Sunday 25 September 2011

The Indy Corner 25/9/11 - ROH Back on TV & More

I wasn't able to call in fo the Indy Corner this week on TWS but this is what I sent the guys.

ROH’s first TV show is now in the books, 50 minutes without ad breaks but only 2 matches, OK, the matches were a decent amount of time but there seemed quite a bit of talking but I hope this won’t put the people who are giving the ROH product a try for the first time as it’s supposed to be a ‘more wrestling, less talking’ show.
As for the TV show, there is a bit of confusion as how to view on the ROH site, well - The ROH site says, Ringside members - Monday. General access members - Thursday So yes, if you want to watch it via the site on a Monday then you have to be a paid member, to watch it for free then it’ll be available on Thursdays.

In other ROH news:

In addition to ROH talent not being allowed to work iPPV events for other promotions, ROH stars are also not being allowed to work with promotions that have any kind of local television. The contracts with Sinclair are exclusive to ROH when it comes to appearing on television and iPPV. They are still allowed to work indy dates when they aren't booked for ROH.

On to other things:

I am not on the TWS pre-show this week as I am at FightClub: Pro’s Project Mayhem show, it is a 3 day event featuring workers from CZW, WXW (Germany), BJW & of course some of Fight Club's very best. The first night of the shows was Friday 23/09 which I didn’t attend but I was at Saturday’s show and I’ll be at Sunday’s. The UK has had CZW guys over here before such as former owner (John) ZANDIG & Wifebeater, and they did a ‘death’ match but this time around, CZW have brought over a few more guys including Adam Cole (from ROH’s Future Shock team), Devon Moore (current CZW champion), Sami Callihan and current CZW owner DJ Hyde. Night 2 was amazing, good wrestling in the Junior heavyweight tournament that featured MK McKinnan, Rockstar Spud, Jonathon Gresham and that aforementioned Adam Cole. The Bound To Violence tournament was CRAZY – barbed wire boards, thumbtacks, panes of glass oh yes, proper wild. Sunday will feature the finals of both tournaments. Danny Havoc of CZW didn't make the show as at customs over here, when asked he said he was 'visiting friends' but apparently, passport control googled his name realized he was a wrestler and sent him packing. DJ Hyde put it across another way during the show however.

Night 1 Results (Thanks to Sam Bradley):

1. Jonathan Gresham def MK McKinnan
2. Yushihito Sasaki def Yuko Miyamoto
3. Rockstar Spud & Adam Cole def Blue Dragon & Jim Hunter
4. Trent Seven def Sami Callihan - Amazing
5. Clint Margera def Dan Ryder

Night 2 Results:

1. MK McKinnan def. Emil Sitoci & Jim Hunter
2. Big Van Walter & Dan Ryder def. Trent Seven & Dave Mastiff (post-match Mastiff clobbered Seven with a sweet lariat)
3. Adam Cole def. "Rockstar" Spud & Jonathan Gresham
**DJ Hyde promo, explains Danny Havoc won't be there, he's in charge of CZW business so Callihan has to face Yoshihito in Round 1 also**
4. Best 2/3 Boards: Yoshihito Sasaki def. Sami Callihan incl. assistance from DJ Hyde to advance to Round 2 tomorrow.
5. Assorted Weapons: Devon Moore def. Clint Margera to advance to Round 2 on Sunday.
6. Light-Tubes Match: Yuko Miyamoto def. Jimmy Havoc to advance to Round 2 on Sunday. Miyamoto moonsaulted into a ceiling beam also. It was nuts.
7. Panes of Glass: DJ Hyde def. Sami Callihan to advance to Round 2

Keep your eyes open on early in the week where I will post pictures of nights 2 & 3. Search YouTube for username dahardcoreone where you will find a couple of videos I posted from night 2 - Please ignore the Bruno Mars video up on there ;)

Edit: On the YouTube page there are now videos from night 3 as well, as stated, later in the week there will be a write up with pictures etc.

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