Tuesday 8 February 2011

Indy Corner with Peter Blackham

Welcome to Indy Corner were in the coming weeks I will be reviewing shows from a lot of us indies. Some of the top shows on the indy circut are run by Jersey All Pro Wrestling, Lucha Libre USA, World Xtreme Wrestling, CHIKARA, Combat Zone Wrestling, Elite Wrestling Ri, Heartland Wrestling Association, Maryland Championship Wrestling SHIMMER, DGUSA and ROH to name but a few my faves happen to be CHIKARA and Jersey All Pro.

Mainstream wrestling is configured as entertainment first and wrestling second, as the independent scene is geared toward wrestling first and entertainment second. The independent circuit today is used as an alternative to the sometimes over the top actions of mainstrem wrestling. The pros of mainstream wresttling is bigger pay if your a top tier guy, bigger exposure, carreer longevity but the cons are time away from your family, the big fish in the small pond feeling if you were a darling in the independents, if you dont get over you will bask in mediocricy for god knows how long. The independent scene you can become a cult classic and praised by a sub culture that is long forgotten (real wrestling fans), you get praised for your ring work by appreaciative fans (some even cry and thank you for even showing up when you are only getting 100 bucks), and if you get lucky you might one of the few that gets overseas to display your craft in front real pact houses and appreciative fans, but the down side is as we all know small pay, no carreer longevity and the ridicule from your family because that 100 bucks you made for wrestling that 70 minute iron man match aint paying for shit and most guys never get that call they want from WWE or TNA.

If you can get past the small time feeling of a local gym with 150 people in you are rewarded for it with wrestling action that blows away anything you see on weekly wrestling tv. I urge anyone who reads this to seek out a CHIKARA King of Trios event or a Best of CHIKARA as a entry level dvd for indy wrestling.

The first show I will be reviewing will be Pro Wrestling Superstars Freshman Phenom a show from a few months back with a card that has former WWE and TNA stars plus lots of indy workers so its a typical US indy.


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