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Harrison Reviews: ROH 9th Anniversary Show

"On Ring of Honor's 9th Anniversary, Haas and Benjamin head for the titles, The Kings retain, as does Roderick, and Daniels and Edwards steal the show again..."

Andre Harrison is back at it with yet another review, this time, it's Ring of Honor's 9th Anniversary Internet Pay-Per-View from Chicago, Illinois. On this rather stacked celebration show, Christopher Daniels defended his TV Championship against Eddie Edwards in a Two out of Three Falls match, The Briscoes faced off against Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin in a #1 Contenders Match, The Kings of Wrestling defended their World Tag Team Championships against The All Night Express, and Roderick Strong defended his Ring of Honor World Championship against the undefeated Homicide. Let's review the ROH 9th Anniversary Show, on The Harrison Analysis!

This show was shown live on PPV, on February 26th 2010, from Chicago Ridge, Illinois. On commentary, Dave Prazak and Kevin Kelly.

The show kicked off with a nice video package hyping the four bigger matches...

Davey Richards vs Colt Cabana

Cabana worked and arm twist to start. They ran reversals and Davey missed a kick. Colt and Davey follow each other in and out of the ring and Davey hit a suicide dive on Colt. Davey worked the arm with arm bars and arm drags. He hit two kicks on the arm and hooked a wrist lock. Cabana kicked him away, but Davey hit a dropkick to the face and went back to the arm bar. Colt made his feet, but Davey hit a back suplex on a hammer lock and went to the top. He jumped off, but Colt got the feet up and kicked Davey in the face.

Colt's usual mat work kicked in, but Davey hit a kick. Davey hit the ropes and Cabana hit the elbow. Colt hits some double chops and then a springboard moonsault for two. Cabana went to the top, but Richards ran up and hit a kick. Colt grabbed Davey in a fireman's carry and then dropped him on the top turnbuckle. He followed with a moonsault from the top for two.

Cabana goes for Colt 45, but Davey escaped the lift and drove Colt to the ring post. He followed with a missile dropkick and a diving headbut from the top for two. Davey locked in the cross arm breaker and Cabana reversed into the Billy Goat's Curse. Davey reversed into a roll up for two. Davey hit a forearm in the corner, and then strung together a knee to the face, swinging DDT, and Falcon Arrow into the cross armbreaker, forcing Cabana to tap.

Winner: Davey Richards (12:10)

Harrison's Analysis: Perfect choice of opener, Cabana be the first one out as he's the home favourite, and it showed as they were hot throughout the match. Cabana doesn't get anywhere near enough credit for his working ability, and Davey Richards ALWAYS delivers. Very good opening match and a good sign for things to come.

Harrison Match Rating: ★★★ ¼ / ★★★★★

A "Top 5 Greatest Moments" video was CM Punk's farewell from ROH which occurred in the building they are in tonight. (Great idea to air these, makes it feel like a special occasion.)Grizzly Redwood and Kyle O'Reilly get the WWE-style Jobber Entrance for the next match...

Mike Bennett (w/Bob Evans) vs Kyle O'Reilly vs Grizzly Redwood vs Steve Corino (Four Corner Survival)

Bennett and Corino starts. Bennett immediately tagged Redwood in much to Corino's aggravation. Grizzly tried to take Corino down several times until hitting a flying shoulder block. O'Reilly tagged himself in, replacing Grizzly. O'Reilly kicked Corino and Corino slapped him. O'Reilly hit the ropes and Corino hit a scoop slam. Bennett tags Corino and hit a dropkick on O'Reilly. O'Reilly tossed Bennett to the floor and hit a dive on him. Grizzly hits a crossbody on O'Reilly. Corino teased a dive, but Bennett slid in the ring and hit a clothesline.

Brutal Bob pulled Corino to the floor, but Corino blocked the punch and was going to hit him, but Bennett made the save and rolled Corino in the ring. Corino rolled away on an elbow drop and both men tagged out. O'Reilly and Grizzly flew around the ring. O'Reilly hit three butterfly suplexes for two and went to the top. Bennett knocked him down and tagged in at the same time. Grizzly ducked the clothesline and tagged in Corino. All four men hit big moves and everybody were down.

They made their feet and O'Reilly hit forearms and superkicks on everybody. He hit a double missile dropkick on Grizzly and Corino. All four men battled and Grizzly hooked an abdominal stretch on O'Reilly. Corino hooked another on Grizzly and put his thumb up his ass. Bennett pulled him off and took out everyone, hitting something like a Side Effect on Corino for the win.

Winner: Mike Bennett (10:45)

Harrison's Analysis: I don't like these Four Corner Survival matches very much, it just seemed very chaotic and there was no real direction. The action was solid, but I'm still not sold on Bennett and Redwood. Redwood has his limited uses, but Bennett's the one the company is pushing, yet I have very little reason to get behind him, heel or face. Meh match really.

Harrison Match Rating: ★★ / ★★★★★

The Number 4 moment was shown, the very first ROH Main Event between Bryan Danielson, Christopher Daniels and Low Ki. It was okay...(Sarcasm)...

El Generico vs Michael Elgin (w/Truth Martini)

They shook hands but Elgin tanked Generico into a clothesline. Generico came right back and they traded blows. Generico kicked him to the floor and tried to hit the ropes, but Martini grabbed the leg allowing Elgin to take control. Elgin hit two backbreakers and then a senton for two. He tossed Generico to the floor and followed. Generico kicked him and backed up to run. Martini grabbed him again and Elgin ran up. Generico tried for his run on the rail into a DDT, but Elgin reversed and hit a powerslam into the railings. Generico barely beat the 20 count.

Elgin worked G+P Generico. He charged at Generico and Generico pulled the ropes down. He hit a front flip senton on the floor and rolled Elgin back in the ring.Flying cross body for two, and then the tornado DDT for two. Elgin hit a wristlock slam and then threw Generico into the turnbuckle back first, and then a swinging slam for two.

Elgin worked the back of the neck with blows and then hit a clothesline for two. Generico ducked a clothesline and fought to hit a half-nelson suplex for two. Generico went for the Brainbuster, but Elgin knocked the ref down and drove Generico to the corner. He held Generico and Martini went to the top. He jumped off and Generico ducked. Elgin caught him on his shoulders and then grabbed Generico and hit a powerbomb while holding Martini. The ref took his time recovering so Elgin checked on him. He turned around into a small package for a Generico win.

Winner: El Generico (10:27)

Harrison's Analysis: A solid outing for Elgin, with his bully heel tactics being a fair meh for Generico's comeback babyface antics. Elgin has some potential and will make a good enforcer for The House of Truth I'd say. Nothing special by any means, but decent for an undercard match.

Harrison Match Rating: ★★ ½ / ★★★★★

Post-match, Elgin held Generico for Truth again. Generico escaped and attacked Elgin. Roderick String made the save, allowing Elgin to hit his powerbomb again.

Elgin and Generico left the ring and Strong cut a promo on beating Homicide at his own match. Homicide ran out and chased Strong from the ring. He said he didn't want to wait until later, he wanted to go right then. Strong said no, but Homicide hit a suicide dive on him. Todd Sinclair ran out and called for the bell...

Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini and Michael Elgin) vs Homicide (No Holds Barred Match for the World Heavyweight Championship)

Already? Wow. They immediately spilled into the crowd and Strong choked Homicide with a coat. They spilled back into the entry way and teased going to the back before finally coming to the ring. Homicide hit Strong with a plastic chair and then bit his ear. He slammed Strong on the plastic chair and they went back to the floor. They battled all over the ringside area and Homicide tossed a real chair in the ring. Strong hit an Angle slam type move onto the apron and worked the back. He rolled Homicide back in the ring and put a real chair in three of the four corners. He teased doing the forth, but didn’t and the fans booed. (Why?)

Strong hit the Three Amigos for two and then set a chair in the final corner. Homicide fought back and then drove Strong head first into each of the chairs. Homicide hit an exploder suplex for two. He stood Strong, who pushed him away and hit a big knee for two before setting up a table in the corner. Strong tried for a Gibson driver on the table, but Homicide ended up reversing into a swinging DDT on the table for two. He set Strong on the top and climbed up. Martini pulled him down to save Strong. Homicide tried for a Cop Killa on Truth, but Elgin ran in. Homicide dropped Truth and tossed Elgin from the ring.

He hit the ace crusher from the top rope and clothesline, but Truth broke it up. He hit a low blow on Homicide, but Homicide came right back with an ace crusher. He turned around into a sick kick and then hits a suplex backbreaker for the win.

Winner and still ROH World Heavyweight Champion: Roderick Strong (14:45)

Harrison's Analysis: Woah...That may be the worst World Championship Match ROH has had in a good two years or more years. Don't get me wrong, by itself, it was fine, but this was a Main Event level match, 14 minutes with an unmotivated Homicide just doesn't cut it. Now I see why it was fourth on the card. Homicide just doesn't belong in the Main Event scene, he brings nothing new to the table. Let's move along now...(I told you so...)

Harrison Match Rating: ★★★ ¼ / ★★★★★

Post-match, Homicide trashed the table and Kevin Kelly announced that the World's Greatest Tag Team vs. The Briscoes would now be the main event...(Works for me.)

Intermission time. Jim Cornette was with Kevin Kelly in the ring and he announced the next ROH iPPVs. on April 1 and 2. He announced the winner of the tag title match would face the winner of the WGTT vs. Briscoes match for the tag titles and the ROH Champion defending vs. Christopher Daniels would both occur on April 1. (Woah, that's big. It's Wrestlemania Weekend, no surprises there.)

Sara Del Ray (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs MsChif

MsChif goes to work with kicks to Del Rey's back and goes for a cover for a two count. Del Rey rolls up MsChif for a pin, but MsChif bridges to avoid a fall. MsChif hits a standing moonsault for a two count, but Del Rey hits the ropes and levels MsChif with a running big boot. Del Rey stomps on MsChif, drags her back to her feet, and locks in a Gory Special. MsChif floats over and counters into a Northern Lights Suplex for two and then drives Del Rey's head into the canvas for another two count. Del Rey whips MsChif to the corner and lands a capo kick. Del Rey hits the wrist-clutch slam that she calls the Del Razor for three.

Winner: Sara Del Ray (3:58)

Harrison's Analysis: Come on Ring of Honor, take your women seriously, PLEASE. Less than four minutes?! Really?! It was fine and well paced for four minutes, but that's just inexcusable. Diva Matches in the WWE get more time.

Harrison Match Rating: ★ ¼ / ★★★★★

The Kings of Wrestling (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs The All Night Express (World Tag Team Championship Match)

Titus and Hero started. They tried a shoulder block challenge at first, but Hero hit a chop into a takedown. They ran the ropes and Titus hit a kick. Both men tagged out, Claudio and King locked up and Claudio slapped King on the break. King attacked and Claudio hit a knee lift and the crowd cheered, "Hey" with every Claudio strike. King reversed an armbar into a hip toss and Hero tagged in. All four men were in the ring and the ANX worked several tag team moves on the KOW.

They rolled to the floor and King hiptossed Titus over the top onto them. He went for a dive, but the KOW broke it up and King stopped and hit a plancha on just hero. Titus and both Kings wrestled on the apron. Titus dropped Hero to the floor, but Claudio botched a popup European uppercut to take Titus out. Hero rolled Titus in and Claudio covered for a near fall. Hero tagged in and Claudio whipped Titus into a kick. Hero hit a hammerlock backbreaker for two and tagged Claudio in. The crowd continued to cheer for him and he screamed at them and jumped up and down in frustration.

The Kings worked in and out with power moves and strikes on Titus. Hero knocked King to the floor and Titus tried to attack. Hero shoved him down and hit a boot from the top and a rolling elbow for two. Claudio tried for a superplex, but Titus reversed into Snake Eyes and both men made hot tags. King worked his house of fire offense and reversed Hero's rolling kick into a very cool suplex with bridge for two. Hero hit the rolling kick and tagged in Claudio. He hit a European uppercut and running knee for two. Claudio continued to work huge strikes on King and went to the top.

King ran up and caught him. King hit a back flip and then a enziguri on the top. Titus ran in and hit a Super Sex Factor and King covered for two as Titus took out Hero. King hit the Royal Flush and covered, but Hero broke it up. Titus took out Hero again and hit a brainbuster on Claudio. Kenny King broke out a shooting star press and Hero broke the count again. Hagadorn tossed the loaded elbow pad in the ring. King intercepted it and tried to hit Hero. Hero ducked and Titus pulled him from the ring. Claudio ran up and tried for the UFO on King, but Claudio was too stunned. King escaped and picked up Claudio. Hero slid back in the ring with the elbow pad and hit the rolling elbow on King, who fell with Claudio on top. The ref counted for the pinfall victory.

Winners and still World Tag Team Champions: The Kings of Wrestling (15:55)

Harrison's Analysis: A very good Tag Team Match between the best two indie wrestlers on the planet, and the two fastest improving guys on the roster. The All Night Express will be Tag Team Champions one day, they had their best match to date with The Kings, and it went really quickly for 16 minutes. Really enjoyable and a sign of things to come in the future. Kenny King and Rhett Titus...ones to watch.

Harrison Match Rating: ★★★ ¾ / ★★★★★

Christopher Daniels vs Eddie Edwards (Two out of Three Falls Match for the World Television Championship, 30 Minute Time Limit)

Daniels and Edwards faced off to start and then locked up hard to get going. The fans traded name chants as Daniels and Edwards showed off their mat wrestling abilities with several series of reversals into arm bars and head locks. Edwards ducked a clothesline and hit a knee lift into a kick to the back for two. He worked the back with a rest hold. Daniels escaped, but Edwards hit a running knee for two and worked chops on Daniels in the corner. He stomped Daniels down and hit several kicks to the face and then pulled him out for a near fall.

Daniels hit a saito suplex and both men recovered. Daniels made his feet and drove Edwards face first into the corner. Daniels hit two sick chops to the back and followed with a side DDT for two. Daniels locked in a figure four headlock, but Edwards rolled back in a pin attempt so he broke it. He chopped Edwards so hard, Edwards fell to the floor. Daniels went to the floor and drove Edwards into the railing. He rolled him back in the ring and stomped the back of the neck. Daniels followed with a suplex for two before locking in a rest hold on the neck. Edwards tried to escape, but Daniels set him on the top buckle. Edwards fought back and dropped Daniels on to rope and then hit a hurricanranna.

Edwards hit a leg sweep on Daniels and then a kick on the apron. He followed with double stomp and my feed froze. I got it back and Edwards hit a dive from the top rope onto Daniels in the crowd. It froze again, and Edwards hit a drop kick and tied Daniels to the tree of woe. He backed up on the floor and then hit a baseball slide into the ring on Daniels head. Daniels basically no sold it and went right to work on Edwards. He hit a stomp to the chest and then a Burning Hammer type move for two at 19:29. Daniels charged at Edwards who hip tossed him into the turnbuckle and both men recovered. Edwards hit a splash in the corner and followed with the Chin Checker for a near fall.

They traded chops in the middle of the ring and Edwards hooked a take down into an Achilles lock. Daniels reversed into the Koji Clutch. Edwards reversed again, but Daniels re-reversed into an Achilles lock. Edwards reversed into the Koji Clutch. Daniels escaped and scored a roll up for the first pinfall. Christopher Daniels earned the first fall at 22:55. Daniels hit Blue Thunder on the apron and Edwards sold till a 19 count as the five minute mark was announced. Daniels immediately hit an awkward piledriver for a near fall. He hooked for Angel's wings, but Edwards drove him back to the corner. Daniels hit a slam into the turnbuckle and setup for his chest stomp on the top. Edwards rolled through and hooked the Achilles lock. Daniels submitted to tie the falls at one a piece. Eddie Edwards earned the second fall at 26:42.

Edwards hooked an STF. Daniels crawled to the rope so Edwards broke and hit an exploder suplex for two. Edwards hit a super-hurricanranna that busted Daniels open on the side of his head for two. Daniels tried to hip toss Edwards to the floor, but Edwards held on and they both crashed to the floor. Edwards made it back to the ring, but the bell rang as the time limit expired. Daniels sold being hurt. Jim Cornette came out as did the other ref and some of the guys from the back. Cornette announced that they would have been happy to give this match five more minutes but Daniels was in no condition to compete according to their trainers. Edwards seemed exasperated but finally accepted the ruling...

30 Minute Time Limit 1-1 Draw, Christopher Daniels retains the TV Championship (30:00)

Harrison's Analysis: Holy christ, what a great match! I TOLD you this would deliver and it did. Half an hour of superb action. Christopher Daniels made a star of Eddie Edwards and he's surely bound for great things in the future. Eddie more than stepped up and delivered his best singles performance in Ring of Honor to date. The finish was a little flat, but it made sense. Edwards didn't lost twice and Daniels was pushed to the limit but still retained. Superb and Match of the Night.

Harrison Match Rating: ★★★★ ¼ / ★★★★★

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs The Briscoes (#1 Contenders Match)

Benjamin and Jay started. They locked up and backed Jay into the corner. Benjamin broke clean, but Jay shoved him. Benjamin shoved back and they stared off. They locked up again and traded waist locks. They mat wrestled, trading arm bars and front chanceries. Jay tagged Mark in who worked a figure four head lock on Benjamin. Benjamin popped out into a headlock. They traded Sunset flip rollups and faced off. The fans chanted for Haas so he tagged in. Haas worked his ground and pound offense on Mark. Mark hit two chops that Haas no sold and then they traded chops. Mark hit a knee lift and tagged in Jay.

The Briscoes hit a double shoulder tackle, but Haas hit a standing dropkick for two and tagged in Benjamin. Jay and Benjamin traded twisting sunset flip rollups and the crowd chanted, "Man up!" Benjamin responded by hitting a sick big boot for a near fall. Haas tagged in and Benjamin slammed Jay across Haas's leg. Haas hit a series of moves and then Jay hit the exact same moves and tagged in Mark. Haas whipped Mark and Jay blind tagged. He hit a superkick on Haas and then the Briscoes hit a double superkick on Benjamin. Mark tagged back in and they hit a double running kick on Haas in the corner and then strong whipped him to the opposite corner. Mark tossed Haas to the floor and Jay dropped him on the rail. Jay rolled him back in the ring and tagged in. Jay tried for a back suplex, but Haas flipped out and hit one of his own.

Both men tagged out and Benjamin worked his offense. He hit the stinger splash into the exploder suplex for two. Mark hit redneck kung fu and then a blind tag followed by a superkick. Jay hit a huge clothesline for two. Haas came in and hit suplex on Jay. He set Jay up for their top rope tag team move, but Mark hit a missile dropkick on Benjamin. Everybody traded kicks and Jay hit the DVD on Haas and Mark went to the top. Benjamin jumped up and tossed Mark off the top. Everybody but Mark battled to the floor and into the fans. Mark made his feet and hit a dive from the top rope on all three men.

They made it back in the ring at 21:00 Mark hit a Finlay roll, Jay hit a leg drop on the top, and Mark hit an elbow from the top. Jay covered and Haas broke it up. The Briscoes setup for the Doomsday Device on Haas.. Benjamin kicked Mark to the floor and Haas escaped from Jay. He lifted Jay and they hit a neckbreaker Doomsday Device of their own for the pinfall victory. Post-match, the WGTT put over the Briscoes and then everyone shook hands to close the show.

Winners and NEW #1 Contenders: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin (22:21)

Harrison's Analysis: Is it just me, or are Haas and Benjamin saving something for a bigger match? Because as great as this Main Event was, I still feel as if there's more in the tank. Either I'm overestimating Haas and Benjamin or they're saving something big for the future. A great match though, fitting to end the show. Now I hope they go all out at April 1st when The Kings meet them in their massive Rubber Match.

Harrison Match Rating: ★★★★ / ★★★★★

Harrison's Final Analysis of ROH's 9th Anniversary Show

A very fun Interview Pay-Per-View. The second half was all excellent the first half, while slow, was still solid. This wasn't a Final Battle, or a Death Before Dishonor VIII, more of a Glory By Honor IX. Not a blow away show by any means, but still something you can watch, enjoy, and recommend to a friend. I liked it very much and the last three matches definitely delivered. Thumbs up. I've been Andre Harrison and thanks very much for watching. Sayonara!

+ Christopher Daniels vs Eddie Edwards
+ The Kings of Wrestling vs The All Night Express
+ The Briscoes vs Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin
+ Davey Richards vs Colt Cabana

- Roderick Strong vs Homicide
- Sara Del Ray vs MsChif
- The fact Mike Bennett's getting pushed

Harrison's ROH 9th Anniversary Show Rating: 8.25 out of 10 - Great

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