

A while ago I set up a competiton for a Tito Ortiz book and the terms were you had to list what you think Shaun Nichols' top 10 Wrestle Mania matches would be in the order he would put them. Below is Shaun's list - Let the debate begin.
The winner - Andy Baldwin will be contacted by email soon to obtain his address or if you're reading this Andy - email it to me at For the record, Andy had Bret vs. Owen, Undertaker vs. Michaels II and the three-way tag match from WM X7 in the right order

1. Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin (Wrestlemania XIII)
2. Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle (Wrestlemania XXI)
3. Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat (Wrestlemania III)
4. Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart (Wrestlemania X)
5. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels ( Wrestlemania XXV)
6. Triple H vs. Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania XX)
7. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania XXVI)
8. Edge & Christian vs. The Dudleys vs. The Hardy Boys (Wrestlemania X7)
9. The Rock vs. Steve Austin (Wrestlemania X7)
10. Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior (Wrestlemania VII)

Saturday 16 April 2011

Booking of John Cena Kills The WWE Title By Shaun Nichols

Booking of Cena Kills WWE Title
We all know that in the main event of Wrestlemania that The Rock got his revenge on John Cena by causing him to lose by nailing him with the Rock Bottom. Now you would think that this would cause Cena to be vowing revenge, complaining how he was screwed out of winning the title on the biggest show of the year. You would also think that he would also say how The Miz was not a deserving champion and only retained due to The Rock. In short you would think that Cena would be mightily pissed off and demanding firstly another WWE title match and secondly that he would kick The Rock's ass for costing him at Wrestlemania.
Did this happen? Of course not, on the first episode of Raw following Wrestlemania out he trotted to do an horrendous interview. He wasn't mad, he did his usual bad comedy and even went as far as to suggest that The Miz had proven himself worthy of his and everyone else's respect. How exactly?? Miz retained solely due to The Rock's interference and then to make sure we still know that he's a geek, he then gets beaten up by The Rock. The next night on Raw, they have The Miz running away from Steve Austin, so I'm very confused as to why in that particular 24 hours Cena thinks that the Miz as proven himself.
Cena then goes onto show how little the WWE title means to him by saying that he doesn't want a rematch infact he goes on to say that he doesn't want to face The Miz ever again. So if Cena is booked not to give a shit about the title, then why should we? Next we get The Rock coming out to set up the main event for next years Wrestlemania, does Cena act angrily to the 'Great One'? No he's very respectful, they both decide that they now see themselves as friends. They shake hands which was a really bad idea as Cena was particularly hated that night, he was hated that much that the crowd turned on The Rock for putting Cena over. Think about that, The Rock was booed for shaking hands with the WWE's most pushed babyface.
The next week, the WWE writers now realising that The Rock won't be around for months have now got to find something for John Cena to do. So a week after saying he doesn't want to wrestle The Miz ever again, he now wants to be seen as the number one contender. He's still not complaining about being screwed at Wrestlemania though because that would mean that he's taking the title seriously and that being the WWE champion is the most important thing in the world for him.
So on Raw we get a 5 man gauntlet with shock horror John Cena being the last entrant. The man standing between Cena and another title match is R-Truth. Now R-Truth is the guy that got buried for thinking he was in Green Bay when he was in Milwaukee. As a result when he's appeared on TV he's lost clean in short time, he wasn't on the Wrestlemania card and therefore fans can't treat him seriously. Even during R-Truth's comeback spots all you could hear were chants which were either pro-Cena or anti-Cena, nobody was chanting for R-Truth at all.
With a run-in by Miz and Riley, we are left with Miz vs Cena vs R-Truth for the WWE title at Extreme Rules in a match nobody could possibly care about, and thanks to Cena's promos they will be competing for a title that means nothing to the man most likely to win it - John Cena.

Friday 15 April 2011

WLH PPV Prediction League - Prizes To Be Won

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have had a short trip away in Rome but I am back now and time for the WLH PPV Prediction League to get going again.

Every WWE & TNA PPV anyone who enters the prediction league has to predict the result for each match on the PPV, if you get the result right, it's 2 points for you in the league the first counting of points will be after the WWE Summer Slam show in August and then after the final PPV of the year. The winner of the league will have a choice of a DVD of their choice from a list to be determined. I must say, don't want to annoy any American readers but this is for UK readers only for a DVD, any American readers that take part will get a PAYPAL payment instead.

Obviously, you don't have to predict for every PPV but the more PPV's you do, the better chance you have of getting more points.

Email ALL predictions to

Sting vs. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam (TNA World Title)
Immortal vs. Fortune
Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle
Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne (Knockout Title vs. Hair)
Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan
The Pope vs. Samoa Joe
Max Buck vs. Suicide vs. Robbie E vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. The Amazing Red vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Brian Kendrick (X Division XScape)
Ink Inc. vs. Magnus & Williams vs. Crimson & Steiner vs. Jordan & Young

Friday 8 April 2011

The Undertaker vs. Triple H @ WM - Where does it Rank?

I like most thought Wrestle Mania XXVII was a dire show saved by one match, that being Undertaker vs.Triple H. Over the years, Undertaker has had some terrible matches while getting his unbeaten streak to 19 and at WM XXV where he faced Shawn Michaels for the first time at a WM he wrestled quite easily his best of all his WM matches. One year later, he face Michaels agin this time with Michaels' career on the line against the streak and once again, wrestled a great match although probably not as good as the one a year previous. Now, this past Sunday at WM XXVII in Atlanta, Undertaker face Triple H with no real major build up, Undertaker Triple H made their returns to the WWE after some time off on 2.21.11 and as WWE weren't able to secure the services of Sting, they went with the marquee name of Triple H to face The Undertaker instead.

Despite there not being that much build up, I really enjoyed the match between Undertaker & Triple H and recently while listening to the Still Real To Us show I heard one of the hosts say it was a better match that either of the matches with Shawn Michaels. At first I wasn't sure, I mean I have only watched the match once myself and that was live, and I thought this match on first viewing was amazing but the question is - Where Does it Rank in the list of Undertaker's WM matches and is it REALLY better than either of even both of the Undertaker matches with Michaels?

I'll probabably have to agree with Eric from SRTU and say this was better than the WM XXV match which was amazing.

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Wednesday 6 April 2011

Tough Enough – Sean’s Thoughts & Opinions

This past week WWE debuted the brand new season of Tough Enough. Here are my opinions on the opening episode.

Some of the contestants are clearly only on the show attention seeking; this kind of lets the show down a little as you already know who is likely to be in the final.

Not very keen on the idea of everyone having an individual belt, especially with everyone having the same horrid spinner belt that people are sick off!

I know this will come across as sexist but all the females on the show don’t deserve a spot, especially Miss USA, who in my opinion should have been first to go. They all don’t seem to be taking the show seriously enough & clearly don’t follow wrestling all that well.

WWE Need to leave the swearing un-muted, the show shouldn’t be aimed at young children especially at the time it aired. (11PM Est) The last 5 minutes of the show featured “Stone Cold “swearing repeatedly on every other word he said. The production teams bleeping out wasn’t very well executed & the bleep continued on to the following word, making it awkward for the viewer hear what other comments Austin had about the contestants.

The house the contestants get to stay in looks amazing, & very well kitted out to suit the needs of the guys & girls.

Miss USA used padding, (As she was in pain) but “Stone Cold” asked her to remove it once the drill was over seemed very stupid to me. If he knew it was there, get her to remove it during the drill, not once she was finished, or at the very least repeat the drill.

WWE have not made the contestants individually stand out from each other, so that I can remember their names without going back on the show for reference. A good reality show opener should have the majority of the contestants names lodged in my head.

It’s good to see in the coming weeks guest stars such as Rey Mysterio, John Cena, & The Rock, this really gives me the impression that WWE are really behind the show.

Good to see arguments have already started in the house & we are only a week in!

I don’t believe this show will be on any longer than 2-3 seasons, I have already seen that it’s getting mixed opinions on the internet, but I believe people will become bored off it eventually, unless they drastically mix up the challenges/hosts & trainers each & every season.

Overall not a bad opening episode to Tough Enough a few little things could be tweaked to make it that slight bit better, however the show came across to me as stronger rather than weaker!

By Sean Walford
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Monday 4 April 2011

Wrsetle Mania XXVIII Main Event is Set

Yes, on Sunday at Wrestle Mania XXVII The Rock cost John Cena the chance of winning back the WWE title by hitting him with a 'Rock Bottom' allowing The Miz to get the pin and retain his title. Then 24 hours later, on WWE RAW, Cena calls out The Rock, they go back and forth and then Cena tells The Rock, the people want the match to happen - John Cena vs. The Rock. The Rock responds by saying yes but on the grandest stage of them all - Wrestle Mania XXVIII. Yes, some serious forward planning by the WWE. April 1st 2012 Wrestle Mania XXVIII will come from Miami, Florida and the main event is set to be John Cena vs. The Rock.

The chances are a lot is going to happen before then that could change all of these plans but what will happen in the mean time, will The Rock dissapear for 11 months and return for the build-up, will he stick around and have some other matches and does anyone else think, with the involvement of The CORRE at the end of RAW, will Cena & The Rock win the tag titles sometime soon?

All questions, maybe soon we'll have some answers

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Sunday 3 April 2011

Some Quick Wrestle Mania Thoughts

I am told there was a battle royal instead of US Champion Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan which is a shame the match was cut, Great Khali won the BR apparently, this was a 'dark' match.

I missed the Smack Down title match and in a shock to most, including myself, Edge retained his title.

Turns out I missed Cody Rhodes going over Rey Mysterio Jr.

I was gutted (NOT) I missed the eight man tag which had Kofi Kingston replacing Vladimir Kozlov - Oh the CORRE were jobbed out in 1:32

So the first match I got to see was Randy Orton vs. CM Punk. All the way through I expected some sort of outside interference but there was none at all. Good match overall with Orton pinning Punk following a 'super' RKO, would of preferred Punk to go over but hey.

The 2011 Hall of Fame inductees are wheeled out.

Booker T comes to the ring followed by Jim Ross to do commentary with Josh Matthews for Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler with Stone Cold Steve Austin as referee. Match was poor, we, well I didn't expect anything else really. Match ended at 13:46 when Cole tapped to an ankle lock by Lawler. Matthews took a stunner off Austin as he announced that the RAW GM had said Austin had failed to call the match fairly so Cole was declared the winner. Austin & Lawler celebrated with beer in the ring, Booker came in celebrated too, did the spinneroonie, drunk beer, and then he got stunned by Austin. So Michael Cole's streak has begun, he is 1-0 at Wrestle Mania.

Up next was the No Holds Barred match with his streak on the line The Undertaker vs. Triple H, Ross & Lawler on commentary. This match was I must say awesome, everyone knows I like the ROH style of wrestling and these two broken down legends are anything but those type of workers but boy, can they work. Both used their finishers and like Undertaker's matches with Shawn Michaels in the last 2 years, both survived the finishers. Match was two and fro and they did a great job in making you really think Triple H was going to end the streak. Triple H brought his trusty sledgehammer into the ring but before he could use it Undertaker put him in the 'hells gate' triangle choke move. Triple H was in the hold foe quite a while and I did think at one point he would get out of it but eventually he tapped giving Undertaker a Wrestle Mania record of 19-0. What was notable in the match was the use of a steel chair, mainly to the back but there was one unprotected headshot to Undertaker. Triple H made his way to his feet first and Undertaker either was legit exhausted or sold it like a mutha. EASY match of the night from what I had seen and I didn't expect the last two matches to top it.

Having the job to get the crowd back was Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool vs. John Morrison, Trish Stratus & The Jersey Shore's Snooki. I didn't watch the match, i was catching up on facebook & twitter but it was over very fast, just over 3 mins I think. This really should of been Ziggler's time to shine but instead he was put into this match but as we know, with WWE canning the Sheamus/Daniel Bryan match, they don't care for wrestling or what the fans want.

Main event time, WWE champion The Miz vs. John Cena. Crowd was pretty dead for most of the match, not surprised with the Miz in the match but anyway, both kicked out of the others finishers and the match ended with them both being counted out. The rock's music hit and he came down to the ring, gave another humerous promo then the RAW GM chimed in and Rock said he'd read it, started to then gave the laptop "it doesn't matter what you think" and tossed it on the floor along with the script that was on the laptop. Anyway the Rock announces it will re-start no DQ, no countout etc. finish came with Rock hitting Cena with the Rock Bottom and The Miz making the cover, 1-2-3 still WWE champion - The Miz. Man was I pissed, I am not a fan of Cena but I just think The Miz is out of his league at the top of the card. The rock stood in the aisle way while Miz celebrated but he came back in, layed the smack down on The Miz and hit him with the People's Elbow. Enjoyed that portion of the match but overall, poor match.

I'd give the card as a whole from what I saw a mere 6/10 and most of that is because of the Undertaker/Triple H match

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Great Video of The Kliq (Michaels, HHH, Nash & Waltman) on stage @ The Hall of Fame

Oh yes, great mark-out moment, shame Scott Hall couldn't be there.

Full credit for link to Brett & the guys

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Saturday 2 April 2011

Looking Back At Wrestle Mania Part 6 with Shaun Nichols

Looking Back at Wrestlemania - Part Six
Wrestlemania XXII - Not up there as one of the great Wrestlemania cards, as the WWE were now looking at a future without Steve Austin and The Rock. The main event saw John Cena retaining the WWE title against Triple H, where Cena come out as Al Capone and Hunter was Conan the Barbarian. The World Heavyweight title was won by Rey Mysterio in a three way against champion Kurt Angle and Randy Orton match was good but was badly hindered as it wa, s given less than 10 minutes. Pleasant surprise of the night was Edge defeating Mick Foley in an excellent Hardcore match. Less welcome were the Undertaker and Mark Henry battling in a casket match, Vince and Shawn going nearly 20 minutes in a wildly overbooked 'No Holds Barred' match. Rob Van Dam won the second MITB ladder match that was again very good, the god awful team of Kane & Big Show retained the tag titles against Carlito & Chris Masters.
Wrestlemania XXIII - The most successful Wrestlemania so far, featured a match where both Vince McMahon and Donald Trump put up their hair (make your own jokes there). The match itself was Umaga (backed by Vince) and Bobby Lashley (backed by Trump), match wasn't great and to the surprise of absolutely no-one it was Vince who found himself bald. The actual main event was John Cena again winning this time against Shawn Michaels, after the match Shawn was livid due to Cena forgetting to sell his back after Shawn had spent several minutes straight working on it. The Undertaker went 15-0 and also won the World Heavyweight title by beating Dave Batista. Mr Kennedy had his WWE career highlight when he won the MITB match but several weeks later lost the title opportunity in a match against Edge. Chris Benoit retained the US title against MVP. One of the worst Wrestlemania matches also happened here when Great Khali beat Kane.
Wrestlemania XXIV - Quite the loaded show, this featured Ric Flair's final WWE match when he lost to Shawn Michaels in a very entertaining and fitting finale for the Nature Boy, the WWE also had Floyd Mayweather defeating the Big Show in a No DQ match when he used brass knuckles to knock him out. The main event though was The Undertaker getting the better of Edge to win another World Heavyweight title and take his streak to 16-0 in a very good match, I also think that this was Edge's first Wrestlemania defeat. Randy Orton defeated John Cena and Triple H to retain the WWE title in a three way. CM Punk won his first MITB match that also featured Chris Jericho in his first Wrestlemania since returning to the company. Kane won the now defunct ECW title from Chavo Guerrero in 12 seconds, well if your going to make Chavo a joke you might as well go all the way with it.
Wrestlemania XXV - The first Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker match at Wrestlemania, this was an outstanding affair and received pretty much ***** across the board, unfortunately this went on 6th on a 8 match card and because it was so good it completely overshadowed the main event. The main event was Triple H retaining the WWE title against Randy Orton, the match was average at best and Orton sadly did not come across well. CM Punk had his second MITB win, fans wished it was Christian. JBL clearly not working by the hour dropped the IC title to Rey Mysterio in 21 seconds on his way out of the company. Matt defeated Jeff in a battle of the Hardy brothers, imagine that match in TNA these days what a terrifying thought. The World Heavyweight title was won by John Cena in a three way that featured Edge and Big Show.
Wrestlemania XXVI - On paper this should have been a really good show, it was entertaining but frankly wasn't as good as it should have been. The main event was the re-match between Taker and HBK which was just as well as against the odds they had another fantastic match which again saw Shawn coming up short and thus had to retire. Last years Wrestlemania also saw Bret Hart have his first Wrestlemania match since 1997 against Vince McMahon, although the build up was excellent the match itself was badly booked and executed and despite the obvious limitations of Vince and Bret they stumbled through an atrocious 11 minute fiasco. John Cena won the WWE title in an entertaining match against Dave Batista, Triple H decided that now was not the time to put over Sheamus, Rey Mysterio defeated CM Punk in a match that could have been great if it had been given more than 6 minutes. Chris Jericho retained his World Heavyweight title against Edge in another good match. In what could be the last MITB match at Wrestlemania Jack Swagger took an age to finally unhook the briefcase.  

Friday 1 April 2011

WLH PPV Prediction League - Prizes To Be Won

Every WWE & TNA PPV anyone who enters the prediction league has to predict the result for each match on the PPV, if you get the result right, it's 2 points for you in the league the first counting of points will be after the WWE Summer Slam show in August and then after the final PPV of the year. The winner of the league will have a choice of a DVD of their choice from a list to be determined. I must say, don't want to annoy any American readers but this is for UK readers only for a DVD, any American readers that take part will get a PAYPAL payment instead.

Obviously, you don't have to predict for every PPV but the more PPV's you do, the better chance you have of getting more points.

Next Sunday WWE have their BIG ONE - Wrestle Mania XXVII, below are the matches announced, send in all your predictions to

1. No Holds Barred
The Undertaker vs. Triple H
2. WWE Championship Match
The Miz (C) vs. John Cena
3. World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge (C) vs. Alberto Del Rio
4. Grudge Match
Randy Orton vs. CM Punk
5. Grudge Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes
6. Special Guest Ref. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole (w/Jack Swagger)
Dolph Ziggler & LayCool vs. John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki
Sheamus (C) vs. Daniel Bryan
9. Eight Man Tag Team Match
The CORRE vs. Kane, The Big Show, Santino Marellea & Vladimir Kozlov (or Kofi Kingston)

My Wrestle Mania Card - By Captain Obvious

As we sit here a few days away from Wrestlemania 27, I look over the card and wonder what could have been. This year's card doesn't really stand out in any way to me. No match on the card is a must see event in my mind. Most of the matches are semi main events or matches we have already seen before. This is the most disappointing Wrestlemania on paper in the last 5 years at least. So this little rant here is how I would book Wrestlemania 27 this year.

Match 1
Beth Phoenix and Trish Stratus vs. Lay-Cool

If your going to have divas on the card, how can you not have the best wrestler in the division on the card. Beth is the best wrestler in the diva division, yet this year she is on the sidelines. Instead we have Snookie wrestling. Come on guys, we can have Snookie wrestle on raw or guest host but to have her actually wrestle on the biggest card of the year is ridiculous. I think it would be great to have the diva of the past team up with the diva of the present to take on the top two heel divas in what would be a great diva tag match. This would also allow WWE to debut Awesome Kong as an ally of Lay-Cool and take out Beth and Trish, giving Kong instant credibility among the eyes of the WWE Universe.

Match 2
Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus..... Fatal 4 Way for the US title.

You could almost call this the futures match of the WWE. Just like at the NBA All Star Game or the Major League Baseball All Star Game, this match would showcase 4 of the younger stars of the WWE that could be destined for Superstardom. Sheamus has the ability to be the best heel on the roster of Raw. He has the size, the strength, and the mental makeup to constantly be a main event talent. Why he has gotten pushed to mid-card is a little worrisome. Daniel Bryan already is the best technical wrestler in the WWE. He has shown over the last year that is lack of size isn't a detriment to his in ring ability as he has taken on men 2 and 3 times his size so far and has managed to hold his own against all of them. Ziggler and Morrison should be main eventing a Wrestlemania in the next 5 years. These two young men have really stepped up over the last few months and have gotten the fans to take notice of this. It's almost looking into a time machine and watching a young Curt Henning battle a young Shawn Michaels. The next step in their evolution should be to work on their mic work and once they master that, they will be the stars of 2013.

Match 3
The Corre (Barrett,Gabriel, and Slater) vs. Santino, Kozlov, and Kofi

The only reason I am making this a six man tag is because we have already seen these competitors compete in recent weeks against each other anyway. But storyline wise it does make the most sense. Barret just beat Kofi and Gabriel and Slater have been feuding with SantiLov for the last couple months. The thing no one is talking about right now is how The Corre is slowly taking over Smackdown as they now hold all the gold they can carry except the World Title. This would also keep Kane from turning face again and becoming goofy Kane which WWE tends to do with any big guy face in their company when they get tired of their heel run.

Match 4
CM Punk vs Randy Orton (steel cage)

The only thing that could make this match any better is to put them inside the cage. Both men have gotten upper hands in this feud by doing hit and run attacks on each other. Ideally, this would also keep anyone else from interfering in the match giving these two young lions a chance to settle this feud the right way. This feud has been the highlight of Raw over the last few months and is the only match on the card I actually want to see. CM Punk is an amazing heel and Orton has been growing into a solid face after having a long run as the top heel in WWE for a couple years.

Match 5
Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio

The only thing that is intriguing about this match is the evolution of Cody Rhodes as we try to watch him grow into a stronger heel week by week. Cody is becoming the star most people thought Ted Dibiase was supposed to become this year. The other part of this match that is interesting is wether or not this is Rey's last match in WWE. Rumors have abounded that Rey wants out and asked to be released after Wrestlemania. If history is any indication of booking, Rey isn't going to go out on a white horse into the sunset. Just ask JBL how his last match at Wrestlemania was when they knew he was leaving. 13 seconds, if memory serves me.

Match 6

OK, I know I may be a mark, but I have grown to love having MITB at Wrestlemania. It has become a staple of the Wrestlemania diet and this year I feel like I'm hungering for it. But this year lets make it different. Instead of shoving more and more mid card guys into it who have struggle to finally get to main event status, let us have the guys who can't even seem to get a break anymore. I want to see guys like Zach Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Evan Bourne, JTG, guys who are hungry for their break and would work their ass off to make their name known to the universe. More known than just the fodder in video games most of the fans use them for when they make a more interesting character in their mind. Yeah, I'm talking to you kids out their who make a Twilight Vampire in your create a wrestler only to have them beat up Mr. WOO WOO lol.

Match 7
Triple H vs. The Undertaker vs. Kane vs. Big Show

You want to put The Undertaker's streak in real jeopardy. Have him in a fatal 4 way against 3 other men he has defeated at Wrestlemania in years past. put him in a match where he can technically lose even without getting pinned. All of these men have long histories with the Undertaker (wether WWE wants to admit it or not.....Yes, I saw Wrestlemania 17 WWE). Kane won 3 matches against Undertaker in a row before Taker went away for a while. Kane has also lost to Undertaker twice at Wrestlemania, so he has something still to probe to escape the shadow of The Undertaker. Big Show has lost to Undertaker one on one at Wrestlemania and in a handicap match at Wrestlemania. And even the King of Kings bowed to Undertaker before at Mania. This match would put the streak in more limbo than any other match could do.

Match 8
Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler

Ok, if we have to have this match we are going to do it under my rules. First off, I want WWE to hand deliver an apology letter to Jack Swagger and tell him they are sorry for how fast he has fallen over the last year. Win MITB, Win the World Title, Lost Title, Lose Rematch, Lose Self Respect, Get Mascot, Lose Mascot, now go train Micahel Cole......seriously, who did Jack Swagger piss off this year? That is a horrible career for a lot of wrestlers, let alone a 365 day span. So if we are going to have Swagger in Cole's corner, then put Austin in Lawler's corner. We don't need Austin in the ring as the referee. Everyone is already expecting him to stun Cole allowing Lawler to get the win, so where is the drama? Let Brian Christopher referee the match if you want drama. That would leave me a little bit in suspense at least. Then, if Lawler and Cole are in the ring, can we please have JR and Joey Styles on commentary. I would love to hear slobberknocker and OH MY GOD rammed in about 30 times just to make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Match 9
Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Title

This match has grown on me over the last few weeks. I had no desire to see this match after the Royal Rumble and I still have some doubts. But the doubts are now what is leading me to want to see the match now. Can Del Rio actually live up to the hype and promise he shows in the ring. Can he handle the stage and not only capture the World Title but do it in convincing fashion that gives him credibility in the eyes of the fans. Is it just me or is Edge the most underrated man who has held the World Title 10 times. When you think of the all-time greats, do you put Edge in your top 10, let alone top 5? This is another shot for Edge to steal the show and finally claim that coveted legendary status. In the pantheon of wrestling hierarchy, can Edge finally get mentioned in the same breath as Flair, Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Austin, Rock or is he going to be thought of as the WWE's version of Jeff Jarrett.

Match 10
John Cena vs. The Miz with Rock as special referee for the WWE Title

This match is compelling for a couple of reasons. WWE has learned that John Cena is not The Rock. The ratings since Rock's return have proved that. You need a face for the company to be charismatic not charming. Everyone thinks the boy next door is a nice kid, but girls love the bad boys. John Cena is not edgy, The Rock is edgy. John Cena is not captivating, The Rock is captivating. So with this in mind, let's put The Rock in the ring for this match not as a potential run in causing a crap ending. The other reason I am interested in this match is that this could be the match that saves The Miz's main event career. Right now Miz is teetering on the brink of becoming the 2012 version of Jack Swagger. His title run has not been the strongest and in many peoples eyes has actually become a complete let down. I am one of the fans of The Miz over the last 18 months and had high hopes for his reign. if Miz does not win at Wrestlemania 27, he could be feuding with JTG by next December and not in a good way.

Let me know what you guys think and what matches you would like to see. As always you can hit me up on twitter @thecaptaino or you can also check out my wrestling show that I created and broadcast for by going to and looking for the New Era Wrestling link. Peace and Love, Peace and Love and have a great Wrestlemania weekend everyone.

Captain Obvious Trey Dent

Wrestle Mania XXVII Thoughts

Wrestle Mania XXVII

It's just around the corner now and many are getting hyped. This years WM card isn't the greatest on paper but the show won't take place on paper. Top matches see Royal Rumble winner Alberto Del Rio challenge Edge for the world heavyweight title, John Cena vs. The Miz for the WWE title, yes, it is considered one of the top matches on the card, Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole with Steve Austin as referee but I think the match that 'has the juices flowing' is The Undertaker vs. Triple H no holds barred. 

This past weeks go home RAW show was excellent, well the second hour was, and I think if any fans out there were still toying with the idea or not of buying the PPV as the American fans will know, it's not cheap, have been swayed to buy the PPV.

Everyone will know, I'm not a fan of The Miz and I don't think he should be in the main event picture and Cena might not be everyones cup of tea including myself but he is made of the right stuff as far as the main event scene is concerned so for me it's a lesser of two evils, I think it's a given anyway that Cena will win the strap but there is every chance The Rock could end the night with the strap himself.

I think Alberto Del Rio will fulfil his destiny and win the world title. The big question is, who will Christian aid in this match, will he turn on his long time friend Edge or will he help Edge in screwing Del Rio as it was Del Rio who put Christian out for months?

The Undertaker puts his 18 match WM winning streak on the line against his WM X7 opponent Triple H in a no holds barred match. We all know both guys are not what they once were, old and broken down but I think this will be the match to watch at WM. I think after seeing HBK on RAW it has us all wondering just what part if any will he play in the Taker/Triple H match.

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