Saturday 26 March 2011

FWA New Frontiers 2011

I attended the FWA's New Frontiers show today which was part of the Spring Memoribilia show at Birmingham's NEC. The first match of the day was from the Adrenaline division which saw Axl Rage & Xander Cooper over Zack Gibson & Shane Spyral. I had seen Rage at the previous NEC show as was impressed then but his partner today, Xander Cooper was great, good tight worker with a killer finisher.

'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm came out and spoke about his scheduled match with 'Rockstar' Spud which is a ladder match set for tommorrow at the NEC. Storm said, forget the wrestling come out and let's just have a fist fight right there and then. At that point Alex Shane & The Agenda came out and basically told Storm, Spud wasn't there today so he can now leave the ring as he has business to tend to but as Storm was leaving, Shane said they could do with someone like Storm in The Agenda one day.

The first 'main' show match was supposed to be Nick Riley & Sha Samuels against The Agenda's Joel Redmond & Iestyn Rees. Alex Shane had something to say about this. I have met a few times with the first time being over 10 years ago and I ended up doing an interview with him for Wrestling's Last Hope when it was a 'paper' newsletter way before it was a blog page like it is now. The interview for whatever reason caused some heat back then but that is water under the bridge. I always liked Alex, great knowledge of the business, way before I got into internet wrestling radio shows Alex used to have a show on talkSPORT that some of you UK readers may recall and that show to no surprise was great. Today, before this match, Alex came out a cut a tremendous heel promo, maybe wasted on 95% of the crowd at the NEC because only a handful knew the British product and followed the FWA but after this weekend, hopefully more will. Alex told us all as well as Nick Riley his partner Sha Samuels was stuck in London and Riley would have to face Redmond & Rees on his own just then, the music of Resistance leader Leroy Kincaide came on and came the Kent native to announce he would step in and be Riley's partner. Decent match, I like Redmond & Rees as a team but they lost via DQ after excessive rule breaking, the FWA use a yellow and red card scheme, yellow being a warning, red being a final warning and then after that it will be a DQ. This match saw Kincaide take a real beating and he had to be helped from the ring and put his main event match against the unknown newest member of The Agenda in jeopardy.

Match 3 was set as RJ Singh against El Ligero and just as this match was supposed to start out came the 'Showstealer' Nathan Cruz. Cruz said the FWA don't give him the oppotunity to do what he does so he makes his own oppotunity and after cutting a good heel promo made this become a 3 way match. Match of the night by far, both Singh & Ligero performed well as FWA fans will know they can anyway but for me the star of the match was Cruz. He has a great look, good charisma and has the tools to back it up, a very good worker indeed and as I posted on facebook at the time, big things in the future for Cruz I think.

This led us to the last match of the day, Leroy Kincaide against the newest member of The Agenda, Kincaide came out and said he'd been asked since the earlier attack if he would be fit enough to wrestle and he admitted he wasn't 100%, his neck was killing. Anyway, out came FWA champion David Deville and said Kincaide basically has been trying to win the title for 18 months and he just wasn't going to get it but now, for starters would have to face the Agenda's newest member and out came a huge guy who goes by the name of Colossus who worked as Colossus Kennedy in Dynamic Pro Wrestling. The match was basically Colossus using his weight and power advantage over Kincaide. Kincaide got some offence in but the weight advantage tied in with the prior attack and injured neck was just too much for him to cope with and the referee stopped the match after he fell unconcious after a neck vice type move by the big man.

Overall, the only fault with the show was the format, basically because it's at the Memoribilia show it's not like a normal FWA show, there were big gaps between the matches, over an hour at some points so people could see the other attractions at the overall show.

There wasn't any negatives about the actual wrestling really - impressed with RJ Singh and El Ligero, the latter I have seen a number of times before. Really impressed with Xander Cooper and even more impressed with Nathan Cruz.

Annoyed due to work constraints I can't make Sunday's second show of the New Frontiers weekend as it will feature Jonny Storm vs. Rockstar Spud in a ladder match and apprently FWA champion David Deville in action plus other great stuff I imagine. I will deffo pick up the DVD of the weekend when available.

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