Monday 12 March 2012

History of the PWG Tag Titles - Volume 6 Review By Shaun Nichols

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PAC & Roderick Strong vs El Generico & Kevin Steen

PAC and Generico start out early with the standard fare of armdrags, reversals etc, the challengers do get a bit of an advantage on Strong who retaliates typically with a backbreaker, well he is the messiah. PAC with some nice flips and knee drops on Generico but gets hit by a leg lariat when he comes off the ropes. Steen and Generico dominate on PAC, even an outstanding tilt a whirl backbreaker and a reverse huracanrana doesn't offer PAC much of a reprieve. A shooting star press onto Steen's neck does the trick, here comes Roderick.

Strong cleans house but PAC doesn't enjoy the same success and Steen hammers him with a stiff lariat, pumphandle neckbreaker by Steen on PAC, reverse huracanrana by PAC followed smartly by a big sick kick from Strong but Generico saves Steen. Generico thrown out, 450 splash elbow drop by PAC on Steen for another 2 count. Moonsault from Steen followed by a splash from Generico for a close 2 count, Strong back body drops PAC into a standing dragonrana onto Generico, an insane spot. Steen with a package piledriver on PAC, delivers him to Generico for the brainbuster for the winning three count. An awesome match once it got into its stride. ****1/4

El Generico & Kevin Steen vs Davey Richards & Super Dragon

This was coming from Portsmouth, as a part of PWG's European Vacation II, fans very vocal here. Fans backing Steen and Generico, Super Dragon decided to make a young girl cry. Well if your a heel you might as well go for it. It didn't take long for this match to break down and soon all four where brawling around the venue. Super Dragon placed Generico on top of a fan and then hit a spinning wheel kick which knocked both Generico and the fan to the floor.

Challengers dominate Generico for a long period, with the fans desperate to see Steen enter the fray and finally he gets the tag. Match slowly makes its way to its conclusion. Generico hits his running dive through the ropes into Super Dragon and hits his DDT, that spot is always ridiculously good no matter how many times you see it. Steen gets hit by a sunset powerbomb, psycho driver by Dragon and finally a shooting star press from Davey but is saved at the last moment by Generico. Dragon not impressed by that, he leaves Generico laying with a psycho driver on the floor. Davey hits another shooting star on Steen and we have new tag champs. This was another good match. ****

The Dynasty (Joey Ryan & Scott Lost) vs Young Bucks

This was supposed to be The Dynasty challenging Richards & Dragon for the titles. Unfortunately Davey isn't there, The Dynasty claim that they should be stripped of the titles as the champs have been 'ducking them' for months. Excalibur and Dino Winwood are out there, they finally agree to strip the champions. Excalibur says that Davey missed his flight due to watching a Cops marathon in the airport bar, Excalibur also says that Richards is fired and The Dynasty are your new champs but are told they are expected to defend the titles regularly.

The Dynasty say no problem and offer to defend them right there against any tag team in the back, out come the Young Bucks. We're reminded that the Bucks lost to The Dynasty at an earlier show but earned the respect of both Ryan & Lost. Young Bucks use their speed and double teams to keep the new champs on the defensive. Finally Matt gets caught and The Dynasty start to control things which was to be expected as they were fresh and the Bucks had wrestled earlier. Jade Chung managing The Dynasty also interferes regularly, finish came when Matt accidently elbowed Jade and as he went to attend her, Joey Ryan hit him with a superkick. Nick was then hit with a backbreaker/elbow drop combination for the loss. Not a bad match, but the fans were not buying that The Bucks could win. **3/4

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