Friday 14 January 2011

Val Venis - The Green Eyed Monster Rears His Head

Former WWF/WWE Intercontinental Val Venis (Sean Morley) recently went on YouTube blasting Matt Hardy, his brother Jeff and the rest of his OMEGA gang. The video is posted below but Morley just goes off on one about Matt, says he has "zero talent" now that in itself is a joke. Matt Hardy might be a lil' bit crazy with all his own YouTube ramblings but I think, he has had better matches in his career than Morley, well in North America at least, Morley had a decent career in Mexico before he joined the WWF in the late 90's. Now my point is, Venis was in the WWE for a lot longer than he should of been really because to be honest, he wasn't all that. Following his release he got to work for TNA under the Bischoff/Hogan regime but that didn't last long either. So as the title says, has the green eyed monster reared it's ugly head? Is Venis jealous that Matt as well as Jeff are employed in TNA and he is not?
I think Morley also has issues with Shane Helms ( who went on twitter some weeks ago speaking out about Shawn Michaels and how Michaels isn't all he is cracked up to be. I make no bones about it, I was totally supportive of Helms on this subject because I have a long memory in wrestling and as just a fan, when I was exposed to what Michaels and his Kliq buddies used to do back in the WWF in the 90's I automatically took a dislike to the guys. Don't get me wrong, all the Kliq had great matches in the WWF, and i hope I don't sound like a hypocrite but Michaels is probably the best worker in WWF/WWE history for that style but for me, that doesn't hold any water because what the Kliq used to do was bang out of order. They would use their 'stroke' to influence Vince McMahon and people may dislike Shane Douglas but The Kliq definatley influenced how his WWF career went. In interviews since those days in the WWF Michaels has said, Douglas stood out in ECW with his cursing etc. but when it came to the 'show' which is the WWF he just wasn't good enough but I'm sorry, I disagree and the best thing about it all was when Vince wanted Michaels to job the IC title to Douglas but that couldn't of course happen so Michaels 'handed the title over' but the Kliq got their way in the end because straight away Douglas dropped the strap to Scott 'Razor Ramon' Hall. Aswell as Douglas, Chris Candido & Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch were also on the recieving end of the Kliq's actions. To end on the Kliq, back in the day, they basically hels McMahon to ransom, there was something they wanted and if they didn't they would go on 'strike'. They all have denied this in various interviews but I wouldn't believe anything any of them would say.
I know I have gone off on one but it just pisses me off like people get pissed off by both Matt Hardy and Shane Helms on twitter but i just want to say, if your a wrestling fan, who would rather watch Val Venis and the shit he brought or the exciting high-flying style of the Hardy's or the overall great style of wrestling of Helms, I am sorry, but I'd watch the OMEGA guys.

Here is the video from Morley

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