Sunday 23 January 2011

Royal Rumble 2011 - What Will Happen?

On the weekend before the Royal Rumble we are still trying to guess what surprises if any will take place. The now 40 man Rumble match itself still has wrestlers to be named so this usually means a returning superstar. In past years we have had Edge and John Cena, this year are we looking at Triple  H and/or Chris Jericho? Apparently Jericho has said he is "done with wrestling" which automatically makes the sceptics amongst us think he'll be back. Triple H however is apparently itching to get back into the squared circle so it wouldn't surprise me to see him turn up on the PPV.
Ideally, the 'mark' in us would like to see a total surprise, someone who hasn't been in the WWE before or at least someone that hasn't been there for a while. As this is the 'Road To Wrestle Mania' there have been loads of rumours of 2011 Hall of Fame inductees and two that come to mind who fall into the aforementioned category are Sting and 'Macho Man' Randy Savage, who recently did an advert for a WWE video game, this along with doing a deal with Mattel for a WWE action figure could things be going good for Savage and the WWE after all these years? We'll just have to wait and see.
Someone I think who is a strong possibility of returning to the WWE after quite a while is Kevin Nash. Most recently in TNA his contract expired and it's unclear if he signed a new deal, if not, then Nash coming back to the WWE in the Royal Rumble is for mr a big possibility, he has already stated he will be at the Hall of Fame the night before WM to see his Kliq buddy Shawn Michaels get inducted. 
We'll just have to wait and see. Not been a big fan of the WWE as of late but the Rumble always gets my attention.

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  1. As far as who is going to win the Rumble, I can't see the WWE booking anyone else to win but John Cena which is a shame as they should keep Cena vs Punk running upto Wrestlemania. In an ideal world they should take the opportunity to push Alberto Del Rio over the top and make him a main eventer. The world title on Smackdown doesn't matter anyway. I can see Triple H returning but definitely not winning he'll pick up his feud with Sheamus. Can't see Jericho or Nash turning up at all.
    Also can't see Sting or Savage featuring in Hall of Fame this year, they would be considered to be 'main events' in a HOF ceremony and HBK is taking that spot this year. Maybe down the line but not in 2011.

  2. I agree with shaun about alberto del rio, but my money is on cm punk !

  3. Is that Dave Leah by any chance?

  4. it is mate! how did you guess? hows u?

  5. Not too bad mate, it's been a long time. Drop us an email if you want to at