Wednesday 28 March 2012

Dragon Gate: Shingo vs Yokosuka 3 DVD Review By Shaun Nichols

DVD starts with a video package which highlights the action from the previous night at Broxbourne. Again I like the idea of those packages on the release. Now onto the action at Nottingham and Night Two.

BxB Hulk vs Lion Kid

This is billed as a grudge match, not sure what the grudge is though. Typically Lion Kid roars his way around the ring and as a large number of fans join him with him. Don't know what Hulk thinks to that, the chant of 'Kill the emo' as also made the trip up north. Lion Kid actually dominates the early stages by out wrestling Hulk and hits a early dive to the outside to the fans appreciation. Hulk returns fire with his usual kicks, Lion Kid does a running dive through the ropes in the corner to the floor. Camera angle doesn't really do it justice, but I'll give him credit for it. Back in the ring, Hulk starts to gain the upperhand and seems to have the match won with the EVO, Lion Kid kicks out but another four kicks to his head is enough to put him down and give Hulk the win. This was an absolutely fine way to start the show. ***1/4

Akira Tozawa vs Naoki Tanazaki

A battle between Blood Warriors here, Tozawa offers a handshake but Tanazaki cheap shots him. Tozawa decides that for one night only he's going to represent the UK so we will get the all-action babyface tonight. Fans absolutely adore Tozawa here, Tanazaki though isn't daunted and soon uses a range of dirty tactics to keep Tozawa down. Tanazaki is awesome at distracting the ref and reacting to the crowd, even as he says 'I don't understand you' to the fans. Tozawa kicks him off the top rope and we will get to see the running dives from Tozawa. Although I've seen it a number of times, its always great to see. Tozawa celebrates with high fives with the fans, back in the ring Tanazaki hits back from nice knee strikes and a shining wizard. Tanazaki hits his implant finisher but Tozawa kicks out much to his opponent's shock, Tozawa hits a standard german followed by his package german suplex for the win. After the match, Tozawa thanks the fans and then realises that he actually hates the UK and goes back to being a heel. A very entertaining match. ****

Masato Yoshino vs Naruki Doi

A match between the former Speed Muscle tag team partners, this was also the re-match from main event of Final Battle 2010 PPV. Yoshino starts the better and is soon working on Doi's right arm to weaken it, the dastardly arm-wringer was back in operation. Doi gets things moving in his direction through a couple of short cuts but there's nothing particularly memorable although everything is well worked. Doi hits the cannonball in the corner but Yoshino retaliates with the slingblade. Doi decides that he should use the referee as a shield to stop Yoshino's offence. Yoshino hitsthe Torbellino but can't lock on the Soi Naciente submission and barely kicks out of the cradle. Doi nearly wins with another roll-up but is caught holding the ropes. Doi hits his Doi Fives and the sliding kick but can't hit the Muscle Bomb which Yoshino reverses into the lightning cradle. A second Soi Naciente also fails but it's third time lucky and Doi is forced to tap. The last five minutes were pretty great but they seemed to be coasting a lot of it. Still it was very well worked for what it was. ***1/2

Marty Scurll & Mark Haskins vs CIMA & Gamma

Throughout the introductions, you'll notice that the wrestlers have their DG:UK records announced. CIMA at this point is 0-4 and if loses here then he won't be able to wrestle on anymore DG:UK events. Personally I don't care for announcing the records as it won't lead to anything but here at least there was a story to it. It was announce that CIMA would have a mystery partner, and although Gamma is a babyface and a member of Junction Three, in the past CIMA & Gamma have won the tag titles twice. Team UK are the clear faces and the fans are ragging on CIMA for not being able to win. Scurll and Haskins dominate early against Gamma while CIMA looks on nervously until the tide turns. Haskins soon finds himself in the wrong part of town and on the receiving end of some nice double teams. Haskins finally makes the tag, Scurll runs wild and hits the back buster on CIMA but Gamma ensures that we don't get the same finish two nights running. Gamma uses the kendo stick on both Scurll & Haskins, tombstone piledriver off the middle rope and CIMA follows up with Meteora on Scurll for the win and to save his DG:UK career. Blood Warriors out to celebrate with their leader, Gamma gets attacked after all he's not a part of BW. He gets saved by Scurll, Haskins and Yoshino. ***3/4

PAC vs Dragon Kid

This is a Open the Brave Gate title defence, though the belt isn't here. PAC uses his strength to gain control early and it takes all of three minutes before we see the first dive of the match. PAC is getting so confident it's not long before he's asking Dragon 'Where's the challenge?' Attempted springboard by PAC but Kid manages to dropkick the rope and PAC crashes. Long period of control by Kid, nothing much out of the ordinary is happening highlight is running dropkick into the corner. PAC with his comeback, hits a great German Suplex as Dragon bounces off the ropes. PAC with a moonsault off the top to the floor. Dragon responds with a couple of nice huracanranas, goes for a reverse huracanrana but PAC lands on his feet, PAC attempts a German Suplex but Dragon also lands on his feet and hits a perfect DDT which as the fans chanting 'This is Awesome' well it was. Dragonrana gets Kid another two count, PAC catches him on the top rope picks him up for a slam but hits a fantastic moonsault crushing Dragon. PAC goes for 630 but doesn't connect, a 360 Shooting Star Press however does moments later and PAC is celebrating yet another successful title defence. This took a while to get going but built towards the finish very well. ****1/4

Shingo vs Susumu Yokosuka

This is the grudge match after they shared the first two matches. Shingo bullies Yokosuka in the early stages, however a nice dropkick by Yokosuka slows him down. Yokosuka continues to work the knees including a spot where he picks Shingo up and simply drops him on his kness. You could call him an Anderson, he threatens to drop Shingo knee first from the apron to the floor. Shingo though hits a Deathvalley Driver on the apron and starts his assault on Yokosuka's right arm. One thing I want to highlight is the fantastic job both men did have selling their injuries throughtout the contest. When both men get a chance to get offence in they regularly go back to their opponents weakest areas. Both men trade backdrop drivers, fans are so into the match they react big for a suplex tease spot. Yokosuka goes his clothesline but it doesn't have the same impact due to the effectiveness of Shingo's early attack. Fans are going absolutely crazy in the last few minutes, Shingo hits 2 of his Made in Japan finishers but Yokosuka somehow kicks out. There is literally nobody sitting down now. Yokosuka hits 2 of his Jumbo no Kachi!gatame but he also is denied as Shingo kicks out. The end is coming though as Shingo hits a third Made in Japan for the win. This was just a fantastic match and my basic review as not done it justice, but frankly this was one of the best matches I've ever seen either live or on DVD and there is only rating that can be given. *****

The Nottingham show is simply one of the best wrestling cards seen anywhere in 2011 and I cannot recommend this show enough. My advice is simple: Buy the DVD.

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