Monday 21 February 2011

Legion of Doom in The HOF Before Demolition - Right or Not?

Seems there are some people not happy with The Legion of Doom going into the WWE Hall of Fame before Demolition. Well, I know it's a WWE HOF but as we all know, the company has been adding people into the HOF who have had none or very little time in the WWE or the W/WWF before it. The LOD's WWF career wasn't as notable as the time they spent in the NWA and other territories but let's be honest, was Demolition's WWF tenure that better than LOD's? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the Demolition in their early WWF careers but they waned towards the end when they had the late Brian Adams join them as Crush.

I am not saying Demolition shouldn't be in the HOF but I have no problem with the LOD going in before them. Let us not forget, Animal's brother John Laurinaitis has some stroke in the WWE so this could of played a part in this decision. 

For ages now, since the HOF and Wrestle Mania were announced to be coming from Atlanta, rumours were running wild, to quote a famous phrase, that the HOF 2011 would be WCW themed as Atlanta was WCW 'country'. Many names had been mentioned from WCW days such as Bill Goldberg but this it seems wouldn't be the case when only one year after retiring, Shawn Michaels was the first name announced for the class of 2011.

Back to the LOD, they really did make their name down in Atlanta and the surrounding area so I think they are a good choice for this years HOF. Shame Hawk who passed away some years won't be there to take the applause.

Also announced for the HOF this year is the 'crazy man from the Sudan' Abdullah The Butcher

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  1. big abdullah fan so happy hes going in hope mick foley inducts him they had a gud run in wcw