Monday 28 February 2011

Harrison Reviews: ROH 9th Anniversary Show

"On Ring of Honor's 9th Anniversary, Haas and Benjamin head for the titles, The Kings retain, as does Roderick, and Daniels and Edwards steal the show again..."

Andre Harrison is back at it with yet another review, this time, it's Ring of Honor's 9th Anniversary Internet Pay-Per-View from Chicago, Illinois. On this rather stacked celebration show, Christopher Daniels defended his TV Championship against Eddie Edwards in a Two out of Three Falls match, The Briscoes faced off against Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin in a #1 Contenders Match, The Kings of Wrestling defended their World Tag Team Championships against The All Night Express, and Roderick Strong defended his Ring of Honor World Championship against the undefeated Homicide. Let's review the ROH 9th Anniversary Show, on The Harrison Analysis!

This show was shown live on PPV, on February 26th 2010, from Chicago Ridge, Illinois. On commentary, Dave Prazak and Kevin Kelly.

The show kicked off with a nice video package hyping the four bigger matches...

Davey Richards vs Colt Cabana

Cabana worked and arm twist to start. They ran reversals and Davey missed a kick. Colt and Davey follow each other in and out of the ring and Davey hit a suicide dive on Colt. Davey worked the arm with arm bars and arm drags. He hit two kicks on the arm and hooked a wrist lock. Cabana kicked him away, but Davey hit a dropkick to the face and went back to the arm bar. Colt made his feet, but Davey hit a back suplex on a hammer lock and went to the top. He jumped off, but Colt got the feet up and kicked Davey in the face.

Colt's usual mat work kicked in, but Davey hit a kick. Davey hit the ropes and Cabana hit the elbow. Colt hits some double chops and then a springboard moonsault for two. Cabana went to the top, but Richards ran up and hit a kick. Colt grabbed Davey in a fireman's carry and then dropped him on the top turnbuckle. He followed with a moonsault from the top for two.

Cabana goes for Colt 45, but Davey escaped the lift and drove Colt to the ring post. He followed with a missile dropkick and a diving headbut from the top for two. Davey locked in the cross arm breaker and Cabana reversed into the Billy Goat's Curse. Davey reversed into a roll up for two. Davey hit a forearm in the corner, and then strung together a knee to the face, swinging DDT, and Falcon Arrow into the cross armbreaker, forcing Cabana to tap.

Winner: Davey Richards (12:10)

Harrison's Analysis: Perfect choice of opener, Cabana be the first one out as he's the home favourite, and it showed as they were hot throughout the match. Cabana doesn't get anywhere near enough credit for his working ability, and Davey Richards ALWAYS delivers. Very good opening match and a good sign for things to come.

Harrison Match Rating: ★★★ ¼ / ★★★★★

A "Top 5 Greatest Moments" video was CM Punk's farewell from ROH which occurred in the building they are in tonight. (Great idea to air these, makes it feel like a special occasion.)Grizzly Redwood and Kyle O'Reilly get the WWE-style Jobber Entrance for the next match...

Mike Bennett (w/Bob Evans) vs Kyle O'Reilly vs Grizzly Redwood vs Steve Corino (Four Corner Survival)

Bennett and Corino starts. Bennett immediately tagged Redwood in much to Corino's aggravation. Grizzly tried to take Corino down several times until hitting a flying shoulder block. O'Reilly tagged himself in, replacing Grizzly. O'Reilly kicked Corino and Corino slapped him. O'Reilly hit the ropes and Corino hit a scoop slam. Bennett tags Corino and hit a dropkick on O'Reilly. O'Reilly tossed Bennett to the floor and hit a dive on him. Grizzly hits a crossbody on O'Reilly. Corino teased a dive, but Bennett slid in the ring and hit a clothesline.

Brutal Bob pulled Corino to the floor, but Corino blocked the punch and was going to hit him, but Bennett made the save and rolled Corino in the ring. Corino rolled away on an elbow drop and both men tagged out. O'Reilly and Grizzly flew around the ring. O'Reilly hit three butterfly suplexes for two and went to the top. Bennett knocked him down and tagged in at the same time. Grizzly ducked the clothesline and tagged in Corino. All four men hit big moves and everybody were down.

They made their feet and O'Reilly hit forearms and superkicks on everybody. He hit a double missile dropkick on Grizzly and Corino. All four men battled and Grizzly hooked an abdominal stretch on O'Reilly. Corino hooked another on Grizzly and put his thumb up his ass. Bennett pulled him off and took out everyone, hitting something like a Side Effect on Corino for the win.

Winner: Mike Bennett (10:45)

Harrison's Analysis: I don't like these Four Corner Survival matches very much, it just seemed very chaotic and there was no real direction. The action was solid, but I'm still not sold on Bennett and Redwood. Redwood has his limited uses, but Bennett's the one the company is pushing, yet I have very little reason to get behind him, heel or face. Meh match really.

Harrison Match Rating: ★★ / ★★★★★

The Number 4 moment was shown, the very first ROH Main Event between Bryan Danielson, Christopher Daniels and Low Ki. It was okay...(Sarcasm)...

El Generico vs Michael Elgin (w/Truth Martini)

They shook hands but Elgin tanked Generico into a clothesline. Generico came right back and they traded blows. Generico kicked him to the floor and tried to hit the ropes, but Martini grabbed the leg allowing Elgin to take control. Elgin hit two backbreakers and then a senton for two. He tossed Generico to the floor and followed. Generico kicked him and backed up to run. Martini grabbed him again and Elgin ran up. Generico tried for his run on the rail into a DDT, but Elgin reversed and hit a powerslam into the railings. Generico barely beat the 20 count.

Elgin worked G+P Generico. He charged at Generico and Generico pulled the ropes down. He hit a front flip senton on the floor and rolled Elgin back in the ring.Flying cross body for two, and then the tornado DDT for two. Elgin hit a wristlock slam and then threw Generico into the turnbuckle back first, and then a swinging slam for two.

Elgin worked the back of the neck with blows and then hit a clothesline for two. Generico ducked a clothesline and fought to hit a half-nelson suplex for two. Generico went for the Brainbuster, but Elgin knocked the ref down and drove Generico to the corner. He held Generico and Martini went to the top. He jumped off and Generico ducked. Elgin caught him on his shoulders and then grabbed Generico and hit a powerbomb while holding Martini. The ref took his time recovering so Elgin checked on him. He turned around into a small package for a Generico win.

Winner: El Generico (10:27)

Harrison's Analysis: A solid outing for Elgin, with his bully heel tactics being a fair meh for Generico's comeback babyface antics. Elgin has some potential and will make a good enforcer for The House of Truth I'd say. Nothing special by any means, but decent for an undercard match.

Harrison Match Rating: ★★ ½ / ★★★★★

Post-match, Elgin held Generico for Truth again. Generico escaped and attacked Elgin. Roderick String made the save, allowing Elgin to hit his powerbomb again.

Elgin and Generico left the ring and Strong cut a promo on beating Homicide at his own match. Homicide ran out and chased Strong from the ring. He said he didn't want to wait until later, he wanted to go right then. Strong said no, but Homicide hit a suicide dive on him. Todd Sinclair ran out and called for the bell...

Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini and Michael Elgin) vs Homicide (No Holds Barred Match for the World Heavyweight Championship)

Already? Wow. They immediately spilled into the crowd and Strong choked Homicide with a coat. They spilled back into the entry way and teased going to the back before finally coming to the ring. Homicide hit Strong with a plastic chair and then bit his ear. He slammed Strong on the plastic chair and they went back to the floor. They battled all over the ringside area and Homicide tossed a real chair in the ring. Strong hit an Angle slam type move onto the apron and worked the back. He rolled Homicide back in the ring and put a real chair in three of the four corners. He teased doing the forth, but didn’t and the fans booed. (Why?)

Strong hit the Three Amigos for two and then set a chair in the final corner. Homicide fought back and then drove Strong head first into each of the chairs. Homicide hit an exploder suplex for two. He stood Strong, who pushed him away and hit a big knee for two before setting up a table in the corner. Strong tried for a Gibson driver on the table, but Homicide ended up reversing into a swinging DDT on the table for two. He set Strong on the top and climbed up. Martini pulled him down to save Strong. Homicide tried for a Cop Killa on Truth, but Elgin ran in. Homicide dropped Truth and tossed Elgin from the ring.

He hit the ace crusher from the top rope and clothesline, but Truth broke it up. He hit a low blow on Homicide, but Homicide came right back with an ace crusher. He turned around into a sick kick and then hits a suplex backbreaker for the win.

Winner and still ROH World Heavyweight Champion: Roderick Strong (14:45)

Harrison's Analysis: Woah...That may be the worst World Championship Match ROH has had in a good two years or more years. Don't get me wrong, by itself, it was fine, but this was a Main Event level match, 14 minutes with an unmotivated Homicide just doesn't cut it. Now I see why it was fourth on the card. Homicide just doesn't belong in the Main Event scene, he brings nothing new to the table. Let's move along now...(I told you so...)

Harrison Match Rating: ★★★ ¼ / ★★★★★

Post-match, Homicide trashed the table and Kevin Kelly announced that the World's Greatest Tag Team vs. The Briscoes would now be the main event...(Works for me.)

Intermission time. Jim Cornette was with Kevin Kelly in the ring and he announced the next ROH iPPVs. on April 1 and 2. He announced the winner of the tag title match would face the winner of the WGTT vs. Briscoes match for the tag titles and the ROH Champion defending vs. Christopher Daniels would both occur on April 1. (Woah, that's big. It's Wrestlemania Weekend, no surprises there.)

Sara Del Ray (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs MsChif

MsChif goes to work with kicks to Del Rey's back and goes for a cover for a two count. Del Rey rolls up MsChif for a pin, but MsChif bridges to avoid a fall. MsChif hits a standing moonsault for a two count, but Del Rey hits the ropes and levels MsChif with a running big boot. Del Rey stomps on MsChif, drags her back to her feet, and locks in a Gory Special. MsChif floats over and counters into a Northern Lights Suplex for two and then drives Del Rey's head into the canvas for another two count. Del Rey whips MsChif to the corner and lands a capo kick. Del Rey hits the wrist-clutch slam that she calls the Del Razor for three.

Winner: Sara Del Ray (3:58)

Harrison's Analysis: Come on Ring of Honor, take your women seriously, PLEASE. Less than four minutes?! Really?! It was fine and well paced for four minutes, but that's just inexcusable. Diva Matches in the WWE get more time.

Harrison Match Rating: ★ ¼ / ★★★★★

The Kings of Wrestling (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs The All Night Express (World Tag Team Championship Match)

Titus and Hero started. They tried a shoulder block challenge at first, but Hero hit a chop into a takedown. They ran the ropes and Titus hit a kick. Both men tagged out, Claudio and King locked up and Claudio slapped King on the break. King attacked and Claudio hit a knee lift and the crowd cheered, "Hey" with every Claudio strike. King reversed an armbar into a hip toss and Hero tagged in. All four men were in the ring and the ANX worked several tag team moves on the KOW.

They rolled to the floor and King hiptossed Titus over the top onto them. He went for a dive, but the KOW broke it up and King stopped and hit a plancha on just hero. Titus and both Kings wrestled on the apron. Titus dropped Hero to the floor, but Claudio botched a popup European uppercut to take Titus out. Hero rolled Titus in and Claudio covered for a near fall. Hero tagged in and Claudio whipped Titus into a kick. Hero hit a hammerlock backbreaker for two and tagged Claudio in. The crowd continued to cheer for him and he screamed at them and jumped up and down in frustration.

The Kings worked in and out with power moves and strikes on Titus. Hero knocked King to the floor and Titus tried to attack. Hero shoved him down and hit a boot from the top and a rolling elbow for two. Claudio tried for a superplex, but Titus reversed into Snake Eyes and both men made hot tags. King worked his house of fire offense and reversed Hero's rolling kick into a very cool suplex with bridge for two. Hero hit the rolling kick and tagged in Claudio. He hit a European uppercut and running knee for two. Claudio continued to work huge strikes on King and went to the top.

King ran up and caught him. King hit a back flip and then a enziguri on the top. Titus ran in and hit a Super Sex Factor and King covered for two as Titus took out Hero. King hit the Royal Flush and covered, but Hero broke it up. Titus took out Hero again and hit a brainbuster on Claudio. Kenny King broke out a shooting star press and Hero broke the count again. Hagadorn tossed the loaded elbow pad in the ring. King intercepted it and tried to hit Hero. Hero ducked and Titus pulled him from the ring. Claudio ran up and tried for the UFO on King, but Claudio was too stunned. King escaped and picked up Claudio. Hero slid back in the ring with the elbow pad and hit the rolling elbow on King, who fell with Claudio on top. The ref counted for the pinfall victory.

Winners and still World Tag Team Champions: The Kings of Wrestling (15:55)

Harrison's Analysis: A very good Tag Team Match between the best two indie wrestlers on the planet, and the two fastest improving guys on the roster. The All Night Express will be Tag Team Champions one day, they had their best match to date with The Kings, and it went really quickly for 16 minutes. Really enjoyable and a sign of things to come in the future. Kenny King and Rhett Titus...ones to watch.

Harrison Match Rating: ★★★ ¾ / ★★★★★

Christopher Daniels vs Eddie Edwards (Two out of Three Falls Match for the World Television Championship, 30 Minute Time Limit)

Daniels and Edwards faced off to start and then locked up hard to get going. The fans traded name chants as Daniels and Edwards showed off their mat wrestling abilities with several series of reversals into arm bars and head locks. Edwards ducked a clothesline and hit a knee lift into a kick to the back for two. He worked the back with a rest hold. Daniels escaped, but Edwards hit a running knee for two and worked chops on Daniels in the corner. He stomped Daniels down and hit several kicks to the face and then pulled him out for a near fall.

Daniels hit a saito suplex and both men recovered. Daniels made his feet and drove Edwards face first into the corner. Daniels hit two sick chops to the back and followed with a side DDT for two. Daniels locked in a figure four headlock, but Edwards rolled back in a pin attempt so he broke it. He chopped Edwards so hard, Edwards fell to the floor. Daniels went to the floor and drove Edwards into the railing. He rolled him back in the ring and stomped the back of the neck. Daniels followed with a suplex for two before locking in a rest hold on the neck. Edwards tried to escape, but Daniels set him on the top buckle. Edwards fought back and dropped Daniels on to rope and then hit a hurricanranna.

Edwards hit a leg sweep on Daniels and then a kick on the apron. He followed with double stomp and my feed froze. I got it back and Edwards hit a dive from the top rope onto Daniels in the crowd. It froze again, and Edwards hit a drop kick and tied Daniels to the tree of woe. He backed up on the floor and then hit a baseball slide into the ring on Daniels head. Daniels basically no sold it and went right to work on Edwards. He hit a stomp to the chest and then a Burning Hammer type move for two at 19:29. Daniels charged at Edwards who hip tossed him into the turnbuckle and both men recovered. Edwards hit a splash in the corner and followed with the Chin Checker for a near fall.

They traded chops in the middle of the ring and Edwards hooked a take down into an Achilles lock. Daniels reversed into the Koji Clutch. Edwards reversed again, but Daniels re-reversed into an Achilles lock. Edwards reversed into the Koji Clutch. Daniels escaped and scored a roll up for the first pinfall. Christopher Daniels earned the first fall at 22:55. Daniels hit Blue Thunder on the apron and Edwards sold till a 19 count as the five minute mark was announced. Daniels immediately hit an awkward piledriver for a near fall. He hooked for Angel's wings, but Edwards drove him back to the corner. Daniels hit a slam into the turnbuckle and setup for his chest stomp on the top. Edwards rolled through and hooked the Achilles lock. Daniels submitted to tie the falls at one a piece. Eddie Edwards earned the second fall at 26:42.

Edwards hooked an STF. Daniels crawled to the rope so Edwards broke and hit an exploder suplex for two. Edwards hit a super-hurricanranna that busted Daniels open on the side of his head for two. Daniels tried to hip toss Edwards to the floor, but Edwards held on and they both crashed to the floor. Edwards made it back to the ring, but the bell rang as the time limit expired. Daniels sold being hurt. Jim Cornette came out as did the other ref and some of the guys from the back. Cornette announced that they would have been happy to give this match five more minutes but Daniels was in no condition to compete according to their trainers. Edwards seemed exasperated but finally accepted the ruling...

30 Minute Time Limit 1-1 Draw, Christopher Daniels retains the TV Championship (30:00)

Harrison's Analysis: Holy christ, what a great match! I TOLD you this would deliver and it did. Half an hour of superb action. Christopher Daniels made a star of Eddie Edwards and he's surely bound for great things in the future. Eddie more than stepped up and delivered his best singles performance in Ring of Honor to date. The finish was a little flat, but it made sense. Edwards didn't lost twice and Daniels was pushed to the limit but still retained. Superb and Match of the Night.

Harrison Match Rating: ★★★★ ¼ / ★★★★★

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs The Briscoes (#1 Contenders Match)

Benjamin and Jay started. They locked up and backed Jay into the corner. Benjamin broke clean, but Jay shoved him. Benjamin shoved back and they stared off. They locked up again and traded waist locks. They mat wrestled, trading arm bars and front chanceries. Jay tagged Mark in who worked a figure four head lock on Benjamin. Benjamin popped out into a headlock. They traded Sunset flip rollups and faced off. The fans chanted for Haas so he tagged in. Haas worked his ground and pound offense on Mark. Mark hit two chops that Haas no sold and then they traded chops. Mark hit a knee lift and tagged in Jay.

The Briscoes hit a double shoulder tackle, but Haas hit a standing dropkick for two and tagged in Benjamin. Jay and Benjamin traded twisting sunset flip rollups and the crowd chanted, "Man up!" Benjamin responded by hitting a sick big boot for a near fall. Haas tagged in and Benjamin slammed Jay across Haas's leg. Haas hit a series of moves and then Jay hit the exact same moves and tagged in Mark. Haas whipped Mark and Jay blind tagged. He hit a superkick on Haas and then the Briscoes hit a double superkick on Benjamin. Mark tagged back in and they hit a double running kick on Haas in the corner and then strong whipped him to the opposite corner. Mark tossed Haas to the floor and Jay dropped him on the rail. Jay rolled him back in the ring and tagged in. Jay tried for a back suplex, but Haas flipped out and hit one of his own.

Both men tagged out and Benjamin worked his offense. He hit the stinger splash into the exploder suplex for two. Mark hit redneck kung fu and then a blind tag followed by a superkick. Jay hit a huge clothesline for two. Haas came in and hit suplex on Jay. He set Jay up for their top rope tag team move, but Mark hit a missile dropkick on Benjamin. Everybody traded kicks and Jay hit the DVD on Haas and Mark went to the top. Benjamin jumped up and tossed Mark off the top. Everybody but Mark battled to the floor and into the fans. Mark made his feet and hit a dive from the top rope on all three men.

They made it back in the ring at 21:00 Mark hit a Finlay roll, Jay hit a leg drop on the top, and Mark hit an elbow from the top. Jay covered and Haas broke it up. The Briscoes setup for the Doomsday Device on Haas.. Benjamin kicked Mark to the floor and Haas escaped from Jay. He lifted Jay and they hit a neckbreaker Doomsday Device of their own for the pinfall victory. Post-match, the WGTT put over the Briscoes and then everyone shook hands to close the show.

Winners and NEW #1 Contenders: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin (22:21)

Harrison's Analysis: Is it just me, or are Haas and Benjamin saving something for a bigger match? Because as great as this Main Event was, I still feel as if there's more in the tank. Either I'm overestimating Haas and Benjamin or they're saving something big for the future. A great match though, fitting to end the show. Now I hope they go all out at April 1st when The Kings meet them in their massive Rubber Match.

Harrison Match Rating: ★★★★ / ★★★★★

Harrison's Final Analysis of ROH's 9th Anniversary Show

A very fun Interview Pay-Per-View. The second half was all excellent the first half, while slow, was still solid. This wasn't a Final Battle, or a Death Before Dishonor VIII, more of a Glory By Honor IX. Not a blow away show by any means, but still something you can watch, enjoy, and recommend to a friend. I liked it very much and the last three matches definitely delivered. Thumbs up. I've been Andre Harrison and thanks very much for watching. Sayonara!

+ Christopher Daniels vs Eddie Edwards
+ The Kings of Wrestling vs The All Night Express
+ The Briscoes vs Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin
+ Davey Richards vs Colt Cabana

- Roderick Strong vs Homicide
- Sara Del Ray vs MsChif
- The fact Mike Bennett's getting pushed

Harrison's ROH 9th Anniversary Show Rating: 8.25 out of 10 - Great

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A Look At Power Slam's Top 100 Matches in The PS Years

Picked up issue 200 of Power Slam and in there Mo Chatra compiled a list of the top 100 matches in the Power slam years (June 1994 - Feb 2011). I won't re print the whole list here but I want to comment on various things. 

First off, I think Mo has done a stellar job with this list, really amazing. Mo is basically the person who introduced me to  (Japanese) wrestling and the list is overwhelmed with puro matches in fact 9 of the top 10 matches are Japanese matches, 8 of them took place in Japan and one under the ROH banner featuring guys from Dragon Gate that took place in the U.S.

Over the years u have had in my possession pretty much all 100 of the matches not sure I have watched them all, more specific some of the AJW (All  Japan Women).  

As stated, only one non puro match makes the top 10 and that is at number 7 and is The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels from Wrestle Mania XXV. I thought the match was great too for the drama and everything that went with it but the top 10 shows that wrestling itself still plays a big part in Mo's choices. Undertaker vs Michaels matches crop up again at number 12 the Wrestle Mania XXVII 'career vs streak' match and at number 14, the 'Hell in A Cell' match from Badd Blood in 97 well remembered for Michaels' ghastly blade job and the debut of Kane. Michaels features once more in the top 20, his great bout with Kurt Angle at Wrestle Mania 21. 

The highest placed ROH match other than the Dragon Gate one in the top 10 is at number 19 but again features Japanese talent as it was Japanese legend Kenta Kobashi against Samoa Joe from October of 2005. The highest placed TNA match was no shock as it was AJ Styles vs Chris Daniels vs Samoa Joe (from the Unbreakable PPV) at number 26. WCW's best placed match is at  number 31 and was the amazing match between Rey Mysterio Jr. and the late great Eddie Guerrero. WCW only had 2 matches in the list the other being at number 100 it was Rey Mysterio Jr. again against Psicosis  from Bash At The Beach 1996 the show famous for Hulk Hogan turning heel and going on to form the nWo. Eddie Guerrero also got spot at 15 from his days in AAA where at the When Worlds Collide PPV where he teamed with Art Barr to face El Hijo Del Santo & Octagon. The only ECW match was at number 47 and featured that man Mysterio Jr. against his long time rival Juventud Guerrera from The Big Ass Extreme Bash show in March 1996. I absolutely loved this match at the time in fact it makes me want to watch it again as soon as I can.

Overall, the list features matches from the WWF/WWE, WCW, ECW, NJPW, AJPW, NOAH, AJW, ROH, DGUSA, AAA and one match from Ultimo Dragon's Toryumon promotion that was the forerunner to Dragon Gate.

In closing, Mo had at number 1 & 2 Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Kenta Kobashi, 2 being for NOAH in March 2003 and 1 being for AJPW in January of 1997. Both amazing matches with the NOAH one being a long time favourite of mine.

Please check out the magazine, it's the 200th issue of Power Slam and see as many of these matches as you can.

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Sunday 27 February 2011

Really, is TNA's Roster Better Than ROH's?

Earlier this evening while listening to the Total Wrestling Show (banner/link on the right of the page) a discussion came up about the rosters of both TNA & ROH and TWS lead guy Andy Evans stated "TNA has a better roster than ROH". For me, someone who has been a massive ROH mark since it's incarnation in 2002 find this hard to believe. Granted, ROH has lost a hell of a lot of good workers like AJ Styles, Low-Ki, Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson & CM Punk, I think the 5 biggest names not in ROH any longer and workers like that taken off any roster will be a huge dent in the talent pool but we are talking of todays TNA & ROH.

TNA has the likes of Hulk Hogan, Scott Steiner, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson, Kurt Angle the aforementioned AJ Styles & Samoa Joe. I am a big fan of both Styles & Joe but not so much in TNA, Joe's best TNA stuff was back in 2005 when he did matches with Styles & Christopher Daniels. And although a former WWE worker and he has had his problems in TNA, Kurt Angle has been overall excellent in TNA. ROH, has a terriffic array of talent, names like Davey Richards, Christopher Daniels, Homicide, Roderick Strong, The Briscoe Brothers, Hass & Benjamin, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Colt Cabana amongst many more.

Let's be honest, does anyone seriously think the TNA roster is better than ROH's? The argument will be as it always has, the ROH 'style' wouldn't work in the 'big 2' that being TNA & WWE. I look at it this way, why should that matter, can anyone in the TNA roster have better matches than the likes of Chris Hero? Styles & Joe maybe, but that's about it.

Quite clearly, it doesn't matter if the ROH guys could make that move even though as mentioned earlier on 5 names did make the move to those 2 promotions, Low-Ki actually worked in both. The point I am trying to make is, no way do TNA have the better roster.

DISCLAIMER: This is in no way a personal Knock on Andy Evans.

Agree/disagree - Let's discuss.

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UFC 127: Penn vs Fitch Review By Andre Harrison

"The UFC returns to Australia...Jon Fitch?! NO BUYS."

Hello everyone, Andre Harrison here with a review of last night's UFC 127 Pay-Per-View, from Sydney, Australia! Crikey! On this card, BJ Penn took on Jon Fitch in a Welterweight Title Eliminator fight, Michael Bisping took on Jorge Rivera in the Middleweight Division in a massive Grudge Match (If you've been on Youtube, you'll know what I mean...), and Undefeated in the UFC George Sotiropoulos fighting on his home turf against Dennis Siver in the Lightweight Division. Let's review UFC 127, here, on The Harrison Analysis!

On commentary, Mike Goldberg's goatee, and Joe Rogan.

Chris Camozzi (14-3) vs Kyle Noke (18-4-1) (Middleweight Division)

ROUND ONE: Noke threw the first right but it was blocked. They traded kicks. Camozzi landed a hard leg kick. Noke threw one high but it missed. Camozzi pressed in with a hard right. He overshot and Noke hit him with a nice combination, then grabbed a body lock and took him down into full mount. Huge for Noke there. Camozzi tried to buck him off but Noke stayed on him, took his back, and locked in the choke, Camozzi taps! The Aussie crowd goes nuts!

Winner: Kyle Noke via Submission (Rear Naked Choke, 1:35 of Round 1)

Harrison's Analysis: A big win for the home boy Kyle Noke. He transitioned very well between positions, had a great choke and the crowd went nuts for the finish there. Submission of the Night methinks.

Chris Lytle (40-17-4) vs Brian Ebersole (46-14-1-1nc) (Middleweight Division)

ROUND ONE: Ebersole tried a cartwheel kick that was blocked. Capoeira FTW! Lytle walked him down and landed a combo. Ebersole threw a straight kick and another one. Lytle walked him down and landed a right. Ebersole threw a left and ate a right. Ebersole shot and Lytle stuffed it. Lytle landed a hard body punch and a hook to follow. Lytle caught a kick and landed a right. Lytle walked Ebersole down again and landed the hard right. Ebersole shot again and Lytle grabbed a guillotine as he dropped to the ground. Ebersole flipped over and loosened the hold. Lytle held the choke and as Ebersole flipped again Lytle reversed him and got on top. He landed some punches and moved to side control. Ebersole rolled under and tried to scramble. Lytle grabbed for the guillotine again and pulled guard but Ebersole got out. Lytle got immediately to his feet. Ebersole pressed him against the cage. Lytle again dropped down attempting the guillotine but Ebersole got out. He went for a triangle and Ebersole got out. He rolled for a knee bar but Ebersole got out. Ebersole got in his guard and drove some shoulder strikes down. He stood up before the round ended and the horn sounded.

Harrison's Scorecard: 10-9 Lytle. Landed some hard shots there and had good aggression with the Submission attempts, despite the cut he got towards the end of the round.

ROUND TWO: Ebersole landed a kick. Lytle responded with a combo ending in a kick. Lytle landed a combo after eating a body kick. Ebersole landed a leg kick. Lytle landed an overhand right. Ebersole got in a spinning back kick to the body. Lytle barely missed a big overhand right. He landed a nice uppercut. Lytle walked him down and landed a hook and an uppercut in succession. Lytle again walked him down and landed a couple strikes but ate an elbow. Ebersole shot in and Lytle stuffed it. Lytle pushed in with a nice uppercut to the body. The action is slightly tentative thus far. Ebersole ran in and got a brief takedown but Lytle popped up. But Ebersole ran in and dropped him with a knee to the jaw! Lytle recovered and grabbed for a knee as Ebersole tried to choke him. Lytle got out and scrambled to his feet. Ebersol grabbed for the Thai clinch and looked to deliver a knee. Ebersole landed a huge right hand. He picked Lytle up and slammed him down. Lytle's in trouble here but time is running out in the round. Lytle grabbed guard. Ebersole landed more shoulders as the round ended. Big round for Ebersole.

Harrison's Scorecard: 10-9 Ebersole. That knee came pretty darn close to ending the fight, but Lytle is one tough cookie to finish. Great stuff.

ROUND THREE: Ebersole tried the cartwheel kick again. Lytle walked him down and landed a huge combination. He stuffed a shot from Ebersole. Ebersole came right back in and took him down on the cage. Lytle couldn't grab the guillotine and then popped to his feet. Lytle again grabbed for a guillotine but Ebersole tried to turn out. Lytle used it to get on top, but Ebersole rolled it over. Lytle again rolled him and almost finished it but Ebersole got out again. Ebersole finally popped out into Lytle's guard. Lytle then scrambled and got to his feet. Ebersole grabbed for a double leg and Lytle went down as he grabbed for a kimura. Ebersole stayed on him on the cage in the clinch and Lytle is losing this fight right now. Ebersole went for the Thai clinch again but Lytle got out. The ref separated them to put Ebersole's mouth piece back in. Lytle landed a right. He needs to finish right now. Lytle landed a kick. Ebersole shot in and got Lytle down again. Lytle dropped down and went for the knee bar again and couldn't get it. Ebersole stayed on him in his guard and landed a big elbow. With time running out, Ebersole is going to pull off a huge upset. Lytle is bleeding badly as the round ends.

Harrison's Scorecard: 10-9 Ebersole. Lytle looked like he had nothing left and that knee must have still been having an effect on him. Ebersole should have the victory here for sure. I think that's Lytle's last chance for a Middleweight Title Shot gone...

Winner: Brian Ebersole via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Harrison's Analysis: Very good fight and a major upset that I didn't see coming in great fashion. That knee in Round 2 was probably the clincher and that's a big loss for Lytle. I don't think he'll ever get his momentum back now. Still, very entertaining.

They show the Tiequan Zhang Submission win from the prelims. Very good performance as he wins in just 48 Seconds.

Dennis Siver (17-7) vs George Sotiropoulos (14-2) (Lightweight Division)

ROUND ONE: Siver landed a kick to the body early. He threw a high kick but it was blocked. He landed a leg kick and avoided the first shot from Sotiropoulos. Sotiropoulos landed a nice right. Sotiropoulos tried to close the distance and kept Siver on the outside. Sotiropoulos caught a kick and grabbed the leg, driving Siver to the ground. Siver landed a few jabs as he held off the takedown. Well done. Siver got a good combination in close. He landed a good leg kick. Sotiropoulos shot and Siver stuffed him again. Great takedown defense shown thus far by Siver. Sotiropoulos landed a combo. Siver threw a spinning high kick but missed. They exchanged punches and Siver got the better of it. Sotiropoulos landed a nice right in an exchange. Siver dropped Sotiropoulos with a right but wouldn't got to the ground with him. Sotiropoulos stood again and Siver dropped him a second time. He got down and landed some good strikes on the ground but then got back to his feet and made Sotiropoulos stand. Siver landed another left hook and landed another right. Sotiropoulos threw a turning kick high but missed and the round came to an end.

Harrison's Scorecard: 10-8 Siver. Holy cow, two big knockdowns by Siver there and George is in bad shape. Big damage from Siver and a dominant round. 10-8 surely judges?

ROUND TWO: Sotiropoulos landed a few strikes and missed a couple. Siver then took the center. He landed a left. Sotiropoulos ducked under a punch but couldn't grab his body. Siver landed another overhand right but Sotiropoulos took it. Siver landed a good straight kick and a leg kick right after. Sotiropoulos grabbed for a clinch and Siver shoved him aside. Siver with another hard right. Sotiropoulos grabbed for a leg and Siver shook him off again. Siver with a nice right. Sotiropoulos landed a straight kick. Sotiropoulos tried to press in and he landed a nice counter rightl. He landed a nice left. He got in again and went for a single leg. Siver shook it off and Sotiropoulos pressed him to the cage with a combo. Siver landed another right. Siver has slowed down this round. Sotiropoulos landed a nice combination and a then followed with a head kick. Siver ended the round with a high kick.

Harrison's Scorecard: 10-9 Siver. Close round, George almost had it at the end with the late takedown, but Siver's Takedown defence at the start, as well as his superior striking, won him the round to me. Let the debate about scoring takedowns recommence!

ROUND THREE: After an early exchange, Siver again held off a takedown from Sotiropoulos. Siver popped in with a couple of strikes in combination. Sotiropoulos needs to finish this fight or he's going to lose a decision. Sotiropoulos landed a few good strikes in comibination again. Siver has definitely slowed from the first round. Sotiropoulos caught a kick and pressed in with a couple of strikes. Siver landed a nice leg kick. Siver stuffed another takedown attempt. Siver landed a huge combination. Siver stuffed another takedown. Siver landed another kick. Siver landed a spinning back kick to the body. Sotiropoulos continued stalking. Siver landed a leg kick. Siver with another leg kick. Another kick to the leg. Sotiropoulos landed a couple of punches. Siver with some more kicks. They exchanged punches and kicks.

Harrison's Scorecard: Very close round...I'm going to say 10-9 Siver. They both landed a lot of strikes, but I'm pretty sure Siver landed more. However, George has a case for Rounds 2 and 3 so it could easily swing either way, could be very interesting.

Winner: Dennis Siver via Unanimous Decision (30-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Harrison's Analysis: Another good fight, and another upset! Siver dictated the fight, for sure and his balance and takedown defence was superb. Sotiropoulous had to try and adapt, couldn't, and lost. It'll be interesting to see what he does from here, as its his first loss in the UFC after 7 straight wins.

Michael Bisping (21-3) vs Jorge Rivera (18-7) (Middleweight Division)

ROUND ONE: Bisping took the center and Rivera engaged first. He landed a right but Bisping countered. Rivera threw a right. Bisping came forward with a two punch combo but missed the mark. Rivera landed a nice right. Bisping suddenly shot in and took Rivera down. Rivera grabbed an underhook of Bisping's leg and got up to his feet and taunted him. Bisping landed a left. Rivera landed an nice right. Bisping tried to grab a single leg but Rivera shook him off. Bisping landed an inside leg kick. He shot in again and took Rivera down into his guard. Bisping landed an elbow and Rivera tried to hold him down. Rivera got to his knees and Bisping landed a knee right to the face illegally. The ref halted the action and the crowd booed. Rivera will have five minutes to recover. Rivera wants to keep fighting and the ref deducted a point from Bisping. Rivera moved forward immediately with a right. He landed a high kick. Rivera tried to press Bisping back. He grazed him with a right. Bisping moved forward and shot in. Rivera switched stances and landed a kick. Bisping landed a jab as Rivera switched back. Bisping landed a jab. He shot in again and took Rivera down for a third time. Bisping stood and landed a right. Rivera got to his feet and Bisping landed a couple of strikes against the cage. The round came to an end as Bisping avoided a strike from Rivera and they got in each other's faces before going to the corner.

Harrison's Scorecard: 9-9 after the Bisping deduction. That knee wasn't even an accident. About even, but Bisping's takedowns pretty much secured the round, despite some decent strikes from Rivera. I suspect that knee may play into things.

ROUND TWO: Bisping landed an early leg kick. Rivera landed a nice right and Bisping stumbled, but it looked like a slip. He recovered and put Rivera's back on the cage. He landed an inside leg kick. Bisping landed another combination. He shot in and Rivera stuffed it. Bisping landed a big right to the face. He started teeing off on Rivera. He's landing some big strikes to the head and body and Rivera's hurt. Rivera tried to cover up and Bisping is just destroying him against the cage. He dropped to a knee and Bisping continued the assault and the ref stopped the fight. He went up to Rivera after and told him to apologize and then told him to "go home loser." Very classy.

Winner: Michael Bisping via TKO (1:54 of Round 2)

Harrison's Analysis: Good finish by Bisping, but I can't ignore that knee. Would have it been the same if it wasn't for that knee in the first? Bisping was definitely better don't get me wrong, but the knee was definitely a catalyst in that.

BJ Penn (16-7-1) vs Jon Fitch (26-3-1nc) (Main Event, Welterweight Title Eliminator)

ROUND ONE: Penn shot in immediately and pressed FItch to the cage. He looked to take Fitch down but Fitch held him off on the cage. They traded knees in the clinch and B.J. grabbed for a single leg. Fitch turned him around and dropped for a double leg on Penn. Not sure about this early strategy from Penn. Fitch moved to a single leg. Fitch backed off and landed a couple of punches before shooting back in. Penn continued to hold off the takedown attempt. Fitch held him against the cage and Penn turned it around. He then shot in and took Fitch down. Wow. He took Fitch's back and looked to trap Fitch's arm. He put the body triangle on and Fitch tried to curl up. Penn got his hook back in and looked to get the rear naked choke in. Fitch fought it off, however. Fitch turned and got into Penn's guard. He landed an elbow. Penn kicked him off and got to his feet. Fitch tried to take him back down and Penn held him off. Fitch again dropped down and Penn held him off on the cage. Penn landed an uppercut. Fitch landed a knee. Penn landed another punch as the round ended.

Harrison's Scorecard: 10-9 Penn. Penn trying to take down Fitch? Interesting strategy. Appeared to work so far, got the takedown, and almost locked in a choke.

ROUND TWO: Penn ran in and blocked a high kick from Fitch. Penn got overzealous with a knee and overshot it and Fitch took him down. Penn got his back to the cage. Fitch landed some knees to the shin and tried to pull Penn down. Penn worked back to his feet and landed an elbow. Fitch held Penn on the cage in the clinch. Fitch landed an uppercut in the clinch. He separated with an elbow and shot in for a double leg. Penn landed a couple of elbows and held off the takedown. Penn landed a nice short elbow. Fitch backed off with a couple of punches and tried to shoot again. Fitch is opened up from the elbow from Penn. Penn turned Fitch around and pressed him to the cage. Fitch landed a knee to the body. Penn landed a left uppercut. They separated with a nice exchange. Penn pressed in and took Fitch down a second time. That's incredible. Didn't see this gameplan coming from Penn. He took Fitch's back again. He landed a couple of strikes as Fitch tried to grab wrist control. Fitch turned it back over into Penn's guard with a minute left. Fitch landed an elbow. He turned to some body punches. He landed a couple of hard strikes to the face. Fitch continued working from top control as the last minute wore down. Penn popped to his feet as the round ended and we're even into the third.

Harrison's Scorecard: 10-9 Fitch. Penn came close again, but Fitch did some heavy damage late on and controlled the pace for the majority of the round. Should be even going into Round 3.

ROUND THREE: Fitch landed a big right hand at the start of the round and shot in, completing a takedown into Penn's guard. He pressed Penn to the cage and started working his ground and pound game. Penn pushed him off and got to his feet. He landed a combo but Fitch shot back in. Penn got to his feet but Fitch took his back standing. He landed some knees to the thighs. He forced Penn to the ground and landed some strikes. Penn needs to get off his back. Fitch continued working his ground and pound to the body and head. Lot of good work from Fitch, but the crowd started booing for some reason. Fitch continued to work, landing a lot of strikes on Penn. Penn can't win the fight from this position at all. Fitch continued landing strikes and he's working really well here. Fitch is smothering him with punches and elbows here. This round has been all Fitch. He's battering Penn's face here with tons of punches. Penn's taking a ridiculous beating right now against the cage. Fitch briefly attempted an arm triangle but let it go. Fitch locked up an arm and landed a few more punches. Fitch continued the assault to the bell and this should be his fight.

Harrison's Scorecard: 10-9 Fitch. That was ground and pound 101 from Jon Fitch there. Not enough damage for a 10-8, as Penn took everything Fitch threw, it was all Fitch and a superb ground display.

Winner: Majority Draw (29-28 Fitch, 28-28, 28-28)

Harrison's Analysis: A majority draw? That's like rocking horse shit. So let me get this straight, two judges thought that Fitch won Round 3 10-8, and Penn the other two? Because if my maths is right, that's what must have happened. Awkward. I think the 29-28 call for Fitch is the correct one. Can't see how Penn won Round 2 there. Anyway, very good fight here. Penn was impressive at the start, and Fitch was very good at the end. So despite the result, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Harrison's Final Analysis of UFC 127: Penn vs Fitch

While nothing on the card really blew me away, I thought that it was a solid night overall, with some good fights and the occasional upset. Great performances from BJ Penn, Jon Fitch, Dennis Siver and Brian Ebersole make this an an enjoyable show, one you could easily go out and watch and have no complaints. Pick up the DVD. See you in 3 Weeks for UFC 128, Shogun vs Jones! I've been Andre Harrison, thanks for reading, and Sayonara!

Harrison's UFC 127 Rating: 7.5 out of 10 - Very Good

Saturday 26 February 2011

Looking Back at Wrestlemania - Part One With Shaun Nichols

Wrestlemania I - The first Wrestlemania is best described as a celebration of celebrities over wrestling. Among those appearing were Muhammad Ali who despite suffering the early signs of Parkinsons Disease was the second referee in the main event, Liberace, Cyndi Lauper who seconded Wendi Richter in her women's title match and most important of all was Mr T who teamed with Hulk Hogan against Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff in the main event. The event itself took place at Madison Square Garden on 31/03/1985 in front of nearly 20,000 fans. Unfortunately the event from a wrestling point of view was not a success, Hogan and Mr T defeated Piper & Orndorff in the main event in one of only two matches that went more than 10 minutes. The other was David Sammartino and Brutus Beefcake struggling to a double DQ in 13 minutes. Only one title swiched hands at the US Express were dethroned by the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff in a poor contest. Among the other results were Andre defeating John Studd in a bodyslam challenge. Although certainly not a classic show, Wrestlemania was up and running.

Wrestlemania II - The second version is the only Wrestlemania to be held in three different cities which were New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Each part of the show had it's own main event. Los Angeles had Hulk Hogan defending the WWF title against King Kong Bundy, New York had Roddy Piper gunning for revenge against Mr T in a boxing match and Chicago had a 20 man battle royal which was won by Andre. The combined attendance was over 40,000. This time celebrities were less of a feature, boxing legend Joe Frazier seconded Roddy Piper in his match against Mr T which he lost when he bodyslammed the A-Team star, Ozzy Osbourne seconded the British Bulldogs in their WWF tag team title success against the Dream Team (Beefcake & Valentine). Also this was the only Wrestlemania that was held on a Monday, for all you fact fiends. Again there wasn't any classic matches but it was clear that Wrestlemania was becoming the biggest wrestling event in North America.

Wrestlemania III - If you believe the attendance, than this is arguably the most successful Wrestlemania, held at the Pontiac Silverdome in Detriot in front of over 90,000 fans was headlined by Hulk Hogan defending the WWF title against Andre the Giant managed by Bobby Heenan. Although it wasn't a classic by any means it was a match that was a PPV draw and is correctly seen as an iconic match with Hogan bodyslamming the Giant enroute to victory. Wrestlemania III also featured the first outstanding match on any Wrestlemania card which was Randy Savage defending the IC title against Ricky Steamboat in a match which won the 1987 Wrestling Observer Match of the Year. This PPV was the most succesful so far and was the inspiration of the WWF creating the Survivor Series PPV in November so the WWF could continue the Hogan-Andre feud. Among the other matches were the Honky Tonk Man defeating Jake Roberts, Hart Foundation & Danny Davis bested British Bulldogs & Tito Santana and Roddy Piper defeated Adrian Adonis in a hair vs hair match.

Wrestlemania IV - Came from Atlantic City at the Trump Plaza and featured a 14 man tournament to crown a new WWF champion after the title was held up when the WWF ran a storyline where Andre won the title thinks to evil referee Earl Hebner than trield to sell the title to Ted Dibiase. The tournament itself wasn't great and featured a number of mediocre matches although the highlight of the first round was Jake Roberts and Rick Rude going to a 15 minute draw which was the longest match of the show. The Ultimate Warrior made his Mania debut by defeating Hercules, Demolition defeated the under appreciated Strike Force (Rick Martel & Tito Santana) to win the tag titles. In the second round the big match was a Wrestlemania III re-match between Hogan and Andre which ended in a disappointing double DQ in just over five minutes. Due to Rude & Roberts draw and then the Hogan & Andre DQ it left Dibiase in the main event by getting two byes. In the final he met Randy Savage who had overcome Butch Reed, Greg Valentine and the One Man Gang. With Hogan and Miss Elizabeth at his side Savage won his first WWF title, Dibiase as a result came away as no threat at all going forward. On the same night NWA ran the first Clash of the Champions on TBS which affected the show as a PPV draw, it was also the show that in 45 minutes Ric Flair made Sting a star, something that Wrestlemania IV failed to do for anyone not even Randy Savage.

In Part 2 I'll look at Wrestlemania V-VIII.

Friday 25 February 2011

TNA - And They Wonder Why (Spoilers For Next Week's IMPACT!)

TNA get ripped a new one all over the place, the way the company is run, the people they sign up, the people they let have power blh blah blah, these are just a few of the things that get TNA 'heat' by fans and 'journalists' alike.

Anyone that has been paying attention, WWE had the build up to 2.21.11 and that for me was a letdown as I was hoping and somewhat expecting Sting would finally make that move, as old as he is into the WWE. In the weeks leading up to that date, there was plenty of speculation of who was coming in, people studying the promo videos, myself included' tried to make out who was in the video and then, a couple of weeks ago, the local advertising for the area where the 2.21.11 RAW took place clearly stated that The Undertaker would be returning. So when the day came, to no surprise, we got The Undertaker back aswell as one Triple H, maybe heading towards a Wrestle Mania match.

Now you're probably wondering why I am talking about WWE when it's supposed to be an article directed towards TNA, well...WWE didn't get Sting but TNA went out and did get Sting. They were building towards 3.3.11 and a 'big surprise' but the title say 'And They Wonder Why' they, pardon the pun are of course the aforementioned fans and journalists. TNA really need to get the fans in, they need to build up storylines to make the fans want to come to the TNA fold but what have they gone and done, they have already recorded the 3.3.11 show where Sting returned and faced off against TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy. This to me is a MASSIVE mistake, the internet is full of people that will spoil things, I have been guilty of that myself and I'll admit, I have said to people, if you don't want things in wrestling especially spoiled then stay off social network sites such as facebook and twitter but this article will be linked on both of those site so I have put spoilers in the title. Back to the point of TNA dropping the ball, yes, they should of made sure the show with Sting coming back should of been a live show. Below I have posted the preview of next weeks TNA IMPACT! video that aired at the end of 2.24.11's show, please watch and pay attention to the bit at the end - 3.3.11 - I try to defend them, but I just can't

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Thursday 24 February 2011

Mistico is Re-Branded For His New WWE Career

Mexican superstar Mistico (Ignacio Almanza) [Below] has finally been given his new name for his life in the WWE, he will now be known as Sin Cara [Left]. Mistico is a great talent, I have seen him work in the wacky world of CMLL doing the Lucha Libre style an more recently seen him perform for NJPW. I imagine much like former Mexican mainstay and Japanese legend El Ultimo Dragon, Sin Cara will not show his potential in the WWE. I hope I am wrong and he goes on to have a career like Rey Mysterio but I just don't know. One thing is known for sure, Sin Cara has real-life heat with one Alberto Del Rio (Dos Caras Jr.) so we will have to see how they work together if they are to do so.

I read somewhere today, do we think Sin Cara might cost Del Rio his World Title chance in his match against the champion at Wrestle Mania XXVII? It's possible of course but who knows what's ahead for Sin Cara, is it the career like Mysterio or the bright looking one Del Rio has or will it be like Yoshi Tatsu where he will be resigned to working on WWE Superstars or even worse, will he be shipped to FCW to learn the WWE 'way'?

All we can do is wait but I hope, Sin Cara has the chance to ply his trade as he has in Mexico & Japan over recent times.

ROH - Greatest Moments in Their History? have a poll up at the moment to vote for the best moment in their history, they give 5 choices and my God, there are some great choices. I think Kenta Kobashi vs. Samoa Joe might just take it for me, the streamers and the whole ring introduction were a sight to behold. Below is the link to vote along with the YT links to watch the 5 moments in the poll. Because Blogger never allows hyperlinks, you'll have to copy and paste the URL into your browser.

Harrison's Preview: ROH 9th Anniversary Show

"Happy Birthday Ring of Honor!"

Hello everyone Andre Harrison here and for this week's Weekly Analysis, I'm taking a look at Ring of Honor's 9th Anniversary Show this upcoming Saturday from New York City. Going to take a look at this rather stacked card and run down my thoughts and preview the big Internet Pay-Per-View. So, let's a take a look at Ring of Honor's 9th Anniversary!

Steve Corino vs Kyle O'Reilly vs Grizzly Redwood vs Mike Bennett (Four Corner Survival)

Not quite sure how I feel on this one. I'm a big fan of Kyle O'Reilly and how impressive he's been in ROH and other Indie firms in the last year, and Steve Corino's always entertaining and very experienced. As for Grizzly Redwood...No thanks, and many of my Weekly Wipe readers know that I'm not a major fan of Mike Bennett; who the company are trying really hard to push right now. For those who don't know, I just think he's got WWE written all over him. His matches tend to be very un-ROH like, in the sense that he plods around and is very methodical. As with Randall Keith Orton, it's fine, but not great entertainment.

Since this is a Four-Way, it'll be more hectic anyway, so maybe that'll help counter it, and Grizzly is pretty over when he wrestles, so I still think this could be pretty solid if done right and given a fair 8-12 minutes. Who wins? My money is on Mike Bennett, to continue his path to the Television Title and a feud with Daniels.

Michael Elgin vs El Generico (Special Challenge Match)

Ah, now this, I can dig. Michael Elgin, as you may, or may not though, is the latest member of Truth Martini's "House of Truth", and from what I've seen, he's impressive and I like him a lot; (Go buy their Fate of an Angel II DVD to see what I mean). Now, putting him in there with arguably, the best babyface in the business and a legit Main Event level talent like El Generico and you can't really go wrong now can you? This could be a very good undercard match if given time. Also, it'll be a real tester for Elgin, to see if he's the real deal, which I suspect he could be.

I think El Generico will win, to keep his momentum going after his Title Shot with Roderick Strong ended in defeat, but I'd have no complaints if Elgin got the win. Either way, I think he'll go over nicely with a solid performance; win, or lose. Looking forward to this one.

Sara Del Ray vs MsChif (Women of Honor)

Not so sure how I feel on this one either. On ability, again, it has promise to be a female MOTYC, but Ring of Honor have never really taken their women in the company seriously, with constant emphasis on Sara Del Ray, and Daizee Haze. They've faced each other a dozen times, and anyone else they bring in tends to get squashed...except MsChif, the former Shimmer Champion.

I really hope they put MsChif over and give her a win, but I have a feeling they'll over protect Del Ray with Hagadorn and/or The Kings of Wrestling and she'll win, just like with her mini-feud with Amazing Kong in 2010. Again, we'll see, but I can't see this going beyond 8 minutes, and I'm expecting Del Ray to win.

Davey Richards vs Colt Cabana (Special Attraction Match)

Slight mis-match this one isn't it? The uber serious American Wolf vs the Santino Marella of the Indies. As for Match Quality, I have NO IDEA how this will be. If they try to wrestle seriously for the most part, it'll be your standard Cabana formula match. Plenty of mat wrestling and occasional comedy. If it's done with Davey, it'll be hard-hitting, brutal and probably have a lack of selling. It's a coin toss, and I like that for a sense of unpredictability about it all. They're both great in their own way, so I'm not expecting this to be bad by any stretch.

Who wins? Easy, Davey Richards needs it. If you paid attention to Monday's go-home show, he talks about how he must earn another title shot, and become Champion, or else he'll never challenge for it again...Colt Cabana's the first stepping stone. Davey Richards to win on Saturday.

Christopher Daniels vs Eddie Edwards (Two out of Three Falls Match for the ROH Television Championship)

You know what's funny? I'm more excited for this match, than anything else on the card, for several reasons. They've hyped this up for a little while, and have had very good promo segments on the HDnet shows, especially from Christopher Daniels, who I think is the best mic worker in the company now. Then they had that amazing 20 minute classic on HDnet which I rated 4 Stars, in what will eventually be a TV Match of the Year contender 3 weeks ago. So yeah, with that in mind, a Two out of Three Falls match with a 30 Minute Time Limit should be mouth-watering to the fans.

This could easily go very close to that 30 minutes, and if it does, it could be a legit Match of the Year contender if their HDnet match is anything to go by. Daniels is the MVP of the company (Most Valuable Player, not an American Wrestler in Japan), and Eddie Edwards, I think is one of the most underrated wrestlers on the planet, with a World Title shot waiting in the wings. I think 2011 will be the year of Eddie Edwards, which is why I think he'll lose. Don't look at me like that, he'll get pushed up the card, and Daniels will be used well to put over guys over. It's the best situation all round. Christopher Daniels to retain. Match of the night?

The Briscoe Brothers vs Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin (Dream Match)

Dream Match? Oh god yes. These four performers are immense at their best, and if the previous match isn't the match of the night, then this probably will be it. The Briscoes are great for high intense action, and Haas and Benjamin are in their primes, producing wrestling at the highest standard, now they've been unshackled in Ring of Honor. The Kings had a superb match with Haas and Benjamin at Glory By Honor IX, so there's big potential here as well.

To be honest, I'm a little tired of The Briscoes act, as it does get stale after a little while, but this is a first time ever match up...So that always adds an element of surprise and on paper, this could be brilliant. Who wins? Have to say Haas and Benjamin here. I do believe they'll be the ones to dethrone The Kings of Wrestling in their massive Rubber Match down the line, so they'll get the win here. Haas and Benjamin vs The Kings at Supercard of Honor VI? Yes please!

The Kings of Wrestling vs The All Night Express (World Tag Team Championship)

Isn't ROH's Tag Team Division superb? Four amazing teams, and you can chop and change between them, and any pair could deliver a four star level match. Just like with these two. The Kings of Wrestling are the best Tag Team in all of Professional Wrestling right now, and The All Night Express have improved SO much in the last 12 Months that I'd rather see Kenny King and Rhett Titus as a duo, than as singles wrestlers now. They're ready, and Delirious has done a good job as booker in making me believe they have a chance.

Will they win? Sadly, I don't think so just yet. The Kings are such a massive asset, they can split and still be successful, but The All Night Express just aren't at that level yet, but they can certainly deliver a very good match, if given the chance, I just don't believe they'll beat The Kings...yet. The Kings to retain here.

Roderick Strong vs Homicide (No Holds Barred Match for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship)

Interesting match up this. The whole thing came about when Homicide made his return at the ewnd of Glory By Honor 9, interrupting Roderick Strong's World Title win. Apparently, Strong's been upset ever since. D'aww, poor baby. Anywho, I'm not THAT excited for this match. The reason for this being is that while Roderick is a superb fighting champion (see Strong/Richards from Final Battle 2010), Homicide has failed to impress me since his return. He hasn't had a great match, despite great opposition from Jay Briscoe, Claudio Castagnoli, Kevin Steen and others, and his mic work's been poor.

...Don't believe me? Why do you think it's a No Holds Barred match? It's been done so that Homicide's weaknesses in the ring are hidden. I'm not saying this won't be good, it could still be great, the stipulation definitely helps, but going by track records, I'm not sure. And Roderick Strong should retain here. Still can't believe the company would end his reign so soon.

Harrison's Final Analysis

If all guns are firing, this could be on the level of Final Battle from December, there's a lot of potential here and I'm excited for the show on Saturday. I'll be back on Sunday for the Instant Analysis, but I'd definitely say to order this show for just $15 at I've been Andre Harrison, follow me on twitter @Harrison_101, thanks very much for reading, and Sayonara!

Harrison Hype Rating: 9/10

Monday 21 February 2011

2.21.11 Much Ado About Nothing?

So RAW's big 2.21.11 angle or whatever it was supposed to be has been and gone. It wasn't Sting, it wasn't Skip Sheffield, like anyone thought it would be the latter....Anyway, to no real surprise, The Undertaker returned and the live crowd seemed happy enough, quite big for them really to be there. And the surprises didn't end there, out next was  'The Game' Triple H. The two WWE mainstays had a stare down in the ring with the Undertaker giving the cut throat action while looking right though Hunter and he responded by giving the crotch chop.

A few days ago I did a blog saying the two would probably face each other at Wrestle Mania in April with of course Undertaker's streak being on the line and maybe Triple H's career but I must admit, I hope it's not and it's just the streak up. I don't think it will to be honest, I mean the only way they did that last year with Michaels was because he had lost to Undertaker the year before and wanted to redeem himself so the gimmick was that Undertaker would face him if his career was on the line, it was and of course, Michaels is in retirement and goes into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before this years 'Mania.

Michaels has been rumoured to of been a possible special guest referee for the match if it takes place between Undertaker and Triple H. I personally would prefer this not to happen and if they do square off against each other, as mentioned above, just the streak on the line and with a normal WWE referee.

Also on RAW 2.21.11 Hacksaw Jim Duggan was announced as the latest name to be inducted into the 2011 Hall of Fame, he will be inducted by his former Mid-South foe 'Million Dollar Man' Ted Dibease.
The RAW GM announced via Michael Cole that WWE champion The Miz would have to join up with his WM opponent John Cena to face WWE Unified Tag Team champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel. Miz & Cena won the straps but then CORRE leader Wade Barrett announced that his team would invoking their rematch clause and yes, the dastardly WWE champion Miz turned on Cena and once again Slater & Gabriel were tag team champions.
Elsewhere on the show, Michael Cole called out Jerry Lawler, in short, Lawler ended up being pissed off with Cole and challenged him to a Wrestle Mania match, Cole went on to throw water over Lawler and then run off through the crowd. That will definitely up the buy rates for the PPV, Rock you won't be needed. Seriously, I imagine it'll be some form of handicap match probably involving Alex Riley.

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John Cena Raps Battles The Rock 2011 At Raw! **FULL!**

Cena 'gets his own back' on The Rock - Funny stuff

Legion of Doom in The HOF Before Demolition - Right or Not?

Seems there are some people not happy with The Legion of Doom going into the WWE Hall of Fame before Demolition. Well, I know it's a WWE HOF but as we all know, the company has been adding people into the HOF who have had none or very little time in the WWE or the W/WWF before it. The LOD's WWF career wasn't as notable as the time they spent in the NWA and other territories but let's be honest, was Demolition's WWF tenure that better than LOD's? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the Demolition in their early WWF careers but they waned towards the end when they had the late Brian Adams join them as Crush.

I am not saying Demolition shouldn't be in the HOF but I have no problem with the LOD going in before them. Let us not forget, Animal's brother John Laurinaitis has some stroke in the WWE so this could of played a part in this decision. 

For ages now, since the HOF and Wrestle Mania were announced to be coming from Atlanta, rumours were running wild, to quote a famous phrase, that the HOF 2011 would be WCW themed as Atlanta was WCW 'country'. Many names had been mentioned from WCW days such as Bill Goldberg but this it seems wouldn't be the case when only one year after retiring, Shawn Michaels was the first name announced for the class of 2011.

Back to the LOD, they really did make their name down in Atlanta and the surrounding area so I think they are a good choice for this years HOF. Shame Hawk who passed away some years won't be there to take the applause.

Also announced for the HOF this year is the 'crazy man from the Sudan' Abdullah The Butcher

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Sunday 20 February 2011

Why The Rock has heat with John Cena -- Dave Metlzer Explains

I was wondering what it was all about, and if you wanted to know, now you will

WLH PPV Prediction League - Prizes To Be Won

I should of started it at the start of the year but didn't, anyway, you all know how these work.....well if you don't, here goes. Every WWE & TNA PPV anyone who enters the prediction league has to predict the result for each match on the PPV, if you get the result right, it's 2 points for you in the league the first counting of points will be after the WWE Summer Slam show in August and then after the final PPV of the year. The winner of the league will have a choice of a DVD of their choice from a list to be determined. I must say, don't want to annoy any American readers but this is for UK readers only for a DVD, any American readers that take part will get a PAYPAL payment instead.

Obviously, you don't have to predict for every PPV but the more PPV's you do, the better chance you have of getting more points.

I know it's late but we'll start with tonight's WWE Elimination Chamber PPV, below are the matches announced:

1. RAW Elimination Chamber Match: John Cena, King Sheamus, John Morrison, R-Truth, Randy Orton And CM Punk
2. SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match: Rey Mysterio, Kane, Wade Barrett, Edge, Mystery Entrant And Drew McIntyre
3. WWE Champion The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler
4. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio
5. WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

Send all entries via email on the closing time of emails is 10pm GMT on the night of the PPV

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This week in TNA With Olly Peters

Airing 10/2/11 in the US and 15/2/11 in the UK

Well well Immortal kicked off IMPACT and as they walked down to the ring I had to laugh as I thought I saw a smurf! But no, it was Jeff Hardy. The only thing I can say about this long in-ring promo is how much I laughed when Eric Bishoff was going on about his track record of building companies and Stars! Could someone remind us what happened to WCW?? And look at the vast talent he and Hulk Hogan have brought to the company, the Nasty Boys, Sean Waltman and Scott Hall… didn't they do well! Not to forget Sean Morley!

Eric then goes on to say how much respect he has for Jeff Jarrett as the founder of TNA. Strange, as I remember when Eric first came into TNA about a year ago he said Jarrett's stake in the company that he built meant nothing, cue weeks of quality storylines involving Eric and Jeff and oh how we laughed. Yes, I am being sarcastic!
Just as I was nodding off, Fortune make their entrance. If anybody reading this can get hold of James Storm's Hat (the one with the green skull and spikes) I would be eternally grateful! I smegging love that hat!!!! It’s nice to see AJ as a face again, and I don't think i've heard the crowds this loud in quite some time as they chant AJ's name. Over the past two weeks of Impact a lot of home truths seem to have surfaced in the promos, with AJ last week and Robert Roodes this week, pointing out that they helped make the company and could have jumped ship for the money but they stayed loyal to TNA. He also states the company includes washed up has-beens, which unsurprisingly results in a brawl during which Kurt, Crimson and Steiner run to the ring. Well I say run, but Steiner couldn't run and was puffed out as Immortal leave the ring.

We then go back stage to a screaming match between Velvet Sky and Winter, with Angelina as mediator, which I couldn't really understand as it was all mostly screaming, so I’ll move on!

Next is a match, no wait it’s Eric Bishoff again, this time in his office with Super Mex Hernandez… yawn! So after getting kicked in the head and having a trip to Mexico he's gone heel. Great, I've been on the edge of my seat in anticipation of his return!! Man I wish there was an emoticon for sarcasm. After about 20 minutes we finally get a match. It’s a six man table tag with Bully Ray, The Pope and Matt Hardy teaming up against RVD, Samoa Joe and Devon. Before the match gets started Pope and Joe run off backstage and are seen no more, as Ray and Devon battle on the outside. With RVD (Mr spot monkey) and Matt in the ring RVD does all the same moves and then they disappear to let Ray and Devon in the ring. They have a couple of minutes until Ray goes outside for a table and sets it up outside of the ring, now here you feel that something is going to happen otherwise he would have set it up inside the ring. Ray then turns to Devon's two kids who are sat, conveniently, at ringside and mouths off at them, before turning around and climbing onto the ring apron. Devon's kids jump the barrier and grab Ray's legs, Devon pushes Ray through the table and the match is over.

Now after all that ‘excitement’ it moves on to Jeff and Karen Jarrett in the ring, yarda yarda, a long story later they invite Kurt Angle out and Jeff tells of the stipulations for their upcoming match at Against All Odds. If Jeff wins Kurt has to walk Karen down the aisle at their ceremony to renew their wedding vows on 3rd March 3! Well, there’s something to look forward to! If Kurt wins he gets sole custody of the kids! Seriously, who writes these story lines?!

Next is the knockouts eight woman tag match, oh the joy! We have Serita, debuting Rosita, Madison and Tara (who looks like something from the Blue Oyster Bar in Police Academy!), verses Mickie, who has lost her pockets! She must have read what I wrote last week. She is teaming with the beautiful people, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love, also with Winter. Sorry, I really wasn't concentrating on this match but I think Rosita moonsaulted Velvet for the win. I was distracted by my girlfriend cleaning out her three mice which was more entertaining. Then we had another screaming match this time between Mickie and Madison leading up to their match at Against All Odds.

Next we had a back stage promo from under a ladder with Smurf Hardy, I couldn't tell you what he said as I wasn’t really paying any attention. We then move on to Kurt walking into AJ and Roode’s dressing room and after wishing them good luck in their match Kurt asks if they would rough up Jeff for him which leads to Roode giving up his place in the tag match to Kurt. What a guy!

The next match is the TNA World Heavy Weight Title match, not at the end as the main event but in the middle of the card! MRRRRRR Anderson Anderson verses Matt Morgan. I missed Jeff coming to the ring as I went to get me a coffee to wake myself up, but I returned to see Jeff 'smurf' Hardy sat on top of a ladder watching the match. I thought this was quite a good addition to this match as we have seen these two wrestle a few times in the past few months so was a different twist to the match. The match wasn't that bad but what was bad was the ref bump! And while the ref is down we get Super Mex in a run in on Morgan, rolls him in the ring and Anderson gets the pin. Well at least we got a finish to the match! I laughed as Anderson won and Jeff was sat on the ladder doing a half hearted clap.

We then go backstage to a promo with Bully Ray under a towel offering out Devon and his kids at Against All Odds! Another one to look forward to!
The next match is a three way match between Jedi Master Brian Kendrick, Robbie E and a returning Christo… I mean Suicide, with the winner to face Gen Me at Against All Odds. This match wasn't bad but could have done without Robbie E, I really don't care about this character or his Cookie, who distracts the ref and Robbie wins.
Backstage again and we get Ink Ink bragging about their win over Gunner and Murphy, really! Really! If anyone cares please send me your thoughts!!
Backstage and Devon accepts the challenge from Bully Ray but in a longer drawn out way.

Then finally we get the main event, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle verses Jeff Jarrett and Jeff 'smurf' Hardy. Now I did enjoy this match, and I really liked the heel antics of Jarrett. Not wanting to tag in when Kurt was in the ring and stepping away when Hardy wanted to tag. Like an old school type tag match. AJ gets the Styles Clash on Jarrett and wins cleanly which I really liked, but then comes a beat down with Steiner eventually getting to the ring with RVD and Anderson and the rest of Fortune join the brawl to end out the show.

Ok so this week I give it a 3 out of 5. We still only got five matches and three of them were ok. I enjoyed the Robert Roode promo and the main event but there was too much Knockouts screaming. Disappointingly there was no Eric Young, I would have liked him to come out still saying that he knows who "they" are to Tazz and Tenay not realizing that actually everyone knows.

Well till next time!

Friday 18 February 2011

Indy Corner with Peter Blackham

Welcome to Indy Corner and todays show under the spotlight is Pro Wrestling Superstars Freshman Phenom. The show which was held in Jacksonville, NC before a turn away crowd had a mix of locals and former tv guys.

Match 1. Caleb Konley vs. Lee Valiant. An OK match both guys tried but was the type of genric indy match you see from most indys. Crowd were into it which added to match the end came with a outsiders edge by konley on valiant which he held on
to and turned into a walls of Jericho type move.

Winner Caleb Konley **

Match 2. Kevin Michaels vs. Donnie Steamboat. I thought this match started slow and Michaels has a terrible look. Steamboat seemed a OK worker and with another guy could have a good match but this was not one. Worst match of the show and not one I
would revisit. The end came when Michaels missed a moonsault and Steamboat got a cradle for the win

Winner Donnie Steamboat *

Match 3. “Man Scout” Jake Manning & Joey Silvia vs. “The Danger Bees” El Generico & Paul London and this was my fav match onthe card could be due to the fact im a huge Paul London mark but if you're after great wrestling with comedy spots this will
be up your street. It was a quick match with manning and silva taking control early in the match but Generico and London gettingthe comeback and hitting brainbuster shootin star combo for pin

Winners The Danger Bees ***

Match 4. Tommy Dreamer vs. Necro Butcher in a hardcore match when you read that match you pretty much know what to expect and that's what you get before the match cookie of TNA fame came out and cut a promo but I could not hear a word she said because of crowd heat and bad mic but the main thing I think is she is with Necro. They went all over the gym using what they could find as weapons including bins, a toy spinner belt and tables. The end came when Tommy caught Necro on top rope and slammed him off the top onto a chair he then hit a ddt for the win

Winner Tommy Dreamer **

Match 5. Cedric Alexander vs. Xsiris these were two local guys who put a good match on. Crowd were into it as they were with most things on this show. Xsiris seemed the better of both workers and got the win with a strange looking reverse DDT

winner Xsiris **

Match 6. Shelton Benjamin vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels in their first ever match! Now I know what your thinking these two must have had a good match and no suprise they did. The show was built round this match and I was shocked that I'd didnt go on last. Both guys milked the cheers for a few min at the start with them both getting the same level of pop.Daniels played the heel in the match it was a well paced match and would not look out of place as a upper mid card match on a TNA PPV. Both guys hit most of there arsenal and the end came when Shelton hit the paydirt for the win

Winner Shelton Benjamin ***

Main Event Mickie James vs. Amber O’Neal. Really not sure why they put this last it was referee'd by Cookie who seemed to be sided with Amber. Poor IMPACT women level match, more to do with Amber than Mickie. The end came when Mickie hit a chick kick on Amber and Cookie counted the pin not knowing who she was counting out. After the match Mickie gave Cookie a chick kick to end the show

winner Mickie James *

Overall thoughts

An OK indy which can be bought from Still can't understand why they put women on last, it kind of spoiled the show that being the last thing you see. The next indy corner will focus on CHIKARA's 10th Season Opening show Cahos in the Sea of Lost Souls

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It's Still Real To Me Damnit!!

It's the title of a great wrestling podcast, well, Still Real To Us but anyway, and we probably have all seen the infamous video when the crying fan screams those infamous words...."it's still real to me damnit" and now I have seen this YouTube clip featuring this very same guy and although it takes the piss out of wrestling I found it hilarious, take a look yourself guys.

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Thursday 17 February 2011

The Rock And John Cena, Where is it Heading?

Yes, The Rock is back in the WWE and one thing that came from his come back promo was his heat towards John Cena. Rock announced how Cena had been speaking trash about him over the years and then went onto mock him and the parody of Cena's "You Can't See Me" catchphrase was absolutely hilarious but, where is this actually going?

John Cena, as we all know is THE most popular wrestler in the WWE, mainly with the kids, he sells huge amounts of merchandise and he really is the poster boy of the company. A lot of time has been put into Cena and to give Cena some credit, he has given a lot to the WWE too. I am writing this because I am enthralled at what could be happening with this angle, if it develops at all.

We now know The Rock is going to be the guest host of WrestleMania XXVII but it's niggling at me, why did The Rock do what he did towards Cena? I said earlier above how popular Cena is but for a number of years, Cena has had his own band of haters. Never in his WWE tenure has Cena ever played the role of a heel, could this be just that, the lead up to a heel turn for the 'Doctor of Thugamomics'?

Yes, Cena has never gone down the heel route, is that because the WWE have never thought they have had suitable replacement to be the aforementioned poster boy? I think this  is the reason personally.

The Rock got a huge pop when he came out on RAW and one thing about him, he can so easily play the heel as easily as he can play a babyface. Could, is it possible, it'll be The Rock who plays the heel in this angle if it does go anywhere? I wouldn't of thought so but it's the WWE so you never know. 

Apparently, The Rock tore his ACL while filming a movie and was quoted saying his wrestling career was over. But like some others, I think he has maybe one more match in him, be that with Cena or not.

WrestleMania is on the horizon, Rock's return was great and hopefully there's more surprises to come starting with this Monday and 2.21.11 yes, there is a PPV on Sunday but for now the hype for me anyway is about RAW on Monday.

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The Undertaker vs. Triple H @ WM XXVII?

There are more WrestleMania rumours going around. Taking Sting out of the picture if he doen't debut in the WWE, The Undertaker's now rumoured oppenent will be Triple H (Left a picture of the two against each other at Wrestle Mania X7) and not only an epic match but, like last year, The Undertaker's streak against the career of his oppenent. If this wasn't big enough already, also rumoured is that Shawn Michaels who goes into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before will be the special guest referee. Of course we all know, 'Taker ended Michaels' career at last year's WM in an epic battle and let us not forget, Triple H and Michaels were part of DX together and are close friends.

I am sure there will be many more rumours floating around before the WM PPV comes around so it's just a case of keeping an eye out.

Tuesday 15 February 2011

This Week's 2.21.11 Video From WWE RAW - Amazing

More on 2.21.11 now, loads of speculation on who is returning or debuting in the WWE that night. Again, a lot of people think it's The Undertaker, some think, well hope more that it's Sting, myself being one of them but this video posted below actually shows Undertaker in the video but the guy who posted it on YouTube also did a bit of work on it and is quite sure he saw someone else in the window and he thinks it's Sting. Take a look and judge for yourself.

Stuart Rodgers

Oh Yeah, TNA Have A New World Champion

With all the hype of the build-up to the announcement of the Wrestle Mania XXVII guest host and then of course the actual return to the WWE of The Rock, I haven't blogged about TNA's Against All Odds PPV from this past Sunday in which Jeff Hardy once again won the TNA world title from Mr. Anderson. I haven't had chance to watch the show as of yet so I can't give an honest opinion but the story behind the title change is intriguing. Word is, they only took the strap off Hardy in the first place because they feared he may go to prison relating to his various charges, now I don't know if this is true or not but that's by the way now. The decision has been made to put the strap back on him apparently because he will not face any jail time now. I saw one quote either on facebook or twitter "TNA must be on something" in relation to putting the belt back on him so soon.

I don't know if the belt should of stayed on Anderson but I can see why they have put it back on Hardy, a heel Jeff Hardy, I think they will have AJ chase the belt now he is a babyface and eventually win it. TNA's programming has been OK recently, well I enjoyed the show that had 'They' revealed to be Fortune. The ratings, something I usually don't really comment or care about have steadily been increasing and so while the WWE bulid towards 2.21.11 TNA are building towards 3.3.11 and the return of Hulk Hogan and maybe some other surprises.

Stuart Rodgers

Monday 14 February 2011

Could IT Be Returning?

With Stone Cold Steve Austin returning to the WWE to host Tough Enough and of course this past RAW The Rock returning to the fold where he cut an amazing promo including the cursing which is his trademark as much as his many catchphrases are the WWE dumping the PG route and going back to the Attitude era which began in the late 90's? For me, someone who lost real interest in the WWE's product many years ago this would be great. It'll be interesting if they bring anyone else in from that time.

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Take a look around you. Check out the wrestling websites. Read all of the negative-tinged news, and then check out the scores of trolling comments and arguments posted below.

Read about who failed a drug test this week. Hear all about WWE’s dropping stock and TNA’s lagging ratings. Here’s some stories about actors you’ve forgotten about hosting Raw. Here’s TNA’s Impact spoilers, and man do they look crappy.
Now….forget all of that.

The Valentine’s Day edition of Monday Night Raw concluded with The Rock appearing in a WWE ring for the first time since 2004, and “The Great One” announced that he will be the host of Wrestlemania 27 in April.
Twitter briefly exploded in a fireball of adulation. Facebook did the same. The wrestling news sites are a little slower to load as I write this, thanks to the heavy volume of eager fans overrunning them.

It had been speculated all through the day that The Rock might be the guest host for Wrestlemania, thanks to him dropping hints on his new Twitter account. Of course, the pessimists (like me) felt that it might be a swerve.
When WWE gave the fans a fake swerve just before the 11 PM hour by having an anonymous woman step out of the limo that had arrived, many fans started to think that it was Stephanie McMahon, soon to be revealed as host.

When Raw returned from the final commercial break and the lights began to go out in the arena, fans were bracing to be disappointed. Stephanie? Justin Beiber? Bob Barker? It can’t POSSIBLY be The Rock, because that would be a GOOD thing!
Thanks to WWE and TNA giving us plenty of bitter pills to swallow over the last several years, many fans have stopped thinking that good things are possible.

Until tonight.
At the mere sound of “IF YA”, the first two words in the signature kick of The Rock’s theme music, Anaheim exploded. Wrestling fans in front of their televisions let out a gleeful scream.

And here’s the amazing thing: with the exception of a few likely holdouts that prefer to never have fun, every wrestling fan of every personality type (mark, smark, casual, hardened, cynic, hardcore, kid, adult) was tuned into the moment.
This comes as no surprise: Dwayne Johnson is a wordsmith with the ability to control thousands of people with a phrase, glare, gesture, anything. Dwayne Johnson could solve the NFL labor crisis in 10 minutes by charming every crotchety owner in the room with his charisma.

Quick aside to WWE: while not every wrestler is going to match The Rock on the microphone, scripting promos isn’t going to help them get any better at feeding off the crowd. The writers could have a year to set up an elaborate segment to try and reach the fans as Rock did tonight, and they wouldn’t come within a thousand miles of it.
Back to the story at hand: as I continue writing this, the sea of chatter online is enough to drown a continent. I’m part of that ocean, and I can be as cynical, as “seen it before”, as anyone could possibly be. And yet here I am, prattling on about the return to wrestling of a 38 year old movie star that hasn’t worked a match since Karl Malone was still in the NBA.

Wrestling fans live for the moment, and tonight we got one.
All of the negativity, the malaise that seeps through the wrestling websites like carbon monoxide, gagging us to our lungs, comes from the dissatisfaction of not getting the moments. Instead, we get pay per views that cost us $45 and don’t resolve issues, but instead build to the next $45 event. We get wrestlers that we become enamored with, but Vince McMahon and creative let them spin their wheels because they don’t like their look, or they’re too preoccupied with a guest host.

We get debuts that mean nothing in TNA, because the company never learned to properly build something and then pay it off. That doesn’t even cover TNA’s inconsistent booking, crappy finishes, and meaningless homegrown talents.
As I said, WWE hasn’t always done much better. Signing a toy deal that effectively made WWE into a kids show pissed off a ton of fans, as did the ham-fisted attempts to help Linda McMahon try and become a US Senator.

None of the things I’ve listed would make any rational wrestling fan feel good about tuning in next time. If you don’t create the moment, the less we care.
WWE knows, of course, that The Rock can create a moment out of anything, like some rope-muscled MacGyver. It was in their best interests to have a star of The Rock’s caliber being a big part of their biggest annual event.

But I don’t think even they anticipated the adulating floodgates opening tonight the way they have.
When Rock called out John Cena and pointed out the less-flattering aspects of Cena’s persona, there weren’t many dissenting voices in the crowd, now were there? Cena had even less defenders across comment threads internet-wide. Instead, the collective reaction was “Yeah, you tell em, Rock!”

The Rock just took WWE’s poster child and defecated all over his core elements.
Sure, he did it in character, but the fact remains that for as polarizing as Cena is, Rock spoke in the voice of many frustrated fans who take their unwanted rage out on the man WWE touts as their icon, and he put Cena in his prospective place.

And it created a moment.
And this moment will, hopefully, set WWE on a lucrative road for Wrestlemania, not just for them, but for us as well. Hopefully, this road will be devoid of negative thoughts, pessimistic thinking, and “I’m already dead, do your worst” apathy.

Instead, let’s hope there’s seven weeks ahead of excitement, wonderment, and anticipation for Wrestlemania 27 and its grandeur.
WWE has already given us The Rock, and Rock gave us a moment.

More moments, please.
(Justin Henry is a freelance writer whose interests are rooted in NFL, MLB, NBA, wrestling, MMA, and entertainment. He can be found on Twitter at and on Facebook at so check him out)