Sunday 16 January 2011

WWE Hall of Fame 2011.....Speculation

So the road to Wrestle Mania has begun and that includes the night before the PPV the annual Hall of Fame WWE Style. The first inductee announced is Shawn Michaels and for his in ring work I have no problem Michaels being inducted, surprised as he has only been retired a year but I think this shows his intention to stick to his word that he will never wrestle a professional match again.
As the title eludes to, speculation is rife on the wrestling radio shows, news sites and maybe some blog sites just who will be inducted along with Michaels into the HOF this year. Rumours were started as soon as it was announced the HOF and WM were in Atlanta this year that it was going to be a WCW based HOF with names such as the remaining Horsemen as Flair is already in, to be inducted as well as the likes of Bill Goldberg but word is and not sure how true it is, Triple H and Michaels have told Vince McMahon not to induct Goldberg. On the Total Wrestling Show this week, the tag team formerly known as Doom were mentioned as possibilities, now I think more people will remember Ron Simmons than they will his partner Butch Reed but Reed actually worked in the the then WWF before Simmons, Reed was on the very first Survivor Series PPV back in 1987. Simmons before being brought to the WWF in the mid 90's as Faarooq Asad under the management of Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch was the first African-American world heavyweight champion when he defeated Big Van Vader in WCW in 1992. The two as a team were first seen in the 90's in WCW which may still of been the NWA back then under masks as Doom under the management of Woman (the late Nancy Benoit) before being managed by Teddy Long now of WWE fame.

The speculation will continue and I'm sure there will be some good choices and some Koko B Ware esque ones

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