Thursday 1 March 2012

I Want To Rant on Cena - By Azan Saigol

“You have notes on your arm?.. IT DOESN’T MATTER”

These days all people do is Bitch. Seriously, “I want the attitude era back” “why is there no blood” “come back Rock”.. A lot of the internet fans have been complaining. They complained about The Rock not returning and when he does, they start complaining over the fact that he doesn’t appear every week or has notes written on his arm. Really?!? Really?!..

First of all, I would like to start this article by saying that a lot of the “90’s fans” are nothing but complaining bitches. Sorry to say, people do not get that the attitude era is over it is not coming back. Deal with it, I did too. Next they complain about the product offered to them. I mean seriously, I’ve been seeing people complain about Wrestlemania. The card this year is brilliant. You have a hell in a cell, The rock Vs Cena.. What more do you WANT?! Now back to my main topic which is of course the great one The Rock.

For Cena to point out that The Rock had notes written and to say that he “wrestlers for the boys in the back” is a load of bullshit. For five years Cena stole the spotlight from those “boys” Right now, If Cena was never created into what he is today I guarantee Carlito or hell even Shelton Benjamin would be World Champions. Unfortunately Cena always had to go over. People want to say Rock has nothing new to say... lets break it down. The only thing Cena has been saying is: Rock isn't here every week and I am. What else has he said, From there everyone wants to say “what an awesome promo Cena cut”, no it was above average by his recent standards cause he wasn't laughing at the crowd, he said the same thing as he has for the last year. And then people want to hit on Rock for answering Cena about the only thing Cena's talked about and having some fun with the crowd cause no one else can? Seriously, I’d just like to add one more thing, Noticed why Cena isin’t wrestling? Because Vince is scared Cena will injure himself. Cena can’t perform. Just because you don’t laugh and look directly in the camera and say words such as “professional wrestlers” does not make you a badass. I hope Cena looses in Miami.

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  1. I have too disagree with you here.

    "noticed Cena isn't wrestling? it's cause Vince is scared he'll injure himself" - Guy got injured once from a pec tear, less injuries than any other main eventer for the best part of 15 years, and he's been wrestling most weeks. He just had an ambulance match at the PPV, and wrestled on RAW too. Your point is void.

    "saying professional wrestlers does not make you bad ass" - he never said it did. His point was that when he was growing up he wanted to be a professional wrestler and that was all he wanted (sports entertainers was not a term then)

    "Cena has only said one thing" - No. Cena has called Rock out on leaving in the first place, not caring about the business, coming back and lying to fans, leaving again, coming back and lying again and then is now talking about a match which would have been silly to go into too much before now because it was so far away. It's a similar point, but it's progressed along with Rocks appearances. What did Rock offer up? "Hey guys, I use Twitter!" and "Kung Pao Bitch" which was embarrassingly pre-school. Yet Rocks fans will say it was awesome, despite cribbing about it if it was Cena who used it.

    "If Cena was never created into what he is today I guarantee Carlito or hell even Shelton Benjamin would be World Champions" - no. Did you forget about Batista? Randy Orton? and so on. Cena is the face of the company, that's the reason you hate him, but his being there didn't hold back the likes Carlito and Shelton. Lack of consistent talent (Carlito) and lack of charisma(Benjamin) is what held them back.

    Case in point. Cena is at the very pinocle right now, and for the last couple of years was still 'invincible'... yet CM Punk (king of indys, too skinny...) and Daniel Bryan (too small) still managed to get past the issues the company supposedly had with them and are champions of both brands. Talent shines, and it shine bright. In the darkness of WWE's midcard, if you have something good that they can sell you will be rewarded because they are a business. Losing to Cena doesn't stop your shirts from selling, or your catchphrase from catching on, and it doesn't hinder your chances of main eventing. That's on the performers abilities, and the booking team.