Sunday 24 April 2011

James Malloy's Wrestle Mania Diary

James had some issues so was only just able to get this blog to me, enjoy guys.

Friday:In the morning I checked in to the lovely Mariott Marquis and met up with a fellow I met on the message boards when planning my trip. When we went to get something to eat we met Titus O'Neill coming out of the fast food joint we went into. (To be fair I didn't recognise him as Nxt never improved after the moustache promo in my opinion)

On the way back to the hotel we noticed 5/6 people standing opposite a back entrance to the hyatt Atlanta. We noticed this was because this was the WWE's private entrance and we saw HHH, Orton and HBK enter the hotel. HHH and HBK acknowledged the crowd by waving, Orton seemed all business

That evening I attended the Wrestlemania party with Kevin Nash. This took place in a night club and was a good buy. The crowd was very hardcore wrestling and one of the guys beside me entering was showing off the tatoo he'd got earlier in that day of the Wrestlemania 27 symbol. Met Nash, Sean Waltman, Road Dogg and Raven. Asked Raven to sign an autograph for a friend of mine and he recognised the name as been from Northern Ireland. He made a slightly off colour joke about the IRA which I thought was funny but his wife beside reprimanded him for it

On returning to the hotel I took a tripr to a bar across the road(look I'm Irish drink's gonna play a big part for me) and in the bar was Husky Harris, Michael McGillicudy, an Uso(not sure which one) and Jerry Brisco. Was drinking with a wrestling fan from Vegas, this is one thing you'll notice if you go to any wrestling show people are just so damn friendly and mania's no different,When he left I was finishing up a pint when I noticed I was standing next to a very drunk McGillicudy. I plucked up the courage to shake his hand and say I hoped he was on TV soon.He recognised the accent, asked who I was drinking with and when I said no one he invited me into his group and bought me a whiskey. The only decent this was to buy one back. Husky was gone at this point as he was too drunk but I got to talk to Jerry Brisco (who was also very drunk) and thank him for everything he did for the business.

The next thing I remember really is waking up Saturday in time for the morning madness included in the Mania Package. For gold package holders like myself this meant meeting the Miz. AWESOME. Had forgot my vinyl aggression figure so he signed a photo of his in WWE magazine and made a joke about how they didn't photoshop him well. Anyone I met who went to this signing was very complimentary about the Miz.

Went straight over to the Axxess sessions straight after this and in my first axxess visit got to meet the Bella's,JR and The King. Told the King I liked his book and it was a brilliant read. He said shame it wasn't a brilliant write. One thing you'll notice if you do Axxess is queues are long but Saturday morning was very easy to see the museum type things at axxess like the Undertakers graveyard and the temporary museum which would be packed later in the day.

The Saturday afternoon Axxess I met Kaitlyn who was very friendly and oh my god she's even hotter in person and Daniel Bryan.Queues were ridiculous on the Saturday and getting Bryan for example took 50 minutes out of a 4 hour session. Axxess still remains totally worth doing but I'd recommend doing early sessions or if possible the Friday or Thursday night as anyone who went to them got more signings.

Saturday evening was the Hall of Fame. Personally I though Bullet Bob gave the best speech,Triple H was funny as hell during the induction and LOD's speech was the most emotional but obviously HBK's meant the most to all present. The WWE had a sign up asking for no catcalling and people unfortunately paid no heed and it did noticeably unsettle Shawns speech

Sunday was hectic. Visited Axxess again in the morning and met Eve Torres,Uso's and R-truth (shortest queues ok, wanted to meet Christian but his queue was easily an hour and a half and they change every two hours so there was no guarantee I'd get him). Also had to leave at 11 in order to be at Wrestlereunion for the 11am start time. Leaving axxess was disapppointed to see the new merchandise stall outside the Georgia dome as it had the new red cena shirt. I really was hoping for a Cena heel turn at Mania

Wrestlereunion was as busy as I thought it was going to be with my VIP ticket met Winter, Christy Hemme, Tommy Dreamer, Scott Steiner,Tatanka, Iron Sheikh, Nikolai Volkoff, Bruno Sammartino,Lita, Carlito, Bob Orton and my all time favourite diva/knockout/whatever you call her she's amazing Mickie James. Bought her album as well and it's actually pretty good

Went to a luncheon after the signing and sat at the same table as the lovely Christy Hemme. She was nice but some smark kept on asking about the bikini football league. Tommy Dreamer was at table opposite and he was a funny guy.Bruno Sammartino gave a very good address

When we went downstairs and I was waiting at the bar with Dan from London waiting for two more of our part to get back from their hotel up the road before heading to the Georgia Dome. When the rest of our party arrived Lita and Carlito came into the bar just after. Aussie Dan bought them a drink after they agreed and London Dan convince me and another lad Derek it was ok to go over drink with Carlito. In interesting stuff Carlito said he doesn't like the PG direction but he thinks TNA pushes it too far, he prefers doing shows to signings, he doesn't really watch the product and he doesn't think TNA know how to use talent right. This was an interesting thing to say as Mickie James was behind him but she was too busy chatting with Lita. Yes this scene was as surreal as it sounds.Lita gave us free cd's of her group and signed them, still haven't listened to that.

There's countless websites you can read a Mania review on so I won't bore you with that. All I'll say is it was loud as hell in there.Taker HHH was easily match of the night but thought Rhodes v Mysterio gave it a run.

After Mania Aussie Dan, London Dan, Derek and myself made it to a bar in Atlanta. We bumped into Tommy Dreamer here and he was cool also

Monday night I did some Atlanta touring CNN centre and Coca Cola. Good attractions nice city. Quick trip to Hooters pre raw with Derek (London Dan had gone home couldn't find Aussie Dan at his hotel). Was ringside for Raw best seats I ever had for for a wrestling show. Got numerous messages from people back home saying the could see. I was steps adjacent wearing a Miz shirt. AWESOME. Left the arena and went into a horrible thunder storm. When me and Derek went back to the hotel bar we noticed that the tough enough crew were in a adjoining private room. In random notes on that Michelle seemed especially hammered, Afro seemed a bit uptight and the blond one was hyperactive.

Thats it my Mania story and it was damn fun. Cost the guts of $3,000 from start to finish really but so worth it. Thanks and join me next year won't you?

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