Sunday 23 January 2011

Wrestle Mania V or VI - Which Main Event 'Did it' For You?

Recently on twitter (@WLH_Stu) I got into a discussion with some of my American friends about the main events from both WM V & WM VI. It seems the majority of them think Hogan vs. Savage from WM V was the better match whereas I believe it was Hogan vs. Warrior from WM VI. I think the Hogan/Warrior match was better because unlike the Hogan/Savage match as in I believe the WM V match result was more predictable, I mean I don't think ANYONE at the time really thought Savage was leaving Atlantic City that night with the WWF title. However, Wrestle Mania VI, was a massive encounter, WWF Champion Hogan against Intercontinental Champion Warrior. The drama of this match was great. Taking into account everyone has seen it, the more memorable spots were the test of strength, Warrior kicking out of the big leg, and then Hogan missing the big leg leading to the big splash and finish of the Warrior to crown a new WWF champion.

Most of the UK fans who commentated on my facebook thread about this seemed to go along with what I said. I thought maybe it was because SKY TV which airs WWE over here in the UK didn't become available untill late 1989 which of course was after WM V. This could be the reason, I don't know.

I await any comments below.

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