Sunday 24 April 2011

WWE Raw House Show in Birmingham, England by AH Walker

The WWE always makes two trips to the UK a year once in April and once in November and they never disappoint. As usual I along with two friends had attended and I am proud to say that this was my favourite of all of the shows I have attended.
The show started off with a 6 man tag between Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov and Evan Bourne against The Usos and Tyson Kidd. The Usos are shit. That needed to be said. Tyson Kidd got some major heat which is surprising seeing as he is barely on TV and as expected Santino was way over. The faces won after a Cobra/ Shooting Star Press.
The second match saw Percy Watson vs Primo. When Percy was announced he got no pop as no-one knew who he was. Primo attacked him before he got in the ring. Primo attacked him in the ring but Percy made a turn around and defeated Primo out of nowhere with a Complete Shot.
The third match was a divas title rematch between Eve Torres and Brie Bella. Standard Raw diva match. Switcharoo in the match as expected. Brie Bella won.
The fourth match was Sin Cara vs Alex Riley. Sin Cara did not botch his entrance. It was a-mazing. This match was great, Sin Cara is adapting to WWE’s style well and Alex Riley is definitely improving in the ring. Sin Cara won after a powerbomb reversal into a Code Red.
The next match was definitely the highlight of the match. CM Punk vs Randy Orton in a special stipulation match. The stipulations were a Street Fight or a 2 out of 3 falls match. You can probably guess which in the crowd wanted. CM Punk grabbed the microphone and imitated Justin Roberts’ voice which made me howl with laughter. The match spilled to the outside and into the crowd which I couldn’t see. Eventually Punk got the microphone and said ‘You should have chosen 2 out of 3 falls, Birmingham’ before slamming the microphone in Orton’s back. Orton eventually won this match following an RKO.
Next R-Truth and Melina then hosted a dance contest. It should be pointed out that Melina didn’t say anything. At all. Long story short, some 8 year old won.
The first match after Intermission was Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison. This match started of slow but then it got going. Both wrestlers were over but then Ziggler got some heat. John Morrison won after Starship Pain.
The seventh match was Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus for the US Title. This match was great. Sheamus had showed dominance throughout and Daniel Bryan had short bursts of offence. Sheamus won after two Brogue Kicks.
The main event was The Miz vs John Cena for the WWE Title. The Miz cut a good promo as expected. Both played to the crowd really well. The finish was Alex Riley smashing Cena in the back of the head with the briefcase causing a DQ.
Here is when it gets interesting
Miz and Riley then beatdown Cena until Sin Cara made the save. The anonymous general manager made an impromptu tag match. Sin Cara did a pretty awesome lionsault when Cena hit the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena then finished of A-Ri with the AA to close the show.

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