Friday 2 November 2012

Brad Maddox & WWE Raw Angle By Samantha Norris

I’ve been sat here from Sunday night {28th October 2012} re-watching The WWE Hell In A Cell PPV Footage of CMPunk vs Ryback Match, and then watching Brad Maddox WWE Storyline Unfold since Monday Morning.

What I personally don’t understand about this mis-booked and messed up storyline is that WWE sends out a SMS Message on Tuesday Afternoon via their WWE App saying Brad Maddox would be used on Tuesday Nights Taped WWE Main Event Show{which airs Wednesday Nights} in a backstage segment which was later announced in a spoiler as being ‘’WWE called Brad Maddox to the WWE Board Of Directors Meeting on Thursday 01st November 2012 for an Inquiry into his actions from WWE Hell In A Cell PPV’’ on Sunday 28th October 2012.

But then on Wednesday 31st October 2012 @WWEUniverse Twitter Page Tweets ‘’ its 11 o'clock ... do you know where @BradMaddoxIsWWE is? #SuspendedRef #HellinaCell @WWE ‘’.

For the WWE Brad Maddox Storyline to make any sense what so ever , why didn’t WWE just send Brad Maddox straight to The WWE Board Of Directors Inquiry on either Monday 29th October 2012 or Tuesday 30th October 2012 and then suspend him as of Wednesday 31st October 2012? Where can they go with this storyline now? As it seems way too complicated and way too messed up for them to take it any further to the point completely does not make any more sense.

This whole AJ Lee/John Cena/Vickie Guerrero/Dolph Ziggler Storyline as of late just seems a pretty well thought out Angle/storyline. One good thing from WWE Creative is that they are booking this storyline correctly. I like the way AJ Lee can go from crazy to emotional to baby face {sweet and innocent} all in one go. I think Vickie brings out the best in AJ Lee and AJ Lee brings out the best in Vickie and John Cena bring out the best in Dolph Ziggler and Dolph Ziggler brings out the best in John Cena. Although I’ve found him annoying in the past on WWE TV , I can actually now say I think Dolph Ziggler could easily be the next face of WWE, he works hard, he takes some pretty edgy and serious bumps in ring, he can cut and sell a Promo.

He can actually sell the bumps better than a lot of the WWE Superstars/ WWE Divas. But over all I have to hand it to AJ Lee/John Cena/Vickie Guerrero/Dolph Ziggler on how they are all handling their own individual roles in this storyline. WWE Creative actually needs praising for how well they are writing this angle/storyline.

However what I don’t like is that Vickie Guerrero is being used on WWE NXT currently as a Possible Stable Manager for Heath Slater, 3MB, Tamina Snuka, The Uso’s and Dolph Ziggler yet on WWE Raw she is currently WWE Raw General Managing Supervisor. They need to keep her as either/or for the time being as I think its complicates things.

By Samantha Norris - @Country4Life468 on twitter

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