Sunday, 9 January 2011

Wrestling Radio Shows in The UK - It's ON!!!!

Some time ago I did an article about wrestling radio shows here in the UK. I wasn't too favourable to MOS (Ministry of Slam) for various reasons but that's in the past now. I know I put over big time DKR (Drop Kick Radio) and I still do. Some time ago out of nowhere MOS announced they were ending it wasn't entirely sure why but alas it happened. Some weeks back, former MOS original co-host Andy Evans announced he was starting a new project this is now known as Total Wrestling Show. I have had a few online convo's with Andy and I must say, I am looking forward to the show, Andy has two friends presenting the show with him who watch products other than WWE & TNA so this should make it different from MOS from the start. Earlier today, I was told that MOS are coming back next Sunday, Jan 16th with an 8pm GMT start time. Now, I of course have no problems with MOS coming back but starting at 8pm on a Sunday they will be running the same time as DKR which starts at 7pm GMT (listening live to DKR as I type this). There has been a bit of banter in the DKR chatroom and I suggested there was going to be a 'Sunday Night War' but that was shot down straight away. I'd prefer them not to be running at the same time, MOS did originally have the Sunday night slot but when they ended, a few DKR listeners started by myself suggested that they move from Thursday's to Sunday's which they did. As of right now, I have no idea what is going to happen as far as DKR's live show, I really don't know if they are going to stick to Sundays, we'll just have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, from one UK wrestling radio show to three in quick fashion can only be good for the fans/listeners.

Please post any comments.

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  1. Drop kick radio will go down the drain, MOS has to big a fanbase, along with loyal supporters, who will head to them first, then maybe DKR as a download later, personally I listened to DKR once and just didn't like the voices of the guys who run the show, they seemed to become increasingly penetrating, along with the overall show not being funny & or sounding very professional. Along with Andy's new show which I admit to sounds awesome, I believe any Major MOS fans that do sometimes download DKR, may now be gone as Andy's show is not live, & any major MOS fan will be listening to him second.

    Obviously this is just my opinion on DKR but don't get me wrong it's a good show with good thoughts/opinions, but a little to serious for my liking.