Tuesday 13 March 2012

Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks Interview

The Indy Corner: First off, I’d just like to thank you for taking the time to chat with us today Nick.

The Indy Corner: So Nick, many of the readers will know of your work in PWG, ROH & TNA but tell us of your early days in the business, your training etc.

I actually didn't train much but my brother Matt did and when he would get home he would teach me everything he learned. We actually ran a little promotion as well for 3 years called High Risk Wrestling.

The Indy Corner: So the first more famous indy you work in was PWG back in 2007, tell us about your first time for that group.

Yeah we always wanted to wrestle for them and we finally got the opportunity and we did every move in the book to get noticed.

The Indy Corner: In May of 2008 you had the chance to travel to Japan and wrestle for the Dragon Gate group which was a perfect fit for your style, what was it like adjusting to the Japanese culture and being away from home for a couple of months?

It was crazy and very intimidating at first but once we got use to it we flourished and had a great time learning the Japanese culture and the wrestling style which helped us greatly.

The Indy Corner: You along with your brother Matt won the PWG tag team titles for the first time in August of 2008 beating Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black, what do you remember of that night and tell us what it meant to you to win those titles.

It meant a lot to wrestle those two and with the belts on the line it felt even bigger. That helped us big time winning because it was the first time we were being taken serious.

The Indy Corner: Something that really grabbed my attention back in the day was when you guys wrestled in PWG’s DDT4 of 2009 where you beat 3 different teams including in the finals Bryan Danielson & Roderick Strong, what do you recall of that DDT4 show and your thoughts on it?

That was one of the toughest nights of our life's haha. We got the crap beat out of us. I remember not being able to walk for a couple days.

The Indy Corner: Tell us about the match in Dragon Gate Japan where yourself & Matt actually defended the PWG tag team titles against SHINGO & Akira Tozawa.

It was actually our idea for that to take place. We had a very fun match and retained the belts. They made it feel big and it was in the magazines a couple days later.

The Indy Corner: The two of you signed for TNA in December of 2009 and debuted in January of 2010 under the guise of Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck) what did it mean to you to get signed by TNA when it happened?

It was obviously a big step towards our careers. It helped us a ton with exposure and we finally started making some decent money for the first time.

The Indy Corner: On your TV debut you beat not only one of TNA’s best tag teams but one of wrestling’s best tag teams – The Motor City Machine Guns, what do you recall of this match and how did it compare with the dark match you had with them in the previous December?

It was very similar to the dark match we had. I recall having a hard time adjusting to the jeans we wore. I couldn't really move well in them.

The Indy Corner: In short, your run in TNA wasn’t what you had hoped, they weren’t using your right and they were looking at splitting you up as a team, tell us what it was like at this time in your career.

Don't get me wrong I have no regrets about TNA I had a good time while it lasted and never say never about going back. But at this time we felt like we would have more fun else where.

The Indy Corner: You have wrestled for the CHIKARA promotion which a different product to most of the indies, tell us your thoughts on that particular group

CHIKARA is awesome it's a variety act and has different characters that the normal wrestling show wouldn't have. It's awesome!

The Indy Corner: You were a part of CHIKARA’s first iPPV ‘High Noon’ – this was a landmark for the promotion, you lost that night to The Colony but it was a great match, thoughts on the match and the iPPV etc?

It felt like a big show that night and we tried to make it a bigger show by winning but couldn't get the job done but nonetheless it was a fun match.

The Indy Corner: Onto ROH, I am a big fan of ROH and really enjoyed your first stint with the group before you left for TNA, any memories from this time and the matches you had leading up to the time you left beating Steen & Generico, The Briscoes & The American Wolves.

We enjoyed wrestling those tag teams a lot because in my opinion ROH has the best tag teams in the world. The Briscoes are probably top 5 best of all time.

The Indy Corner: In June 2010, while still with TNA, you went back to ROH under the Generation Me gimmick and wrestled 2 matches over 2 nights losing to The American Wolves and then on night 2 losing to the then ROH tag team champions The Kings of Wrestling, what was it like to return there still as TNA talent and how were you received by the boys?

We are all very close and ROH is like a family so they were very happy to see us and same with us seeing them. We missed it very much.

The Indy Corner: We’ll get back to ROH in a while but I want to talk about the year of 2011 for The Young Bucks in 2011. You two had an excellent year back there, some excellent matches. DDT4 2011 was great for you two and me as a big fan, you once again won the tournament this time beating Willie Mack & Bradon Gatson then The American Wolves and in the finals, Kevin Steen & Akira Tozawa, tell us your memories of this series of matches.

I think this was very unique because no one thought we could win this tournament again and we end up winning and shocking everyone in the crowd.

The Indy Corner: By winning DDT4 2011, you earned a shot at PWG tag team champions El Generico & Paul London, but when the match was due to happen on April 9th, London wasn’t able to make the show so Ricochet filled in and by the end of the match The Young Bucks were once again PWG tag team champs, please tell us about this match and Generico & Ricochet.

It was kind of unfair for El Generico because he never teamed up with Ricochet. But it felt great to win the belts back.

The Indy Corner: The following months saw you face and defeat good teams like the RockNESS Monsters, Austin Aries & Roderick Strong, The Kings of Wrestling and The Dynasty but for me, the best match I saw you have in PWG in 2011 was the fifth defence of the titles against Futureshock of Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly from the Steen Wolf show, readers of The Indy Corner will know I am a mark for this match but I want to ask you, where does this rank in matches you have had not only in PWG or 2011 but as a whole?

I was a huge fan of this match as well and it probably is one of my top 5 favorite matches ever. Adam and Kyle are amazing.

The Indy Corner: The Bucks interfered in the main event of that show between Kevin Steen & El Generico but then none other than Super Dragon returned to aid Steen which led to the December 10th Guerrilla Warfare match where Steen & Dragon defeated you for the straps ending your lengthy second title run. What are your memories of this very brutal match?

This match was a war. Right away I got knocked silly by a chair thrown by Super Dragon. The whole match was chaos haha!

The Indy Corner: On the subject of Steen, you’ve wrestled against him a number of times over the years now, tell us what do you make of him, he’s probably the most talked about guy on the indie scene at the moment and really knows how to get a reaction.

He deserves all the success in the world he's awesome and even a better human being.

The Indy Corner: You wrestled and beat Futureshock in a dark match at the Best in The World iPPV in June of 2011, what can you tell us of how you were received by the wrestlers and the fans that night?

Everyone seemed to be happy to see us and we felt very welcomed! We were so happy and excited which helped us make the choice to come back.

The Indy Corner: You returned to ROH following your stint with TNA on a permanent basis and on the Death Before Dishonor IX iPPV you beat Futureshock & The Bravado Brothers in a three-way match and then at Final Battle you won a gauntlet match to earn a shot at the straps can you tell us, was there any noticeable difference to the company under the ownership of the Sinclair Broadcast Group?

Some things about the new ownership is much better. All the boys get very nice hotels and we all are making better money.

The Indy Corner: Just recently you The Bucks got their shot at the ROH tag straps but were defeated by The Briscoes, how do you feel this match went and can you give us your thoughts on the Briscoe boys?

We took are dad to NYC so it was special for him to watch us live for the first time out east. We had a tough match but I think only made us stronger.

The Indy Corner: The Young Bucks faced El Generico & Japanese legend The Great Sasuke on a show over the Wrestle Reunion weekend, you have been in there with Generico a few times but what was it like being in there with one of the best of all time for that style?

It was an honor. We have always been fans of him and we were blessed to have the opportunity!

The Indy Corner: On the upcoming Showdown in The Sun weekend for ROH, you guys face the All Night Xpress both nights one in a street fight and one night in a tornado match, thoughts leading up to these matches and big weekend for ROH?

It'll be a big test for them. We have been in these situations and they haven't so good luck to them they'll need it.

The Indy Corner: OK Nick we’ll wrap this interview up now as I’ve gone on for so long but I have to ask you, can you tell us about your experiences in the WWE, the two of you portrayed Triple H & Shawn Michaels in a skit with The Miz & Morrison in October of 2008 and more recently, youhad a try-out match, August 2011 I believe, tell us about both these times there.

Haha yeah that was a blast we had Vince McMahon laughing so I think that means we did a good job.

The Indy Corner: To close, I’m sure the fans want to know about this story with you not shaking hands, I believe RVD started it and Booker T also said something; give us the facts of the matter please.

We only shake hands with those who are equal to us.

The Indy Corner: Nick, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to speak to us and is there any twitter of facebook you want to plug?

Thanks for the support guys and please follow me on twitter @NickJacksonYB

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