Saturday 28 April 2012

Can The Youth Today Take The Ball & Not Only Run But Sprint? By Chris Gugini

Left: Austin Idol vs. Jerry Lawler...Memphis style

I am so proud to continue where my previous article that I wrote just days earlier left off, the debut and soon to debuts are just breathing life into a sport that is just begging for youth to take the ball a not only run but sprint! Antonio Cesario match on smackdown that I was looking forward to, although the match was not that great had NOTHING to do with him but it did allow people to know right out of the gate that this guy is going to take control of future matches in WWE. He has a great past with the likes of Daniel Bryan and other ROH standouts that seem to be be coming to the main stream fast and furious... And I could not be more happier.

Days of big monsters who stomp around from one end of the ring to the other are close to being over?....I hope, also maybe feuds that make sense and last longer then one PPV match. I truly believe these young wrestlers have the ability to have storylines with substance cause they can perform in the ring as well in promos, and that is what is all about-Make those fans want to park there butts in that arena or there sofa at home cause they have emotional attachment to either the babyface or the heel. Which brings me to a point that I also can wait to tackle for a bi

25 years ago almost to the date of a great feud that had a great slow build and then the ultimate climax. Memphis wrestling had one of best angles in the history of the business Austin Idol with Tommy Rich with manager Paul E. Dangerously vs. Jerry Lawler. It was perfect from start to finish and if you have not seen this footage go find these gems cause not many angles have topped it since. They were just flat out studs getting it done week after week on the stick and then the riot filled Hair vs Hair blow off in the Memphis coliseum leaving Lawler getting shaved in front of his loyal fans. This is also something that is missing today that I hope these young guys can get done and I think a few of them can but only time will tell. Well that is my late night rant of past and present state of the biz and bare with me folks I am new at this,I will get better Next time I will share my road trips and memories while I was making it to the greatest wrestling arena of all time the ECW Arena on regular basis from 1995-2000 I feel blessed to be in that building once let alone over 20 times. Can not wait to share it with all of you. Bye for now!

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