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NLW Setting The Levels (April 6th 2012)

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Next Level Wrestling 'Setting The Levels' April 6th 2012, Smethwick, West Midlands

This was my first venture to see NLW, the card was littered some very good talent from the UK scene and this was the draw for me to come to the show.

The show started with the contract signing for the main event which would be Corey 1-Dem vs. Viken for the control of NLW. The story is, Viken wants to outlaw hardcore matches and if he gets control of NLW he’ll take over the venue the show was taking place (The Old Comrades Club) and ban hardcore matches. Viken’s co-hort Fonzo P came out to aid Viken and they laid out 1-Dem.

Match one saw Birmingham native ‘Dynamite’ Pete Dunne take on Eddie Dennis from Wales. The size difference was huge really, Dennis looks the part and can back it up with great wrestling ability. Dunne, I had seen live before for New Scene Wrestling and I was impressed then just as I was this night. Dunne would go on to get the win in a great opener.

Match two saw Marshall X take on Kid Lycos again, I had seen Marshall before and that aforementioned NSW show and he impressed me then, he has a great look and is a good worker to boot. It was the first time I’d seen Lycos and the first thing I noticed was he certainly looked the part. The match was a good match, wasn’t flawless but hey both guys worked hard. Marshall went over in the end.

Match three saw Chris Brookes take on Scotty Wildside, I am very familiar with Brookes from my time at Fight Club: Pro shows but it was the first time I’d seen Wildside work. Brookes came out playing the heel which took me back a bit but seemed to be a natural at it. It was a good back and forth match with Brookes eventually going over with his yakuza kick.

Match four was a different one, especially as the loser had to wear a dress but anyway it was between BBS (British Born Steel) against Lord Graham Thomas. It was a different match to the previous three not a high-flying type match but fun overall. Thomas’ gimmick is a pompous Lord Steven Regal/Hunter Hearst Helmsley type character. BBS went over in the end and Thomas was made to wear a dress.

Match five was the draw for me, it saw 2 of my favourite young British workers in ‘White Lightening’ Mark Andrews & ‘Star in The City’ Ryan Smile but this was a three-way that also involved Wild Boar. It’s the first time I have seen Boar and he reminds me a lot of a Rhyno type character. This match was great, all 3 guys worked their socks off and Andrews was pulling off his usual crazy spots which are great. Eventually Smile got the win. Hoping to see more of these guys in the future. Dunne/Dennis was a good match but this was by far match of the night up to this point.

Match six was the hardcore match for control of NLW & The Old Comrades Club as NLW Promoter Corey 1 Dem took on Viken who had Fonzo P at ringside. I am not that much a fan of hardcore matches these days like I was back in the late 90’s early 2000’s but this match was very good for this type of match. I think it moved along quite well, both guys getting their stuff in and more importantly there was too much crazy stuff, there was just enough to please this fan here. At the end of the match, Corey 1 Dem went over after being helped by New Scene Wrestling promoter Abbas Rezadeth. After the match, Abbas took to the mic and put over Corey & NLW but some of the fans were still not too pleased with one of the older patrons getting right in his face screaming “you’re two-faced and he shouldn’t trust you”.

That rounded off the night for me at my first NLW show and if the guys put on cards like this in the future I’m sure I’ll return.

Full props to Corey and all the boys from NLW, I hope they get all the success they deserve in the future.

Here you can check out a music video of the Andrews/Smile/Wild Boar match

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