Tuesday 8 March 2011

This week in TNA With Olly Peters

Airing 27/02 US 1/3 UK

Ok I know this write up is late but I really could not find any motivation to watch TNA this week, and I am losing faith in it. But I soldier on in a desperate hope that things will have to change at some point.

This week’s IMPACT starts with Mr Anderson.... Anderson coming to the ring with a chair and sits in the middle of the ring, claiming he's not going to move until he gets his rematch with Jeff Hardy. This prompts RVD into the ring and the two have a battle of words over lasts weeks altercation, which inevitably ends in a brawl with TNA security charging to the ring to separate them. Immortal then make their entrance and with them standing on the top of the stage area, I would just like to mention that I am a little disturbed by Gunners very small shorts!! Eric Bischoff announces that Mr Anderson... Anderson will face RVD in the Main Event tonight, but then Jeff Jarrett whispers into Eric’s ear and a new line up is announced - Mr Anderson.... Anderson vs RVD vs Kurt Angle. Now this is odd as after Angle’s defeat at Against All Odds he left his boots in the ring, which if I’m not mistaken (as i've heard it on various podcasts) indicates retirement in the amateur world!

Just to tell you we have a Pose Down tonight between Rob Terry and Scott Steiner and I just can’t wait!!

We cut to Scott Steiner in the locker room hyping his pose down, I say hyping, but this dude can’t talk for shit! Now I wasn't going to swear on these write ups but I have had enough!! TNA is recorded every a few weeks at a time, so you can’t tell me they couldn’t re-record this segment at all!!! But luckily all was saved by Eric Young. Seriously, Eric can do no wrong in this gimmick, everytime he is on camera I’m in stitches. Absolutely genius doing his poses for Steiner.

In true TNA fashion they bring you up with Eric Young then drop you straight back down with another segment about the Jarretts. My notes for this segment consist purely of an unhappy face. I don’t even remember what happened here but I’m guessing it wasn’t good.

Finally, our first match begins: Short Shorts Gunner and Murphy vs Eric Young and Orland Jordan. Again Eric is on camera and I’m laughing! The whole criss-cross running against the ropes made me laugh. But for some reason TNA are pushing the hell out of G 'n' M and this match ends up as a squash match! I don’t even think Orlando got into the ring, such a shame! TNA used to have an awesome tag team division but is now reduced to nothing, however at least G 'n' M now have ring gear and look like a proper tag team. Beer Money also joined Taz and Tennay on commentary building up this ever so long feud and their match on March 3rd.

Backstage we have Velvet and Angelina… enough said!

Next we have Devon in the ring crying about the aftermath of his match at AAO with Bully Ray appearing on the 'Dixie Tron' to interrupt Devon (thank god) who mouths off to him while smacking around some dude. As Ray goes to put the helpless fella through a table Tommy 'wherethehellhaveyoubeen' Dreamer attacks Ray from behind and herds him out to the IMPACT ZONE where he is met head on by Devon. The two have a little fumble before TNA security makes another visit to ringside, but in the scuffle Devon lays out Tommy.

Next is backstage with Tara and Madison…

We’ll move swiftly on to a match between Crimson and Magnus. I enjoyed Magnus on the mic, and it’s nice to see him back in the ring but I was really disappointed it turned out to be another squash match. Does anyone remember back in the 80's-90's WWF when you would have a wrestler in the ring who no-one knew, a little weedy fella, someone like Barry Horowiz, and they would get squashed! Not your main roster!!

Next is what I know most of you have been waiting for… the Pose Down! Through the years we have seen a few, The Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude, HHH and Scott Steiner. I can’t wait (remember the sarcastic emoticon I wanted, well it’s not here yet!!). Rob Terry is a big fella but he can’t talk on the mic to save his life, he really needs a Bobby Heenan-esque mouthpiece. Throw Scott Steiner on the mic into the mix and, no I can’t do it, it sucked! Inevitably Rob attacks Steiner from behind. Well, at least we didn’t get a Pose Down, and TNA security are really getting their money’s worth tonight with yet another visit to the ring!

Next is another Episode of With The Jarretts. All I can say is that Rev can’t act, so he fits in here well!

Ric Flair makes his way to the ring calling out AJ Styles, who he is supposed to have a match with tonight, but before you get all excited, it never happens!! Some words are exchanged (I would go into more detail about all the promos and skits but I get really bored and my attention drifted) which results in a brawl between AJ and Ric, and of course Ric is bleeding! REALLY!! WHY!! Do we need to see this everytime Ric is in a scuffle?! Hernandez makes an appearance, and I did actually like this as they made AJ look strong by beating down both of them. Unfortunately though Henandez kept coming back. This segment went on far too long before the rest of Fortune finally ran in to save AJ, and Matt Morgan takes out Hernandez.

Ok we are 3 weeks on from AAO and why are we now getting backstage interviews and promos from it?! Is there any need! MORE WRESTLING PLEASE TNA!!!!

We move on to the Queen, Madison Rayne, in the ring and on the mic sounding drunk calling out her opponent who turns out to be a returning (one shot deal) ODB. This is a typical Knockouts match, slow in places and Madison’s finisher looks really naff! A spinny twisty knee thing! AWESOME!!

Yada Yada, more Jarretts!

Moving on to another great segment… a flashback to the whole Jersey Shore thing! I’m from the UK and I have no clue what the FUCK Jersey Shore is!! I really don’t care! How is this gimmick still going?! Every time Robbie E is in the ring he is booed, not in a ‘boo you bad guy’ way, but a ‘boo just disappear’ way. Now we have another one coming in! STOP WASTING AIR TIME TNA AND PUT DECENT WRESTLERS FROM YOU ROSTER ON TV!!!!

Sorry about that, sometimes you just need to shout.

Now onto the Main Event: RVD vs Kurt Angle vs Mr Anderson... Anderson. The match starts off with some double teaming on Anderson, then we get some good one-on-one action whilst each wrestler takes there rest break. This is a good match but why! WHY did we have to get the finish we did with the Jarretts coming down the ramp and Anderson getting a cheap win.

This Episode was going well until the Main Event finish, and I was really disappointed with the squash matches, so 2/5 this week I’m afraid.

Do you really need me to go into the vignette at the end, its now well after March 3rd and everyone knows what and who it’s about so I won’t go into it but ya'll agree it was bad another WWE rip off. So, till next week!

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