Tuesday 1 March 2011

More Power Slam Coverage - Top 25 Shows in the PS Years

Hello again, I hope you enjoyed the blog where I talked about Mo Chatra's Top 100 Matches in The PS Years because now, I am going to talk about what I know about the shows PS have listed as the Top 25 Shows in The PS Years.

First I will list all 25 Shows and then comment on some of them:

25. NJPW Battle Formation (26/4/1996)
24. ECW Heat Wave (2/8/1998)
23. TNA No Surrender (17/7/2005)
22. WWF Backlash (30/4/2000)
21. WWF Fully Loaded (23/7/2000)
20. WCW Spring Stampede (11/4/1999)
19. WWE Backlash (26/4/2009)
18. TNA Turning Point (5/12/2004)
17. WAR Super J Cup: 2nd Stage (13/12/1995)
16. WWE/ECW One Night Stand (12/6/2005)
15. TNA Turning Point (15/11/2009)
14. ECW The Doctor is In (3/8/1996)
13. ROH Man Up! (15/9/2007)
12. WWE Summer Slam (25/8/2002)
11. NOAH Departure (10/7/2004)
10. WWE Wrestle Mania XXIV (30/3/2008)
09. WWF Canadian Stampede (6/7/1997)
08. ROH Better Than Our Best (1/4/2006)
07. NJPW Destruction (11/10/2010)
06. NOAH Destiny (18/7/2005)
05. WWF Wrestle Mania X-7 (1/4/2001)
04. AAA/IWC When World's Collide (6/11/1994)
03. AJW Wrestling Queendom III (26/3/1995)
02. Weekley Pro At The Tokyo Dome (2/4/1995)
01. AJW Big Egg Wrestling Universe (20/11/1994)

Wow, what a list, I have seen a lot of these shows, there are some I have on DVD but not watched and some I have not seen at all.

Starting with the show at number 25 - NJPW Battle Formation 1996, wow, always loved shows at the Tokyo Dome and this one was no different. There were 3 matches that stood out for me the first being a just awesome match between The Great Sasuke & Jushin 'Thunder' Liger. Both guys were really at the top of their game at this point in their careers, it really was an awesome match. The main even was the late Shinya Hashimoto against IWGP heavyweight champion Nobuhiko Takada, anyone familiar with Japanese wrestling and these two guys can imagine how stiff this match was, I really cant give it justice, you need to see if you can. I mentioned 3 matches but went to the main event second, this is because for me the match that stood out more than any other on the show was a very violent match between The Great Muta & Jinsei Shinzaki. Always been a mark for Muta after seeing him in both Japan & WCW and WWF fans may recall Shinzaki when he was there in 1995 as Hakushi. This match was not what I thought it was going to be, as I stated, it was quite violent compared to what I was used to seeing in NJPW. Below I have posted a music video of BF 96, see who else you notice on the show.

Now I am not going to comment on all the shows like I have above but I want to talk about the show at number 24. ECW was a big favourite of mine and I was gutted when the company folded, there is 2 ECW shows in the list and the show I personally thing was the best ever ECW show didn't even make the list and if you really care what that is, it was Cyber Slam 1999 - PLEASE check it out. Anyway, back to Heat Wave 1998, there were not too many matches on the show but the matches that were on there were great. Justin Credible faced Jerry Lynn, Masato Tanaka faced Mike Awesome, Taz faced Bam Bam Bigelow in a Falls Count Anywhere match, Tommy Dreamer, Spike Dudley & The Sandman faced The Dudleys of Bubba Ray, D-Von & Big Dick in a street fight. The main even was somewhat of a 'dream' tag team match when Rob Van Dam & Sabu faced that man Jinsei Shinzaki & Hayabusa. The latter hadn't featured in the US to my knowledge before, I had seen him via VHS tape in matches from Japan beforehand in NJPW and mainly FMW. The ECW match was a great spectacle.

This is part one of my review of Power Slam's Top 25 Shows, more to follow.


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