Tuesday 11 January 2011

ROH Loses TV Deal on HDNet?

It is being reported on various news sites that ROH have lost their TV deal on the HDNet channel. I have not seen it confirmed but if true it's a damn shame as ROH was easily the best wrestling product on TV in North America. They consistently have had great matches both at the TV tapings, the iPPV's and of course the recorded for DVD events. ROH provided the feud of the year in wrestling with Steen vs. Generico. And of course, ROH has under contract the #1 wrestler in the world as far as UK magazine Power Slam said in the recent 'PS 50' - Davey Richards.

ROH has been overlooked recently as DGUSA has been taking a lot of plaudits recently as has it's parent company EVOLVE. Still, ROH has consistently had the best matches since it's debut show in 2002 and the 'big' companies poached their better workers.

I hope it's not true and ROH continue to stay on TV either with HDNet or someone else.

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