Thursday 15 March 2012

Three Guys To Headline Wrestle Mania By 'Captain Obvious' Trey Dent

Every one in wrestling is always on the lookout for the next big star. We are all waiting for the next Steve Austin or the next Shawn Michaels. Someone who can put the company on their shoulders and carry it to the next level. Well, here are two guys who in the next five years, if given the right opportunity, have a chance to do that.

Kevin Steen: What is there left to say about this man that hasn't been already said. He may be the best promo guy on the planet right now. He has the ability to get a crowd to both hate him and love him at the same time which is that quality that very few wrestlers have ever possessed. His rivalry with Ring of Honor has catapulted him into the mainstream wrestling hierarchy. Bloggers everywhere have grown to love him and revel at the delight of his antics towards Jim Cornette and Cary Silken. To top it all off, the guy can wrestle. His matches with El Generico are classics. His last two encounters in ROH with Steve Corino have been very good brawls. People may not think of him as a classic mat wrestler but he is very solid technically in the ring and this just enhances his ability even more. Steen has the ability to become the next Steve Austin if he can keep his weight intact and not become the next Samoa Joe instead. Steen can carry a company. For crying out loud, he was the most talked about man in Ring of Honor last year and he didn't even wrestle a match there.

Great tribute video here for Steen

Mike Bennett: All I can say about this man is to see him now from where he debuted in Ring of Honor is night and day. When he first showed up in ROH, I thought he had a good look but was going to be cannon fodder for the guys higher up on the food chain. I thought Andy Ridge had more potential than Bennett. But Bennett has proved me wrong and has become the second most interesting guy in ROH. He has the charisma of a young Shawn Michaels and all the in-ring talent of Chris Jericho. He can fly when he needs too and he can get technical when called upon. Having the beautiful Maria Kanellis by his side only can help his career. If he isn't the ROH champion by the end of 2013 then their is something wrong with this company.

Davey Richards: The man is a beast. That's about all you have to say just to justify Richards on this list. He has taken his time in ROH to finally gain the World Title but has ran with the ball since winning the Gold. He is quite possibly the most technically proficient wrestler in the world today and has brought a whole new style to mainstream US wrestling. His matches almost resemble an MMA match with his submission and ground and pound style. If Bobby Roode can be a World Champion in TNA, then Davey Richards should be headlining a Wrestle Mania in 3 years.

Anyway, that is just my humble opinion. Wait, who am I kidding. I am never that humble. I would love to hear from you guys out there about this or anyone I missed.

Captain Obvious Trey Dent

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