Friday 4 March 2011

One More Wrestle Mania Match They Should Add

So the full Wrestle Mania XXVII card is out, or at least it's what we think it'll be but what one more match from guys on the current roster who are not already on the card would you want to see?

For me, the card doesn't over excite me  so I'd like to see Evan Bourne against the former Mistico - Sin Cara. Probably 90% of WWE fans didn't know who the guy was before he signed but I would hope pretty much everyone checked the guy out on YouTube. I have been familiar with the guy for a few years now, I have a DVD set of his matches and this year seen him on shows jointly run by CMLL & NJPW. Sin Cara I am sure won't be the Mistico I know but he will  inject some new energy into the WWE roster as the 'Luchadores' they have now (Mysterio & Del Rio) are not the fastest. 

We all now how exciting of a worker Bourne is, I have been following his career since he was in IWA-MS and ROH under the guise of Matt Sydal. I remember thinking when he signed with the E that he wouldn't be used right because of his size but to be honest, his time in New York hasn't been that bad. He has only just returned from an injury layoff and with no MITB match on the WM card a match featuring Bourne against Sin Cara would be just the tonic.

Below, a YT video featuring the Top 10 Moves of MISTICO!!

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