Sunday 30 January 2011

Nash & Booker T To Appear At The Rumble?

Oldish news now, lol, anything after a few hours on the 'net is old news but anyway, as anyone who reads my blogs will know I have predicted Nash would appear and now it seems to of been confirmed along with the return to the WWE of Booker T. Now, most of the Rumble 'surprises' have been just that but somehow, if true, it has been leaked that the two are returning tonight on PPV for the WWE in the 40 man Royal Rumble.
I don't care much for Booker T, best thing he ever did in wrestling was in the WWE when he was alligned with Goldust and that was only because of the hilarious backstage skits. Nash is someone I have always liked, maybe he is not the best worker but he knows how to work. Looking forward to the Rumble, well at least the last 20 mins or so but the undercard, hmmmmmm, Ziggler winning the title would be a turn up for the books, but that's about it.

Hope the WWE fans amongst you enjoy the PPV.

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