Saturday 16 April 2011

Booking of John Cena Kills The WWE Title By Shaun Nichols

Booking of Cena Kills WWE Title
We all know that in the main event of Wrestlemania that The Rock got his revenge on John Cena by causing him to lose by nailing him with the Rock Bottom. Now you would think that this would cause Cena to be vowing revenge, complaining how he was screwed out of winning the title on the biggest show of the year. You would also think that he would also say how The Miz was not a deserving champion and only retained due to The Rock. In short you would think that Cena would be mightily pissed off and demanding firstly another WWE title match and secondly that he would kick The Rock's ass for costing him at Wrestlemania.
Did this happen? Of course not, on the first episode of Raw following Wrestlemania out he trotted to do an horrendous interview. He wasn't mad, he did his usual bad comedy and even went as far as to suggest that The Miz had proven himself worthy of his and everyone else's respect. How exactly?? Miz retained solely due to The Rock's interference and then to make sure we still know that he's a geek, he then gets beaten up by The Rock. The next night on Raw, they have The Miz running away from Steve Austin, so I'm very confused as to why in that particular 24 hours Cena thinks that the Miz as proven himself.
Cena then goes onto show how little the WWE title means to him by saying that he doesn't want a rematch infact he goes on to say that he doesn't want to face The Miz ever again. So if Cena is booked not to give a shit about the title, then why should we? Next we get The Rock coming out to set up the main event for next years Wrestlemania, does Cena act angrily to the 'Great One'? No he's very respectful, they both decide that they now see themselves as friends. They shake hands which was a really bad idea as Cena was particularly hated that night, he was hated that much that the crowd turned on The Rock for putting Cena over. Think about that, The Rock was booed for shaking hands with the WWE's most pushed babyface.
The next week, the WWE writers now realising that The Rock won't be around for months have now got to find something for John Cena to do. So a week after saying he doesn't want to wrestle The Miz ever again, he now wants to be seen as the number one contender. He's still not complaining about being screwed at Wrestlemania though because that would mean that he's taking the title seriously and that being the WWE champion is the most important thing in the world for him.
So on Raw we get a 5 man gauntlet with shock horror John Cena being the last entrant. The man standing between Cena and another title match is R-Truth. Now R-Truth is the guy that got buried for thinking he was in Green Bay when he was in Milwaukee. As a result when he's appeared on TV he's lost clean in short time, he wasn't on the Wrestlemania card and therefore fans can't treat him seriously. Even during R-Truth's comeback spots all you could hear were chants which were either pro-Cena or anti-Cena, nobody was chanting for R-Truth at all.
With a run-in by Miz and Riley, we are left with Miz vs Cena vs R-Truth for the WWE title at Extreme Rules in a match nobody could possibly care about, and thanks to Cena's promos they will be competing for a title that means nothing to the man most likely to win it - John Cena.


  1. Good blog, but I can't see Cena winning the title at ER. With his promo on Raw this week saying that his match against Rock would be for the WWE Title, which he himself said was the most prestigious title in the company (that isn't word for word) he clearly is saying that the title means something to him because it just adds more grandeur to the match between two of the biggest superstars of recent times now being (potentially) for the biggest prize in WWE.

    His desire to have the match for the title means that the writers have a story set in stone for Cena for the next year. He can spend the year chasing the title, and that's what I'd have him do. It might mean that Cena is *always* in the title picture, but if Cena is chasing the title and always coming up short, whether through bad luck or another man taking the pinfall (such as R-Truth in the forthcoming PPV) then in theory, the payoff when Cena does eventually capture the title will be a big one.

    It's not a terrible thing and it shouldn't kill the WWE Title. The writers just need to be careful with how they handle this over the next 11 months.

  2. Everytime he loses the title or an opportunity to win the title it never comes across that he's bothered about it. That's what really frustrates me as a fan.
    I remember watching PWG Guerre Sans Frontierres show where Chris Hero lost the title to Bryan Danielson, after the match Hero cuts a promo saying that he'll come back better and that he needs to regain the belt and as a result the PWG title comes across as something important to the wrestlers of the promotion. It's not rocket science but the WWE especially with Cena have no idea of how to do it.