Sunday 11 March 2012

WWE Quarter 1 Report by Matthew 'Buzz' Burrows

It's march so it's time for the Quarter 1 report. 3 months is a long time in wrestling, especially in the buildup to Wrestlemania. A lot has happened, some superstars have flopped, some are out of favour, some are blossoming.

Let's start at the beginning of the year and a our Royal Rumble winner Sheamus, he finally made his decision as to who he wanted to face when he attacked Daniel Bryan after he retained at the Elimination Chamber. The story is very back and forth, a game of one up man ship and the use of AJ. I do think these 2 can have a good match at Wrestlemania, these two are good wrestlers and have proven it. We all know that they may not exactly scream marquee names to headline Wrestlemania, but it's matches like these and pushing new people that gives us the future legends.

They deserve their chance, but they are on a card with CM Punk v Jericho, so they need Togo all out and make it a match to remember. Let's talk Jericho and Punk, Jerichos return was pushed and pushed, all those lovely vignette videos and all the hype and then it all kind of fizzed in to a nothing. Which has for me had an effect on the return it still feels like its being rushed through and very weak. Punk has been doing what Punk does best and that is have great arch with who ever is put in his way and entertained the crowd.

They have the chance to have a Wrestlemania match for the ages, they can have us all on the edge of our seats, it will be interesting to see how this one pans out, will Jericho win e title or will Punk continue on the road at the top. The question is of course, if Punk does win who does he face next.

I suppose we should talk Divas, the Divas division has the talent to be a lot stronger than it has been made to appear. There are a few to return which will give the WWE more options, but I'm sorry there is no excuse for the storyline they have with Nattie Neidhart. She should be having matches with Beth Phoenix, and making the title mean something, then those two and Kharma should be going at it on the Wrestlemania stage. Would the also please bring back a proper belt and not that pink divas think, make it a real championship.

Cody Rhodes, for me has the be the most improved in the past months, he has taken the character and made it in to his own, it is all about him. Having the old IC title back as well has really worked with Cody and the mentality he has. The only question I have is, why of all the people on the roster is he facing Big Show. I have nothing against Show, but we could have had a proper match with guys like Ziggler, Drew McIntyre just to name a couple. I just feel that Cody could have had a bigger Wrestlemania match. Cody should start getting a push towards the top soon, he has the capability to go forward as long as they don't try to change the character to much and risk blowing it

Now for me, my man of Quarter 1 is Santino Marella, since his return from his road accident he has seemed a different man. He has done nothing different, just onto used doing what he does and is asked to do. He has taken this cobra thing and really pushed it to the crowd, his in ring work has been impressive as well. He held his own against the world champion and has been rewarded with a US title run and I can honestly say that in a long time I have not seen a crowd in to a match and cheer a result like that all year.

I know what your thinking, why has he not mentioned Rock and Cena, well the truth is what can I say. What is there to say, we have hardly heard from the Rock or seen him, and in the past few weeks all we have had is some pointless verbal back and forth that is doing nothing to add to the match. It has been weak and forced down our throats and I have already had enough of it. The whole thing needs some violence, would someone please hit someone.

The post Wrestlemania quarter will be interesting, there will be some returns to the roster so there are a few more options, It also appears that WWE are going to try and get their cruiser weight division back up and running so keep an eye out for someone to come forward as the main man. There are decisions to be made on where Ziggler, McIntyre, Cody and Swagger go for the rest of the year, they are the future of WWE so it's time for one of the step up and get noticed. And of course, don't forget mr woo woo woo, what's next for Ryder.

Let's see what Mania brings out in the wash and we will have a review at Quarter 2, some far for me it's a c+, there is work to do to keep it entertaining.

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