Thursday 15 September 2011

RJ Singh (Ross Jordan) – Wrestler, Teacher, Respected Sportsman By Alex Kirkham

To most Wrestling fans, the name of RJ Singh may not be on they are familiar of, or have heard of before. But to those who follow the ‘Bombay Dream’ know a hard working, dedicated, talented wrestler who is one of the shining lights of the FWA promotion. By day Ross Jordan is a mild mannered Deputy Head Master in a London Primary School, but come the weekends, this young man explodes onto the wrestling scene as one of Britain’s top wrestlers. All of which is impressive, but more so when you realise that Ross is of Asian descent, which within the multi-cultural universe of wrestling, is one continent that isn’t as well represented as most would assume.
A graduate of the prestigious FWA Academy, Ross was trained by a man who I regard as the father figure of the FWA revival, the showstealer himself Alex Shane. Learning the trade from one of the finest British wrestlers for a generation, put Ross in good stead to be a great star in the British wrestling scene, competing for the number 1 company in FWA. It was soon after the completion of this training that Jordan made his debut, wrestling former FWA & WWE alumnus Hade Vansen. After a solid debut match, and patient waiting, Jordan soon got another chance to shine, in a series of matches with fellow British wrestler Stixx. In what would become a series of highly regarded matches, Jordan was constantly elevating his name in the British Wrestling Scene, pushing himself harder to succeed with every match that passed. These matches helped serve as a springboard, to propel Ross onto the main roster of the FWA, and as the end of 2004 approached, he was being widely considered the companies brightest young prospect.
Come 2005, Ross Jordan was a hot name amongst British Wrestling fans, which resulted ultimately in him being entered in, and winning the FWA Flyweight Title Tournament, where he defeated Spud, another young starlet, for the title. After controversy over that win, Jordan faced Spud in a standout ladder match at the FWA New Frontiers PPV, again coming out victorious, in a match that in my view cemented his name amongst the top FWA stars for many years to come. What would follow, would be a near 14 month feud, between Spud & Jordan, would go down as one of the best feuds in the company’s history, every match, every segment, providing quality entertainment to the fans, and earning both competitors huge respect and acclaim.
It was at the start of 2007, that FWA fans were first shown the ‘Bombay Dream’ gimmick by Jordan. This new gimmick saw him claim to be the world’s greatest Bollywood star. This new gimmick drove Jordan forward; to the point where he claimed a victory over ROH & PWG star El Generico in a 3 way dance. Victories like this, coupled with his new gimmick, were what kept Singh as a main stay on the FWA mainstream, and gained him many fans along the way. Next on Jordan’s hit list was the masked superstar El Ligero, another main member of the FWA and XWA roster. This feud would centre around the British Flyweight Title, currently held by Jordan, leading to a number of heated confrontations between the 2, culminating in Jordan losing the title to Ligero at Last Fight Of The Prom.
It was following this title loss, that fans were first exposed to RJ Singh, following Jordan’s name change during his time with the LDN Wrestling Company. It what would be a career defining moment, he carried his new name into the re-launched FWA to continue his feud with the masked El Ligero, a man whom he was more than familiar with following their XWA feud a year before. This feud would carry on for a substantial amount of time, resulting in yet more highly regarded matches between the 2, providing yet another reason for fans to be excited for the newly re-formed FWA.
So far I’ve concentrated on the in ring career of RJ Singh, one which i have high regard for and have followed avidly for many years now. But i would also like to highlight what I feel Ross Jordan does for the wrestling community in a non competitive sense. In a sport heavily dominated by American, Japanese, Mexican & Canadian stars, it is a pleasure to witness a British athlete of Indian heritage breaking through in the sport. As popular world wide as wrestling is, there is definitely a lack of athletes who represent the heritage of countries like India, Pakistan etc, so to see one so highly decorated and popular within the FWA is great. And for me, he is the perfect role model for young Asian guys, trying to break into the sport, a hard working guy, who went through the FWA Academy, bided his time until he got his break.
I salute the FWA for showing this breakthrough talent, and also Ross Jordan, who I believe is a shining example that hard work and dedication, are the formula to a successful career both inside and outside the ring. I must say not many wrestlers in the world, have my honest respect, but Ross Jordan is one of those who certainly does. Good luck to him in his career in the FWA and beyond.

Until next time, this has been,
Alex Kirkham @WholeKirknShow

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