Sunday 3 April 2011

Some Quick Wrestle Mania Thoughts

I am told there was a battle royal instead of US Champion Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan which is a shame the match was cut, Great Khali won the BR apparently, this was a 'dark' match.

I missed the Smack Down title match and in a shock to most, including myself, Edge retained his title.

Turns out I missed Cody Rhodes going over Rey Mysterio Jr.

I was gutted (NOT) I missed the eight man tag which had Kofi Kingston replacing Vladimir Kozlov - Oh the CORRE were jobbed out in 1:32

So the first match I got to see was Randy Orton vs. CM Punk. All the way through I expected some sort of outside interference but there was none at all. Good match overall with Orton pinning Punk following a 'super' RKO, would of preferred Punk to go over but hey.

The 2011 Hall of Fame inductees are wheeled out.

Booker T comes to the ring followed by Jim Ross to do commentary with Josh Matthews for Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler with Stone Cold Steve Austin as referee. Match was poor, we, well I didn't expect anything else really. Match ended at 13:46 when Cole tapped to an ankle lock by Lawler. Matthews took a stunner off Austin as he announced that the RAW GM had said Austin had failed to call the match fairly so Cole was declared the winner. Austin & Lawler celebrated with beer in the ring, Booker came in celebrated too, did the spinneroonie, drunk beer, and then he got stunned by Austin. So Michael Cole's streak has begun, he is 1-0 at Wrestle Mania.

Up next was the No Holds Barred match with his streak on the line The Undertaker vs. Triple H, Ross & Lawler on commentary. This match was I must say awesome, everyone knows I like the ROH style of wrestling and these two broken down legends are anything but those type of workers but boy, can they work. Both used their finishers and like Undertaker's matches with Shawn Michaels in the last 2 years, both survived the finishers. Match was two and fro and they did a great job in making you really think Triple H was going to end the streak. Triple H brought his trusty sledgehammer into the ring but before he could use it Undertaker put him in the 'hells gate' triangle choke move. Triple H was in the hold foe quite a while and I did think at one point he would get out of it but eventually he tapped giving Undertaker a Wrestle Mania record of 19-0. What was notable in the match was the use of a steel chair, mainly to the back but there was one unprotected headshot to Undertaker. Triple H made his way to his feet first and Undertaker either was legit exhausted or sold it like a mutha. EASY match of the night from what I had seen and I didn't expect the last two matches to top it.

Having the job to get the crowd back was Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool vs. John Morrison, Trish Stratus & The Jersey Shore's Snooki. I didn't watch the match, i was catching up on facebook & twitter but it was over very fast, just over 3 mins I think. This really should of been Ziggler's time to shine but instead he was put into this match but as we know, with WWE canning the Sheamus/Daniel Bryan match, they don't care for wrestling or what the fans want.

Main event time, WWE champion The Miz vs. John Cena. Crowd was pretty dead for most of the match, not surprised with the Miz in the match but anyway, both kicked out of the others finishers and the match ended with them both being counted out. The rock's music hit and he came down to the ring, gave another humerous promo then the RAW GM chimed in and Rock said he'd read it, started to then gave the laptop "it doesn't matter what you think" and tossed it on the floor along with the script that was on the laptop. Anyway the Rock announces it will re-start no DQ, no countout etc. finish came with Rock hitting Cena with the Rock Bottom and The Miz making the cover, 1-2-3 still WWE champion - The Miz. Man was I pissed, I am not a fan of Cena but I just think The Miz is out of his league at the top of the card. The rock stood in the aisle way while Miz celebrated but he came back in, layed the smack down on The Miz and hit him with the People's Elbow. Enjoyed that portion of the match but overall, poor match.

I'd give the card as a whole from what I saw a mere 6/10 and most of that is because of the Undertaker/Triple H match

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