Sunday 9 January 2011

Anderson wins!!! Somewhat of a TNA Genesis recap

Just got through watching the TNA Genesis PPV, well, when I put it on the RVD match was on against his 'mystery opponent' which was to not many people's surprise, Matt Hardy. As I said, the match was already on but my God, did it drag or what?!? Hardy should of used his time off to get in shape rather than make silly videos for YouTube or post cryptic shiznit on twitter. Anyway, Hardy got the win following the 'Twist of Hate' but RVD's leg was under the rope, not spotted by the ref.
Next up was the 'MMA exhibition' match between Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle. Just when I thought the last match was a drag, then this came along. It was awful, just plain awful. I think there was some form of DQ finish, I'd lost interest to be honest. I know one thing, there was some shoddy camera work as we could see in plain view Angle prepare to blade - tut tut.
Next up was the 'main event' Mr. Anderson vs. Matt Morgan I was like - "what"? I haven't been following TNA so didn't know the card other than Jarrett/Angle so when I saw this TNA world title number one contenders match announced as the main event I thought, Dixie, Russo, whoever really don't give a crap do they? Anderson got the win and while he was laying in the ring 'recovering' down came Eric Bischoff with a steel chair, but he didn't hit Anderson with it, he sat down and told Anderson how much he likes him and said he was now the number one contender and wouldn't have to wait for his shot and out came TNA world champion Jeff Hardy and we had an impromptu world title match. As Anderson had just finished his match, hardy had the early advantage in the match, Anderson made his comeback but eventually hardy took charge again, I think I counted three Twists of Hate that Anderson kicked out of, but I could be wrong. When he realised he wasn't getting his own way, Jeff called for big brother Matt to come down to assist but RVD came out and nixed that and the two brawled to the back. Somewhere in all this, Mick Foley came down to stop Hardy using a chair on Anderson, this brought out Ric Flair and a melee took place. Bischoff was in the ring and 'attempted' to hit Anderson with a chair but Anderson hit him with a 'mic check' rolled him out the ring and Hardy came back in, Anderson blocked whatever he attempted and hit another 'mic check' - 1,2,3 and a new TNA world heavyweight champion - Mr. Anderson!!!!

Overall from what I saw of the PPV, which wasn't much really but all the top of the card stuff, I'd have to give this show a thumbs down, in saying that, the Anderson/Hardy match did keep my attention. No idea what will happen now, will Anderson just be a transitional champion, will Hardy get a rematch or was that the whole point, he may be going to the 'big house' so won't need a title there? I have no idea but if Hardy is not the one challenging for the title, I think they should put AJ Styles in that role.

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  1. I'll post this here instead of completely clogging up Twitter with stuff.
    What you've said sums up what I was on about last night in the chatroom about TNA. I really love the undercard at TNA. Tag team title matches are usually brilliant and anything on Impact with them is solid, the X Division match sounds like a fun spot-fest to get the crowd going and was given a good 10 minutes of so of fast action. I can't say much for the TV Title match since I haven't heard much from it, but I imagine Doug dragged Abyss' lazy arse to a half-decent match.
    Plus the entire PPV told the story of Immortal trying to get every title in TNA. I still maintain that I couldn't give a shit about the main event picture, and much like with Hardy, I have no interest in Anderson as champion.