Monday 28 March 2011

So - Did The Go Home RAW Draw You In?

So it was the 'go home' WWE RAW show before the biggest PPV of the year. The first hour was pretty dull to be honest, people rave about CM Punk's slow, methodic promo's but really, it was boring. Can't recall much else from hour one other than Kane doing Santino's trumpet, not looking forward to that 8 man tag at Mania at all, I think in the arena people will be going for the proverbial 'piss break'.

Hour two gave us of course the confrontation between The Undertaker & Triple H, I wondered how they could make it interesting if at all and out they wheeled old HBK himself - Shawn Michaels. He put them both over and after Undertaker put Michaels over he then said he basically couldn't get the job done at two Mania's in a row, Michaels went for the super kick, 'Taker blocked it and went for the chokeslam but Triple H broke it. While nose to nose with 'Taker, Triple H said "Shawn, tell him how I'm going to win" no answer from Michaels.

Twitter was raving about the angle with these three, 99% loved it, thought it was amazing, I on the other hand did not. Wasn't that much of a surprise Michaels was brought out but still, I think the fans on twitter etc. marked out a bit too much. Don't get me wrong, with the No Holds Barred stip in the match, I think it will be match of the night and of course, allows Michaels to get involved and maybe others.

We then had a tag match which on paper seemed great, Sheamus & Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison & Daniel Bryan. US Champion Sheamus pinned his Wrestle Mania opponent Bryan, I just hope, as it will be a longer match as it's PPV we will see a Bryan Danielson esque match which results in him taking the US strap back.

The next notable thing was the next inductees of the Hall of Fame to be announced and it was of course The Road Warriors. I did a blog about this back on Feb 24th if you want to go back and take a look. Should The Road Warriors of got a place in the HOF before Demolition? Well I've discussed it to death so I'll leave that one.

To end the show, we of course had the three way confrontation between The Rock, John Cena & The Miz. The Rock came out first and was as funny as ever he called Cena a 'Homeless Power Ranger' Hilarious. Cena out next - when he got going, Cena cut a great promo, really held his own up. The Miz with Riley made his way to the ring, sorry to say it, I know many think the sun shines out of his ass but tonight more than ever being in the ring with these two showed that The Miz is way out of his league. I have never thought he should be in the main event picture and to be in the main world title match at a Wrestle Mania is a joke in my opinion. I caught a sign in the crowd that read: Miz, go back to the Real World - made me chuckle. Anyway, there came a point where Riley & Miz attacked The Rock, Rock fought back, sent Riley over the top rope, hit Miz with the people's elbow, messed up his kip-up but we'll forgive him for that, Miz bounced straight up after the elbow so Rock sent him over the top rope, cena came back into the ring and hit the Rock with the Attitude Adjustment.

The show was a decent go home show, well the second half was.

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  1. Dude, you need to explain more. You said 99% of people raved about Taker/Cena/HHH but you did not... you then said you thought it would be great, but never said why you didn't like it.

    You come off sounding like a bitter fan, who hates HBK (as we know) but can't actually find a reason to hate the angle.

    I personally thought it was ok, but stupid at the same time. I have reasons, which i'll talk about on Sunday. But if you're writing an article, at least back up your view man.