Monday 21 February 2011

2.21.11 Much Ado About Nothing?

So RAW's big 2.21.11 angle or whatever it was supposed to be has been and gone. It wasn't Sting, it wasn't Skip Sheffield, like anyone thought it would be the latter....Anyway, to no real surprise, The Undertaker returned and the live crowd seemed happy enough, quite big for them really to be there. And the surprises didn't end there, out next was  'The Game' Triple H. The two WWE mainstays had a stare down in the ring with the Undertaker giving the cut throat action while looking right though Hunter and he responded by giving the crotch chop.

A few days ago I did a blog saying the two would probably face each other at Wrestle Mania in April with of course Undertaker's streak being on the line and maybe Triple H's career but I must admit, I hope it's not and it's just the streak up. I don't think it will to be honest, I mean the only way they did that last year with Michaels was because he had lost to Undertaker the year before and wanted to redeem himself so the gimmick was that Undertaker would face him if his career was on the line, it was and of course, Michaels is in retirement and goes into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before this years 'Mania.

Michaels has been rumoured to of been a possible special guest referee for the match if it takes place between Undertaker and Triple H. I personally would prefer this not to happen and if they do square off against each other, as mentioned above, just the streak on the line and with a normal WWE referee.

Also on RAW 2.21.11 Hacksaw Jim Duggan was announced as the latest name to be inducted into the 2011 Hall of Fame, he will be inducted by his former Mid-South foe 'Million Dollar Man' Ted Dibease.
The RAW GM announced via Michael Cole that WWE champion The Miz would have to join up with his WM opponent John Cena to face WWE Unified Tag Team champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel. Miz & Cena won the straps but then CORRE leader Wade Barrett announced that his team would invoking their rematch clause and yes, the dastardly WWE champion Miz turned on Cena and once again Slater & Gabriel were tag team champions.
Elsewhere on the show, Michael Cole called out Jerry Lawler, in short, Lawler ended up being pissed off with Cole and challenged him to a Wrestle Mania match, Cole went on to throw water over Lawler and then run off through the crowd. That will definitely up the buy rates for the PPV, Rock you won't be needed. Seriously, I imagine it'll be some form of handicap match probably involving Alex Riley.

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