Sunday 30 January 2011

Royal Rumble 2011 - And The Winner is......

Yes, the 2011 WWE Royal Rumble has just finished, for the first time it was a 40 man Rumble match numbers 1 & 2 being CM Punk & Daniel Bryan and number 40 being Kane. We all expected surprises and returns and we got Booker T who didn't last too long and we also got Kevin Nash as Diesel who looked impressive when he came in but again, didn't last too long, maybe Nash is going to stay around as it looked like he had a bit of a stare down with the Big Show on his way to the back, maybe a Wrestle Mania match in the offereing there.
I thought WWE would go with a proven star to win to push Wrestle Mania down our throats, the last 4 were John Cena, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio & Randy Orton. Out of these 4 I'd of probably liked to of seen Barrett win but thought it would be Cena but really hoped it wouldn't. Alex Riley had been eliminated earlier but came down to distract Cena who was then thrown over the top rope by WWE champion The Miz who was doing commentary at ringside. Now the other boys at the table were saying how there was no DQ in this match but still, how the hell can it stand when you are eliminated by someone NOT in the match? WWE craziness rears it's ugly head again. Anyway, Barrett was eliminated by Orton and then Orton by the winner Alberto Del Rio, but no wait, there was someone still there who wasn't elimintaed earlier, he was under the ring yes, Santino Marella with Cobra in tow went for Del Rio but not even the WWE is that crazy and the man from Mexico tossed out the tattooed joke Marella to win the 2011 Royal Rumble.

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