Wednesday 27 April 2011

WWE Draft 2011 Aftermath By Trey Dent

Every year the WWE draft offers some surprises and twists no one saw coming. This year could be the exception. Most of us knew that one of the main stars on Raw had to move to Smackdown. With Edge retiring, it left a void at the top of the brand that only John Cena or Randy Orton could fill. During the course of the draft, both men at one point were on Smackdown, leaving many watchers scratching their head. Of course the big shocker was that Cena ended up being drafted back to Raw, ending the show with many kids and teens happy. With the main draft and supplemental draft over, we are left to wonder how things will shake out. Which superstars will rise to the top and which will end up being future endeavored?
This year some interesting moves were made in hopes of elevating some young talent and perhaps also saving the careers of some older talent who haven't broken through. Here are some of those guys who could get a huge push due to the changes.

#1- Daniel Bryan-- Bryan's move to Smackdown may be the best thing for him. Smackdown is know as the "wrestling" show compared to the other brand. Bryan will now have a chance to shine on this brand and show off his considerable technical skill in the ring. Being on Smackdown will give him a chance to shine as just the pure wrestling talent he is and also give him a chance to steadily improve on his mic work. Think Chris Benoit in the early 2000's when he just went on tv and hurt people and made them tap without saying a whole lot.

#2- Kofi Kingston-- Kofi coming back to Raw will now give him the chance to shine as potentially the number 2 babyface on the brand. WWE has been trying to give that spot to John Morrison for a while but his lack of charisma has really hurt him. Kofi has that fresh face and charm that fans gravitate towards and being on Raw right behind John Cena will give him a chance to shine. It doesn't hurt that he has kept growing in the ring and on the mic and now has a chance to showcase those skills back on the big stage.

#3- Sheamus-- Sheamus over the last year has been on a roller coaster ride. He captured the world title for the second time earlier in the year then fell into a horrible slump. He rebounded to win King of the Ring then fell into a horrible slump again. Once again he rebounded to win the US Title then became an afterthought so to speak beating some of the lower tier babyfaces that had beaten him during his slump. With Del Rio drafted to Raw, Smackdown now has a void at the top of their heel roster which Sheamus has a chance to fill. Once again Sheamus has the brass ring right in front of him. All he has to do is reach out and take it and re-establish himself as the young dominant stud everyone projected him to be.

#4- William Regal-- One thing about Regal is he knows how to wrestle. Don't let his age fool you, the guy can still compete with the best of him and being on Smackdown will hopefully give him another chance to shine. It wasn't that long ago that he was poised to have a World title push, only to lose it because of his violation of the Wellness Policy. A nice long feud with Bryan would be classic and re-energize the man from Blackpool.

#5- Tyler Reks-- One thing about Vince McMahon; he loves big monsters. Ever since he took over the WWE back in 1982, Vince has always seemed to be fascinated with big monster guys who his babyfaces had to vanquish. From Big John Studd to King King Bundy to The Undertaker, the man knows how to make a big guy look evil. Tyler Reks has the look to become the next big monster. We all thought he was headed that way when he was on the Smackdown team for bragging rights, then nothing. Just faded away into Superstar obscurity. Now he has that chance to re-invent himself on raw and become the next big monster. The only thing holding him back is the fact that Raw is full of strong heels right now with the Miz, Del Rio ,R-Truth and CM Punk all standing in his way.

#6- JTG-- Call me crazy but I have always been a fan of JTG. The kid has a strong motor and always competes. His in-ring work may not always be the best but he has energy and charisma. What I see for him is a pairing with R-Truth. JTG and R-Truth could become what Cryme Tyme should have been. Just a down right dirty physical African American tandem. Everyone knows Vince likes to book his top heel with a sidekick and JTG could be that sidekick. Then, given the chance to shine, could eventually break away from that group and really stand out.

Those are the six guys I think could really benefit from the draft. Here are a couple of other interesting things that emerged after the draft. All the members of Legacy are now back on the same brand. With Ted DiBiase's move to Smackdown, could we see him and Cody Rhodes reunite? Another option instead of reuniting Legacy would be to move Tyson Kidd into that spot and have the three of them compete together with Cody being the focal point of the group. With Curt Hawkins moving to Raw, could actual tag team wrestling be coming back? A lot of us internet fans have been clamoring for the return of it to the WWE for years. We marvel at the tag team division ROH has and even respect the tag team work that TNA has. Could the WWE finally be taking notice. We have both Uso brothers headed to Smackdown, Hawkins and Ryder both on Raw and no one from Nexxus and The Corre switching sides. Now WWE finally has some teams on the same rosters that have cohesion and experience to make for some great tag team matches if given the chance to shine. Finally, the Diva division has some really great potential matches lined up now. With Beth Phoenix back on Raw, could she finally square off against Kharma (aka Awesome Kong) in a match that quite a few women's wrestling fans have long looked forward too. And look for Kelly Kelly to really get a chance to shine on Raw. She has the look and has improved in the ring tremendously to really become that breakout diva the WWE hasn't had since Trish retired.

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The Captain Obvious Trey Dent

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