Thursday 22 March 2012

FightClub: Pro 'The Return' An Indy Corner Preview

Tomorrow night Fight Club: PRO returns to The Planet in Wolverhampton with the event entitled The Return as FCP champion Eddie Edwards returns to defend his title against former champion Trent Seven. Edwards won the title back in December in a three- way match with Seven and Nigel McGuinness on the 'Infinity' show. Also on that show, MK McKinnan won the 2011 Infinity tournament and let the fans and powers that be in FCP that he wants his shot. As of now, not only as he been over looked for a title match at The Return but he's not been booked in a match at all. I'm sure we'll see MK during the night but in what capacity I don't know.

Also on the card, Jonathan Gresham returns to FCP too and this time he has the massive task of trying to defeat the undefeated 'Bastard' Dave Mastiff.

Last month Chris Brookes finally got his chance to wrestle for FCP and this was against The Rockstar Spud. Anyone who heard the interview myself & Duckman conducted with Spud on the MFX Podcast would of heard his utter dismay when we told him he would be facing Brookes. On the show when it rolled around, Spud just obliterated Brookes and went on a tirade and no match actually took place. At The Return, Brookes will have a mystery partner to face Spud & his partner in crime, 'The Assassin' Dave Williams. I have no idea who it will be that teams with Brookes but it will be interesting to see how it develops. 

In another tag team encounter, The Hunter Brothers will face Clint Margera & a mystery partner, again not sure who will be Clint's partner but whoever it is I'm sure the match will be a cracker.

Not that I like to build people's hopes up but I believe a certain 'King of Old School' will be in the UK.

It costs just £5 to get into this show, if you haven't made plans yet then try and get to this show because like all Fight Club Pro shows it will be great.

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