Thursday 8 September 2011

Let Me Speak On This - with WLHSTU

So Jeff Hardy gets 10 days in prison for his drug offences, will TNA can him like they have his brother? Speaking of which, Matt Hardy hasn't killed himself yet, I don't want him to either but Matt, please go away. Kurt Angle, well, he's getting into the news for all the wrong reasons again. We are to believe he is going to represent the US in the Olympics in 2012, can't see it myself. This is the one of the three TNA wrestlers I am more pissed off about, why you may ask, well it's because Kurt is an amazing wrestler and it's a shame he is going downhill like he is, I hope he can get himself out of this rut. Angle has said recently he has signed a new 3 year deal with TNA, really? I know Dana White said what Kurt said about being offered a UFC contract was untrue

In WWE world, the company have talked more about the WWE TV channel, they have said it will be in early 2012, word is they wanted to announce it now because they are worried UFC will launch their own network even though UFC apparently have no intention of this now they are on FOX but Vince is not happy with some of UFC's recent actions.
Kevin Nash has been 'fired' from the WWE but I think really he has just gone off to film another movie, it'll be a sure fire Oscar winner.

Tickets for the UFC show here in the UK in November went on sale yesterday, it's actually right here in my hometown, am I going, am I shit!! UFC always charge us bullshit prices because they come here once in a blue moon and they know the British UFC fans will pay it. Maybe I would of gone if they at least gave us a good card or at least a couple of big names, Mir, GSP (although I believe he doesn't like flying), Dos Santos, Anderson Silva etc. but all we get as a headliner is Chris Leben vs. Mark Munoz. Just to add, I actually have been to see UFC live in the UK, it was at 105 in Manchester, on that card was Hall of Famer Randy Couture.

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