Friday 30 March 2012

The Indy Corner Presents An Interview with Michael Elgin

The Indy Corner: First off Michael, we just want to thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for us today.

The Indy Corner: OK, let's go to the beginning, growing up, was you a fan of wrestling and if so, what did you watch and who were your favourites?

Absolutely. Being the youngest in my family, and my closest relatives all being boys as well it was a wrestling household. So I begin watching it probably the second my cousins were around me as a baby. In my area, we really only got WWF on tv and only the WWF tapes for sale or rent. So we were huge WWF fans, as a little kid my favourite was obviously Hulk Hogan at the time. But soon enough through tapes of other WWF shows, Steamboat and The Buldogs.

The Indy Corner: What was it that made you go from being a fan to actually getting trained up?

Family decided to stop enjoying wrestling, and gave me all their hand me downs. So as a kid I played with the toys and watched the tapes. I never grew out of it, and at the age of 14, I found a school that would take my money. I took the train 2 hours there and 2 hours back 3 days a week for about a year. I kind of got the hint it wasn’t good training early on, but wanted to be in a ring so stayed until I found a better school. That school came with Squared Circle Training.

The Indy Corner: Tell us about your training, where did this take place and who trained you?

As I kind of covered in the previous question, My initial Training was not the best. Although I could bump my ass of, and had the basics down. Also myself and a friend would go in early so we could work on things and stayed late to do the same. Then we both found Squared Circle out of Toronto and joined. There I really started to get pointed in the right direction. My trainer was Rob Fuego. He was very knowledgeable and was good friends with many great Wrestlers who we saw in the gym regularly. Tyson Dux, Edge, Christian and Joe Legend all came in. Tyson and Joe more often obviously.

The Indy Corner: Do you recall your first match and if so, tell us about it please

I do, its something you don’t forget. Kind of like a first kiss or the first time you get laid. It was in Hamtramck, Michigan and it was actually Truth Martini who ran the show. Myself and 3 other guys drove up to try and get work and were booked in a 4 way. It was me vs. Ashley Sixx, Anton Arakis and Hornet. We joke a lot, because Hornet and Arakis had some sloppy moments and Ash being the most experienced at the time said I was better then them already hahaha

The Indy Corner: What were some of the first promotions you worked for in Canada and is there any wrestlers who went on to be more well-known elsewhere and if so, who?

New Vision Pro Wrestling, BSE, PWX and NCW. Also many one off shows. Tyson Dux had his stint with TNA as team Canada, Sinn known as Kizarny during his time in WWE, Shawn Spears who had some time in FCW and on tv, as well as the Highlanders who teamed up on WWE TV.

The Indy Corner: Some promotions the readers will be familiar with are IWA-MS & CZW, tell us about your time in these promotions.

I only had a few experiences with CZW, but it was great. I was a fan of the promotion when I started training and learned about the indies. As Well as IWA-MS I want to say the first indy show I saw via VHS was TPI 2002. IWA was great for me, they helped me grow to who I am today and gave me a lot of great opportunities. I spent close to 3 years with IWA-MS and enjoyed my time there.

The Indy Corner: In IWA-MS you wrestled a genuine legend to me and that was Too Cold Scorpio, what are your memories of wrestling Too Cold?

Scorpio is just so good, he’s one of those guys you just can’t help but learn from. This was my favourite match for a long time. And it still holds a place in my heart. I was honoured to share a ring with him, and hope I get the chance again someday.

The Indy Corner: Also in IWA-MS you formed a tag team with Sami Callihan, what did you think of Sami from back then?

I had a lot of fun teaming with Sami. We both wanted the same things, and always wanted to set the wrestling world on fire. I thought he had what it took, worked his ass of f to get into shape, and was good in the ring. We sometimes clashed in what to put where, but I thought our tag stuff went well in Mid South. I knew he would be all over the place sooner then later even back then. It’s always great to share a rinf with someone who wants it as bad as you do.

The Indy Corner: What do you think of Sami now becoming one of the biggest names on the indies?

I think it’s great and he deserves it. He’s good in the ring, works hard and wants it. You have to admire that in anyone. I am happy for him and hopefully our paths will cross again soon in the near future.

The Indy Corner: What do you have to say about IWA-MS promoter Ian Rotten?

I like Ian, I mean we had some differences here and there but we became friends not just Employer and Employee. So what friends don’t have there arguments? He never did me wrong, and I am thankful for my time in Mid South.

The Indy Corner: You only made two appearances for CZW is there any reason for this I mean, did you have problems agreeing terms with the promotion or was it something else?

I really think I just never had the right chance to shine in those appearences. It is somewhere I’d be interested in working and hope to do so soon. We never really moved forward in discussing working out something for a full run.

The Indy Corner: Onto ROH, you made your debut after a try out at the Battle of St. Paul show in 2007 where you faced Rhett Titus now of the All Night Xpress, memories of this match?

It was short but fun Rhett was good even back then. Jimmy Rave made is return from a broken jaw that night, and took out Rhett challenging me. I had fun with that, as I thought and think Rave is great. Was a good experience and loved doing it.

The Indy Corner: It was a whole year before you returned to the promotion but it was in November 2010 when you made your main roster debut as part of the House of Truth with Truth Martini, memories of this time?

Earlier in 2010 I was in kind of a slump, not knowing where I was headed next. Being a big fish in a small pond only satisfies you for so long. I need a bigger platform and tried many places in 2010 including DGUSA and WWE. Neither gave me a shot until ROH did. I was excited and thrilled, but most importantly Ready to grab the bull by the horns.

The Indy Corner: For a while you found yourself on the losing end of many matches but on March 19th 2011 you signed a contract with ROH which runs through to December of this year, how did it feel when ROH offered you a contract?

It felt like I had accomplished something. That night was very special actually, as I had just wrestled Eddie Edwards in Boston that same night. I was on a high and when that contract was offered it was a relief. I was excited for the Future and knew I could situate myself in a top spot within ROH’s talent pool

The Indy Corner: This seemed to pick up for you soon after, you were a part of the Honor Takes Centre Stage iPPV’s beating El Generico on night 1 but then falling short to then TV champion Christopher Daniels, thoughts on these matches and the guys involved?

Both men are amazing. Truly 2 of the best going right now. I was thrilled to wrestle them, and I felt both matches were good. I think around this time I started coming into my own and was comfortable in the landscape of ROH. I still hold these matches dear to me, as these weekends are huge for the company and get a lot of attention.

The Indy Corner: At the best in The World iPPV you beat Steve Corino which must of been a big thing for you in the house where Corino had great times in ECW, thoughts on this match and what it meant to you?

I actually enjoyed the match a lot, but Steen showing up before the crowd really didn’t care. I understood though, as Steen coming back to ROH is and was a huge deal. Corino is a legend of the sport, and being able to come out with the win was huge.

The Indy Corner: The match was followed by Kevin Steen coming to the ring and he gave the infamous F Ring of Honor promo, what do you make of Steen and his rise in ROH?

Steen is awesome, don’t really wanting him to take ROH hostage or the Title for that matter. I want to be the Next ROH Champion, and if by chance he gets it first, well then he has me going after him. He deserves what’s happening and all, but still that Title is coming to me sooner or later.

The Indy Corner: At the 2011 Survial of The Fittest show, you won a four-corner survival match over Kenny King, Adam Cole & Tomasso Ciampa which got you through to the final, a six-way elimination match which you won, tell us about this massive night for yourself.

I made my debut the year before and witnessed Eddie Edwards winning it, then soon becoming the ROH World Champion. Going into the tournament I knew it had huge implications. I was mentally and physcialy prepared unlike any other time I had stepped into the ring. I think I did something special that night not only being the only man to beat 8 men instead of the usual 6, and also having a good performance in both outings that night.

The Indy Corner: At the ROH Northern Aggression show, you were a part of the mammoth 80 minute match with yourself being in the match for 74 mins and it was eventually won by former ROH champion Eddie Edwards when he beat your House of Truth partner Roderick Strong, tell us, what was it like going through this match.

It was tiring, but thrilling. I shared the ring with 7 others, who are all top notch athletes. I was very happy with the landmark we made that night, as well as hanging in there with some of the sports best. I would have liked that cheque at the end, but you lose some and you win some.

The Indy Corner: At Final Battle 2011 you were involved in what was one of the better matches on the card when you defeated TJ Perkins, thoughts on how the match went?

That was possibly my favourite match of 2011. And was a huge show, I went in having the mindset of tearing the house down. And I think we did that night, TJ Perkins is an amazing wrestler, and it showed in that match. I was glad that the outcome was in my favour, and look forward to wrestling Tj Perkins again.

The Indy Corner: At the Homecoming show, you beat now WWE development wrestler Chris Hero, how was this match for yourself and what are your thoughts on Hero?

It was a big win for me, and I think was one of the victories that helped me climb the ranks in ROH. What can I really say about Hero that fans don’t already know? He’s one of the best and deserves to be a part of WWE. I am happy for him, and was privileged to have his last match in ROH.

The Indy Corner: This coming weekend ROH is in Florida for the Showdown in the Sun double header, on night 2 you will be facing as of now the ROH World Champion Davey Richards, tell us your thoughts leading up to this match please.

This is the biggest match of my career. It truly means a lot to me, as I remember sitting back and watching ROH wanting to be a part of the company and being in the ring with the best. Well March 31s I get that chance on one of the biggest shows of the year. As much as I want to be ROH champion if Davey comes into night 2 without the belt that match is still huge. I was prepared for SOTF, but I am even more prepared now for this sat. I am ready to show the world exactly who I am and what I do. I am going in with new things under my belt, and am ready to shock the wrestling world.

The Indy Corner: OK Michael, we’ll wrap it up there as we’ve asked you a lot but we just want to thank you for giving us this time is there any website, facebook or twitter you want to plug and any messages you have for your fans around the world?

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The Indy Corner: Thanks Michael, and good luck at Showdown in The Sun.

Thank you for having me was a pleasure, take care!

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