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Wrestle Mania 28 - My Version By Captain Obvious

So everyone who writes blogs about wrestling has come up with their predictions for what is going to happen this Sunday at Wrestle Mania 28. I was going to do the same thing but then I remembered, I have access to the greatest wrestling podcast in the world, The Still real To Us Show. So if you want to hear my predictions for the show, be sure to check the link at the bottom of this page. Instead, today I am going to do a little fantasy booking and let you, the highly intelligent readers of my article, what I would have set up for Wrestle Mania 28 if I had the current available talent for the show.

Match 1- Diva Title- Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya

Since Kharma is unavailable for the match, this makes the most sense to me. Ever since Eve turned her back on the fans, Natalya has kind of become the forgotten talent in the diva division. She has been relegated to fart jokes and putting other divas over. Quite simply, she is the best technical female wrestler in the world right now and it is a shame she isn't being showcased in that light. Putting her in the ring with Beth would be a great chance to highlight both womens abilities and would be a chance to make Natty the face of the womens division and also give Beth a reason to make Eve her new BFF and partner in Pin Up Strong. Result- Beth retains with help from Eve

Match 2- Tag Team Titles - Epico & Primo vs. Kofi and R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler

I still hate how WWE uses their tag team divisions. It is completely an afterthought to them. As many of the writers here have said, they should really look to ROH on how to do a tag team division and make it viable. WWE, tends to use the division as a way to build younger guys to later split off into single or as a way for them to kill time with talents they don't know what to do with. In this instance, you have to teams who fit the mold of creative trying to find you something to do and a young team still trying to find their way.The tag titles are another perfect chance to build Swagger and Ziggler as the future of the company. It allows them to be on both shows and build them as almost un-defeatable. Plus the heat they get from having Vickie as their mouthpiece is second to none. Result- Ziggler and Swagger win and embark on a year long run as tag champs.

Match 3- US Title Match- Santino vs. David Otunga

This is a match of 2 guys who a year ago we all thought was going to be future endeavored. Otunga hasn't progressed that much in the ring and Santino has been more of a joke than anything else for the last few year. But a funny thing happened on the way to both guys being released.....they actually became decent in the ring and somewhat entertaining to watch. This match would give both guys a chance to shine and would give John Laurinitis a cornerstone to build his new empire. If Otunga wins, he gains credibility in the ring and gives Santino someone to chase and show off a more aggressive style and be taken more seriously as a wrestler in the ring. Result- Otunga wins due to Laurinitis interference.

Match 4- Monster's Ball Match- Big Show vs. The Great Khali vs. Kane vs. Mark Henry

Ok, so I am stealing an idea from TNA but that just seems par for the course with everybody stealing from everyone else. This no holds barred match for the title of biggest monster in WWE just seems like a fun excuse for four big mn to beat the crap out of each other for 15 mins. Plus the original idea of just having them debate the presidential election just seems a bit out of place. Result- Big Show wins helping to exorcise some past Wrestlemania demons.

Match 5 Intercontinental Title Match- Cody Rhodes vs. Zack Ryder

OK, so I love the work Cody has done with Big Show leading into their match at Wrestlemania 28. He has come along so far so fast it's impressive. This is the guy that many people felt would be the Marty Jannetty of Legacy and now he has really broken through. It's awesome what a pair of kneepads can do for a guy's career. Zack Ryder has gone from being an afterthought to one of the 5 most popular wrestlers on the WWE roster in just about a year. A match between these two could give both men a chance to shine and could very possibly be a foreshadow of things to come in the world title picture. Cody and Zack could be one of the great feuds WWE has to show for the future. Result- Cody wins, retains the title and begins to step into main event status.

Match 6 World Title Match- Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

These two men have needed bigger builds to their matches at Wrestle Mania this year. Kane vs. Orton has been an after thought and Daniel Bryan's match with Sheamus has been one of the least hyped World title matches in history. I know this feud is probably coming soon enough but why wait. Bryan has taken to the crazy sociopath character like a duck to water and no one in the WWE plays the intensity card better than Orton. If people thought the Orton-Christian matches were good, matches between Orton and Bryan will blow those away. Result-Bryan retains by hook or by crook.

Match 7 Undertaker vs. Sheamus

If you listen to The Still Real To Us Show (and why wouldn't you), this is the match I wanted to be announced right after the Royal Rumble. I wanted Sheamus to forgo his World Title match for a shot at the streak. There are a ton of similarities between these two guys. Remember when Undertaker first broke into wrestling with his red hair also. Two very agile big men going at it. Sheamus looking to take the torch away from the Undertaker. i think this would be a great match and would give Sheamus another brick in his foundation of becoming one of the biggest stars WWE has and a nice way to make him the preeminent big man in the WWE. Result- Undertaker wins and gives Sheamus the "handshake of respect" afterwards.

Match 8 HHH vs. The Miz

This is basically a reward match for The Miz. I know a lot of people have been down on him this year but the guy works his tail off and I thought he did a great job as WWE champ last year. Maybe not as far as in ring work but definitely as far as TV exposure and making the title even more high profile he excelled. This is just another example of the past vs. future approach I seem to have taken to this card. Lots of similarities between Miz and a young HH and this would have been a great batch of promos leading into this match. Add in a Shawn Michaels appearance and run-in from John Morrison and you have a great match. Result- HHH wins in possibly his Wrestle Mania send off match.

Match 9 CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

So two matches from the real card I am leaving alone. Why, you may ask. Because I think the actually got two matches right that people want to see. Jericho has been the best technical wrestler in the world since probably 2001 and since his career has tailed off wrestling wise, Punk has claimed that mantle and ran with it. This should be match of the year easily and has the potential to rival the Shawn Michales-Bret Hart match from Wrestle Mania 12. I don't think this rivalry is over after one match but I do expect the war of words to get even better once they throw this whole Punks family is messed up angle out the window. Result- Punk wins and Jerciho attacks after the match setting up rematch at Extreme Rules.

Match 10 John Cena vs. The Rock

Lets get all the Cena fan kids and all Rock fanboys into a circle and just start smacking them all. The funny thing to me about all of this is that The Rock was despised just as much as Cena was early in his career by all the hardcore wrestling fans. he was shoved down our throats and we were almost forced to hate him. Sounds familiar? Cena is in the same boat, the only exception is that Cena makes the WWE alot more money than The Rock did early on and there is no viable alternative to Cena like The Rock had with Austin. That being said, I said on SRTU that I thought Cena would win the match. The match being in Miami doesnt matter much to me because WWE does just as much to make their hometown guys look bad (ask Jim Ross) as they do to make them look good in their hometown. With the idea of it being only one much, I think Cena wins. but if the rumors hold true that their is going to be another much, then I am going with The Rock to win. More than likely, Rock wins, both guys get attacked after the match and Cena and Rock fight them off together and both men celebrate to close out the show. Result- Rock wins, kids cry, girls wet their panties and Balloons fall from the sky.

Ideally, this is how my Wrestle Mania would shape up. Be sure to let me know what matches you guys would have liked to seen to see this year. Check back in a couple weeks for my Wrestle Mania 29 preview show.

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