Thursday 17 March 2011

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech, well not that dramatic but we all have views on wrestling be it the programming, websites, magazines and in my case this time around, podcasts.

The Internet is jam packed with podcasts relating to wrestling, some OK, some good, some better than most and then some just not good at all.
I base most of my views on podcasts on the content, we all know the two biggest promotions around to the masses are WWE & TNA but there is more wrestling out there and podcasts that don't cover these other promotions are naive as far as I am concerned.

The point of this rant is one such podcast doesn't like people to have an opinion on anything unless it's praising them and I'm sorry but if you put yourself in the firing line be prepared to be shot down. It's the same for any of us, bloggers, website owners, magazine writers etc. we all need to take flak when it's due and this podcast who will remain nameless so not to put them over but they know who they are and so will many of the readers.

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