Wednesday 9 March 2011

Hogan To Leave TNA?

On twitter the Honky Tonk Man is saying he thinks Hulk Hogan could be leaving TNA very soon and leaving Eric Bischoff behind. Now if this were true, is it because TNA don't want him as they realised his name hasn't had the effect they thought? Or, does Hogan have something up his sleeve as in, has an old friend from 'up north' been in touch as there is a big PPV coming up and that's NOT the upcoming TNA one?

It's all speculation, I have no idea what, if any sources HTM has for these statements or is it just him being a bit naughty on twitter because Dixie Carter didn't want him in TNA?

Really, if Hogan hadn't been contacted by Vince McMahon either directly or indirectly if he left TNA, would McMahon really give Hogan another chance in the WWE? They have recently brought back former stars Booker T, Kevin Nash, Steve Austin and of course, The Rock, is there a place for the original star of Vince McMahon Jr's WWF - Hulk Hogan?

A lot of questions here, I hope we get some answers but the wonderful world of wrestling and the wacky world of social networking is buzzing at the moment and I love it. I might not be the biggest WWE fan and I may not over-rate the Wrestle Mania XXVII card but I am enjoying the build up and all that surrounds it.

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